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Diet Thread Anonymous 6210

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?

Anonymous 6211

This is probably better suited for the health and beauty board >>>/hb/

Anonymous 6212

I'm currently 5"4 and 136, trying to get down to 120-something. I was 150 during the end of Summer and after tweaking my eating habits I ended up losing a bit of weight. I try to eat a big meal once a day, a practice I picked up from intermediate fasting, I usually don't feel that hungry in the morning so this works really well. I still drink water/coffee and eat snacks during the afternoon, typically fruits but eating a big meal once a day has helped curb my binging issue.

I have yet to start exercising though, my university has a huge gym so I'll probably take advantage of that and start.

Anonymous 6213

I’m 5’7” and 159, came down from 187 by eating sub-600 calories per day on and off with occasional fasting.

I’m trying to get down to my old weight of 130 but have been having a rough time the past couple of months. After cutting alcohol out of my diet (the reason I’m fat to begin with) I’ve picked up a new habit of stuffing my face all the time so I’ve been only maintaining.

Anonymous 6215

800 a day seems too low, I'd recommend 1200 instead so you don't crash and burn.

Anonymous 6225


I'm 5'9 and 145 lbs. I started at 160 lbs and lost 15 lbs in like 2 months, it pretty much melted off on ~1000-1300kcal a day.

But now that I'm at 145lbs it's so much harder to lose.. my end goal is 130lbs (19.2 bmi) but it's so difficult now! I'll eat 1200kcal for a week and barely lose 1 pound, where as before it was dropping like crazy. I'm very meticulous with calorie counting so it pissed me off and I stopped trying.

Trying to get back on it now though, any tips for losing the final 15?

Anonymous 6227


Why stop what's working so well for you, even if the results slowed down? That initial burst of loss always feels great for weight loss, but committing to the dietary long haul is always the biggest bitch in the grand scheme.

Sticking to it, and adding the smallest bit of extra cardio is probably your best bet to be where you want to be!

Anonymous 6228

It kinda sucks because i lost the weight while I was out of school/work and had little to no responsibilities. Eating less than 1300 calories at my height is actually suffering if I have a lot to do between 12 hours shifts and studying. I've just been eating at maintenance since everything got busy.

I have no idea how people eat at a deficit when they have shit going on. I guess i dont know how to lose in a healthy way?

Anonymous 6231

You need to focus more on getting as much protein out of your calories rather than being sure to make the minimum caloric intake. That way you don't get too weak.

Anonymous 6233

I'm trying to eat 1000 calories a day but I keep failing. Yesterday i ate 1600 and wanted to kms literally. I'm about the same stats as you. 5'3 154.4 lbs

Anonymous 6235


I'm the same height as you. Years ago when I was in college I did 1200 calories a day with the help of frozen vegetables and cheap fish. I could still fit in a beer or treat now and then. I think I was around 115 pounds then? So you would easily still lose weight even with just a few hundred more calories a day. Focus on nutrient-rich foods.

But the stress of school and such low calorie intake was really hard on my body. Take care of yourself please.

Anonymous 6245


What are some good weight loss communities? Preferably full of other girls that are also trying to go from an average weight to a low end HEALTHY BMI?

>inb4 MPA

Anonymous 6246

MFP forums have been helpful for me, and also the forum section of 3fatchicks.com

Places like Reddit and other imageboards besides this one are filled with ana-chans and fat shamers, stay out of there if you want advice without added bullying.

Anonymous 6247

Thanks for the suggestions. It's not the bullying that bothers me, I prefer places online where users can get feisty rather than bubble wrapped experiences. I just can't relate to fat people or anorexic people's weight loss journey and they seem to populate ALL the weight loss places I've ever seen. Looking for places where people try to lose up to 10kg max and discuss the struggles of the last few pounds without the anashit.

Anonymous 6248

y-you can talk to me…although I’m trying to lose 25 lbs.

Anonymous 6250


>below 800
stop doing that shit.

The average woman needs about 1900-2100 for maintenance. to lose weight at about one pound a week you need to get about 1500ish. Actually starving yourself for a long period of time will do jack shit once your metabolism catches up or alternatively your body thinks you're actually starving and starts eating your muscles.
Please for the love of god just get 1400~ calories a day, 40% protein, avoid simple carbs and the unhealthy kinds of fat, and do a bit of cardio every day. Like just run/swim/bike or whatever for 20 minutes a day , power through the sure muscles, they'll go away after you get used to exercising.

Don't do extreme shit please thank you

Anonymous 6251

You must be delusional if you think that, anon.

I'm clinically overweight and all I do is maintain on 1700 calories per day, let alone 1900-2100. Jesus.

Anonymous 6252

Anon's numbers are a little high for shorter girls, but they are right that <800 is the real problem.

Anonymous 6253

> <800 is the real problem.
This is boomer logic if I've ever heard it. I lost 40 lbs on 500 calories per day, and even though I've gone back to a normal diet of 1600 calories per day I've kept it off.

Take your fatass opinions elsewhere, I bet you're against fasting as well.

Anonymous 6254

>boomer logic
>lost 40 lb on 500/day
>acknowledges that 1600 is a normal caloric intake
ok anachan

Anonymous 6257

>The average woman needs about 1900-2100 for maintenance
telling everyone they need 2000 calories a day is why everyone is fat

more like 1500-1600 a day for the average short girl, the extra 400 calories a day adds up quick. im 5'9 and i gain weight if I eat over 1750

fasting is so retarded, it's like anorexia-lite. The posts/memes on /r/fasting and proed spaces or whatever are almost indistinguishable. just eat like a normal fucking person how hard is that, whales

Anonymous 6258

>just eat like a normal fucking person how hard is that
Not disagreeing with you but a lot of people want instant results instead of gradually losing weight on a 500k deficit.

Anonymous 6260

>fasting is so retarded, it's like anorexia-lite
Can’t argue with results though. Some of us like being skinny, not some doughy skinnyfat who eats 1600 calories every day.

Also who you calling whale, whale? You’re the one getting triggered over dieting so it makes more sense that you’re the bitter fat pig.

Anonymous 6262

You get results, but you don't learn how to eat a normal, healthy diet by fasting. You just learn how to starve and then go back to your shitty binge diet that got you there in the first place. Definition of yo-yoing, sounds horrible for you. It's all about learning how to manage the calories you have (depending on whether you're maintaining or losing) in a healthy way through a healthy deficit.

>a whale or a fat pig
lmaoo ok girl, I'm not jealous of some immature ana-chan who starves herself on 500kcals a day. There's dieting, and then there's starving yourself. Enjoy the loose skin and stretch marks!

My bmi is 20.8 anyway, on my way down to end goal of 19.4 in maybe 2 months

Anonymous 6263

Like I said, I completely agree with you. When I was poor and depressed I lost 30 pounds but gained it all back through shitty eating and entered a cycle of binging and fasting that fucked up my metabolism. I’m losing weight at a slower pace now through eating right and exercise and I definitely prefer it since my mind is much clearer and I’m more muscular now.

Anonymous 6264

I'm glad you turned it around! Establishing a decent diet was the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Anonymous 6267

Currently 5'2" and 102-ish. I'm keeping my intake around 1000 (it's that high because my job is very demanding intellectually). Trying to lose down to 90 or at most 95.

Anonymous 6273

>"My bmi is 20.8 anyway,"
>actually believing this isn't fat
Holy fuck my sides.

A BMI of 20-21 might not be clinically ~overweight~ but it's still chubby. Unless you're a literal body builder (which I highly doubt since you're sitting on your ass getting butthurt on an imageboard instead of spending those hours at the gym) you still have a bloated face, flabby stomach, saddlebags, thighs that touch and cellulite.

Also 500-800 calories per day isn't automatically anorexia you absolute dumbass. The posters ITT talking about eating that amount to lose weight are all still clinically overweight based on their stats therefore don't meet the diagnostic criteria to be anorexic, which requires you to be severely underweight and malnourished.

But go on ahead dumb bitch, continue whining about not being able to find a community online to whine with other fatties about not being able to reach your skinnyfat goal that is only 10kg less than your current weight. Maybe stop stuffing your fat face full of 1200 calories and do things the efficient way like the rest of us. Once you see actual results maybe and reach your goal you'll realize what a fucking retard you're being.

Anonymous 6274

I'm doing keto again.
I got to a really bad spot (I'm 240 at 5'4).
So far it's working. I just get so tempted by my boyfriend when he cooks pasta for himself :(
also I study all day

pls help

Anonymous 6275

Yikes, this is a bad post

Anonymous 6277


oh wow this is a pathetic post

>bmi of 20.8

oh ana-chan you silly goose, you know it's attractive to have SOME tits and ass right? There are legit studies that show 19-20 bmi is peak attractiveness to men. And it makes sense, that's the weight where you generally have a flat stomach but still tits and ass. No sane person thinks a 19-21 bmi is fat. Who are you trying to impress here?

you sound pissed btw lmao, calm down i wouldn't want to trigger a b/p episode

btw, since making that post >>6225 9 days ago I'm down to 143.0 lbs. I guess the maintenance break was all I needed. You don't have to starve yourself to lose.

Anonymous 6285

i have not weighed myself since the holidays, yiiiikes. i'm sure i've gained ~10 pounds but i'm scared to check…ok, I'm gonna go do it…5 pounds gained. 149lbs at 5'1 lol gross.

Anonymous 6286

>149lbs at 5'1
yikes indeed, what's your plan for weight loss?

Anonymous 6287

Who here /landwhale/. I have hovered around 300 for the last few few years after a stint of antidepressants :(

Anonymous 6288

jesus.. no offense but how can you even live with yourself at that point? would you consider food an addiction or something comforting?

Anonymous 6289


i'm look into IF, literally the laziest plan. i don't exercise at all except for walking ~1 mile/day walking to/from work every day.

i feel to self-conscious to intentionally move my body, even when i'm all alone. it's stupid.

Anonymous 6290

I never exercise and I've been able to lose quite a bit of weight. Diet is enough, but exercise is welcome.

IF is a really good diet program and it's easy to follow. Best thing is that it's realistic (unless you have really early mornings and even then you can shift the 8 hr window a bit). You can do it!!! 149lbs really isn't too bad of a starting point.

Anonymous 6299

Eh when you have been fat literally your entire life you just kind of get used to it… Plus my ex bf liked me fat so I used that as an excuse for my shitty habits :/

Anonymous 6300


thank you for the encouragement! i'm setting up my fasting periods for this week and we'll see how it goes.

Anonymous 6301

I'm 5'6 and 165 pounds as of this morning. I've been trying to do the whole "new year, new me" meme by trying to cook more at home, getting more fruit and veg, and cut down on the alcohol.

I've been in the 170s for most of my adult life, but my weight has yoyo-ed between 145 (I was like 15 and abused laxatives) and 200+ since I hit puberty.

Sob story alert I lost the initial weight like a year ago as a result of the stress of my then bf abusing and cheating on me. I didn't eat and the weight fell off shrug don't do this ladies

Rn I'm just trying to maintain my current weight loss and possibly lose like 20 more lbs.
I love exercising, even did it when I was heavy, but I can't run outside during the day without feeling like a fucking idiot. My biggest diet struggle is my sweet tooth and my tendency to get bored of food pretty quickly lmao.

Anonymous 6303


i started at 145 pounds / 5’4, i’m now down to 105. i think i slowly slipped into an eating disorder after becoming sick and not being able to eat over 500 calories for like a week straight, my appetite changed drastically so it was physically harder to eat more and seeing the number go down was very pleasing after being pretty much overweight or chubby for all of my life prior. it’s very scary as sometimes i’ve fainted or gotten very very bad ‘brain fog’ where i cannot speak correctly without stuttering or pronouncing things correctly.

Anonymous 6304

Starting today, 1000kcals max. I want to lose about 15kg.

Anonymous 6305

Hows it going, champ?

Anonymous 6306


are you ok? what would it be like to look into talking to a counselor or something?

Anonymous 6312


ok, I've been doing it 3 days now and am down to 146 (from 149 on Sunday) is that weird? I have been doing really well with keeping to my 8-hour feeding window each day so far.

Doing this for a couple days makes me realize how much I was using food as part of relaxing – like munching, internet/tv just went together for me. it's nice to get clarity on how automatic this stuff was/is for me.

Anonymous 6313


I've managed to lose a lot of weight after I got over a horrible episode of depression, which I'm quite proud of. I've been eating small portions often and been using one of those complete food drinks (not soylent, but huel) which is very handy when I'm too lazy to cook. Makes my shits coherent af too.

I'm quite happy with my current weight so I don't want to lose a lot more. I'm more trying to gain muscle in my arms and torso, so I have more strength and stamina for going out camping in the woods, things like that.

Good luck to you all, anon-chans! I'm rooting for all of you!

Anonymous 6317

>muh curves
Spoken like a true fatty.

Also top kek at the fact that you base your appearance around what you think men want. The whole “men only like curvy girls” meme was put in place by fatties that were jealous of thinner, more attractive women anyway.

Also most men I’ve encountered seem to prefer girls who are around ~5lbs underweight, not that it even matters.

Anonymous 6318

I have a study that shows bmis ~19 are most attractive and bmis deep into underweight are unattractive. what do you have? No one cares what some proana bitch, who thinks a 19 BMI is fat, thinks. Seek help.

>muh curves

Yeah, actual curves are attractive when you have a thin waist, pancake ass.

Anonymous 6321

Are you lifting heavy weights?

Anonymous 6322


How much muscle are you packing, skelly?

Anonymous 6323

Hey, why are you so upset that people around you are comfy being average or even kind of chunky? Is it really worth being angry over the fact that people have different aesthetic tastes for themselves and others than you?
I don't hate skinny women. So I don't understand why you hate non-skinny women so much.

Anonymous 6324

God I wish that were me

Anonymous 6325

I don't agree with the ana shit but it seems like the other anon is also being a dick to fatties by calling us "whales", as seen here >>6257
>just eat like a normal fucking person how hard is that, whales

She was obviously referring to me as well as some of the other people in here. I posted above that my BMI is over 25 and I lost weight by eating less than 600 calories and I deserved to be insulted for that? As if I don't already hate myself enough. I'm just so mentally damaged at this point that I admit I'm self harming. Calling me a whale isn't going to magically make my mental problems go away, just make them worse.

Anonymous 6326

Adding - none of us would be here if we weren't already unhappy and trying to change, including the anon whose getting attacked for being average weight. Weight is a really sensitive subject and there are kinder ways to convince people not to harm themselves than dragging down their self esteem. I get this is an imageboard but seriously, that really hurt.

Anonymous 6327

lel, yeah, I'd almost forgotten about her post there.
They both hate heavier women and other skinny women. Not to come off as "greater-than-thou" but being so viciously competitive about weight and also hating people who don't even want to compete must be tiring.

Anonymous 6328


I don't get why people go crazy about weight. How do you define thin and fat? Is 5'9" 150 lbs fat? Is 5'5" 100 lbs thin? Is there a perfect BMI range to say you're thin or fat?

Anonymous 6329

BMIs are a worn out, retarded meme. Some people look attractive and fit at "overweight" BMIs while others look like shit at lower BMIs. Muscle mass plays a huge role in this. Having a 19 BMI doesn't guarantee you're not going to be a flabby blob anymore if you happen to be a couch potato.

Anonymous 6330

>muh muscle mass
Yeah fucking right. Have a tiny bit of self control and stop eating. normal bmi ranges are HUUGE, JUST fall within normal!!!

If you were in my line of work you would be disgusted w fat people. the conditions they put themselves in for a fucking mcdonalds burger (that they still eat) and having to watch the strain they put on the poor people who have to lift and care for them too. Even a little bit of visceral fat is so unhealthy for you. Just fucking stop eating so much retards. There are not enough excuses in the country for 70% of america to be overweight/obese.

>muh childhood ptsd

>muh medication
>muh condition

Unless you have some rare untreatable condition that makes you obese you have no excuse for why you arent at least at the higher side of normal.

Anonymous 6331

Yeah no, i don't hate other skinny women. Im happy for them and respect them for having the self control to be in the minority. Only if they attack me obviously.

Anonymous 6334

I used to be just like you when I was a teenager, skinnyfat and hated fat people, then karma bit me in the ass after I went off to college and I ended up gaining a fuck ton of weight. I realized that my hatred of fat people was based on my own deep fear of becoming one of them, not that fat people have done anything wrong to anyone but themselves.

I really hope you're a child, otherwise it's time to grow the hell up and get over your insecurities boo. I don't think you're fat, but you're equally as much of a cunt as any ana-chan.

Anonymous 6335

You are just so complacent with the way everything is r/t obesity. Coddling fat people is just making the overweight/obesity rates rise and is ruining the health of this nation. Accepting it is NOT ok. I finished college too, gained a bit throughout (still in a healthy range) and lost it.

If you think fat people only affect themselves you are so so wrong. and if you think there is nothing wrong with the % of obese/overweight you're so messed up.

If you worked in healthcare for a month you would resent the obese and overweightpeople that grace our halls with health issues they are way too young to have, and the obese inpatients that are SO rude and uncompliant and strain the backs of every health care worker in the area. I've had ~30yr olds that cant even wash themselves bc theyre so fucking fat.

THIS IS THE TREND SO MANY COUNTRIES ARE FOLLOWING (even if you arent american) You need to grow up and face the terrifying reality. Im more disgusted by all this than anything. You dont get to see where it ends up.

Im sick of all your excuses, again there are NOT enough excuses for 70% of the pop to be like this.

Anonymous 6336

And let me add i never care about this shit until i started studying/working and seeing actual fat people in action. I wish everyone could see it in real life.. it would horrify everyone to stop stuffing their mouths

Anonymous 6337

Okay but here you are screeching like an autist at people in this thread who aren't even close to that level of obesity.

Perhaps you should find a new line of work if you're foaming at the mouth like this over your patients. Obviously you're not emotionally stable/mature enough to handle it.

Nobody here is supporting the rise in obesity or saying it's perfectly okay to be so fat you can't walk. We're in a weight loss thread you moron, everyone here is taking steps to become healthy. All we're saying is that you should stop being a turbo-cunt.

Anonymous 6338

Nah you literally said that you didnt like fat people/werent ok with fat until you became fat yourself. youre part of the problem.

And stop engaging in conversation about the topic of fat people and asking questions and then immediately writing off my replies as "screeching". I literally would not have written any of this until you started replying with dumb immature shit about your insecurity in college and all the assumptions you've made about me. And that other anon started making excuses for obesity. I dont care about your insecurities that youve projected onto me.

And generally obese people just look overweight and can walk around just fine.

Anonymous 6345

Who the fuck was "making excuses for obesity"? Are you retarded, autistic, or both?

Anonymous 6346

Can you read? the anon saying that muscle mass significantly interferes with BMI results is the most retarded over-used excuse. Unless you're the fucking Rock, but I doubt that, fatass. You all are always so full of excuses.

Anonymous 6347


That doesn’t sound like “an excuse for obesity”. It’s true that you’ll look slimmer at certain weights if you build muscle than if you have almost no muscle. What you’re looking at then is solid fat instead of lean body mass.

Anonymous 6357

Yes that is obviously true, but BMI is still a good indicator for health (or hip to waist ratio) and if youre fit muscle wont tip you into obese/overweight unless youre jacked. But i see muscle used as an excuse by overweight people all the time, so maybe the anon didnt intend to mean it in an excusey way.

Anyway this argument is pretty tiring, i think youre alright for trying to make changes to lose weight. But honestly i dont understand why being called a whale should be anything but motivating. Weight is one of the few things you can change. If you dont like being seen that way you change it. Im not the only one thinking it when i see fat people.

Anonymous 6358

Some people find insults motivating, for most people not so much. You can motivate people without calling them names, you know.

My BMI rn is 23 and lowering week by week so technically I’m in the ~healthy range~ you’ve been talking about this whole time, despite continuously calling me a fatass, but go on as you wish.

Anonymous 6359

Note that this is an anon board and that i have no idea how big/skinny you are. I called you that bc you repeatedly called me autistic and retarded (fair enough, imageboard arguments). If you are a BMI of 23, i would never call you a whale. You really made it sound like you were one.

Anonymous 6360

Lost 5 lbs in 1.5 weeks with IF so far. Yesterday I last ate at 1pm and didn't eat again until 8am this morning. I felt shitty last night and felt sorta scared of fainting. I'm worried if I don't keep strictly to it I will go back to my bad old ways. I don't know if I'm being paranoid of if I'm going about this in a dumb way. I think I'm averaging ~900-1000 cals a day?

Anonymous 6361

wow that's amazing progress, but i'm worried about you. how tall are you? you shouldn't feel dizzy/like fainting on IF, especially after a week in. 900-1000kcal is probably not enough for you.

How long do you think you can continue to eat 900-1000 a day?

Anonymous 6362


I'm only 5'1". Starting weight was 149 and now I'm hovering around 144. My first week I did 14:10 fasting, but this week I shifted it to 16:8 just to see what it was like.

I don't have a long-term plan…this mostly felt like an impulsive experiment. I literally have never dieted before and don't exercise very much at all.

Anonymous 6363

>I don't know if I'm being paranoid
>i'm worried about you
>Starting weight was 149

If you are fat you CAN NOT hurt yourself by not eating. The only exception to that is if you have Diabetes and your body can't regulate blood sugar on its own. You can go literally weeks without eating, that's what the fat is for.
If you feel like shit eat some electrolytes (salt/magnesium/aluminum). Make sure you drink water. The fasting is not the problem.

Anonymous 6364

Fuck off with this ana-chan shit. There are better ways to lose than starving yourself.
Just because humans can survive weeks without eating doesn't mean that their organ systems don't get fucked from starvation. Fasting doesn't mean not eating entirely, religious fasts usually take place during the day and people eat in the evening similar to IF.

Anonymous 6365


Honestly this whole thread has been a massive shitshow between self-harming fatties, ana-chans and the FPH anon. When I first clicked on it I was hoping for a good discussion with people giving helpful feedback and sharing tips but was sadly mistaken.

Even thinspo threads on 4chan of all places are more helpful and civil than this. What the hell happened?

Anonymous 6370

Your body breaks the fat down into glucose which your cells can turn in to ATP which they use for energy. If you have fat on your body your blood will deliver the glucose to 100% of your organs. No damage. Their is literally ZERO RISK from not eating as long as you are fat. Long fasts have already been documented by medical science.

Anonymous 6371

Every time I cheat on my diet I end up getting my period early. What do?

Anonymous 6375

Did you even read what you linked, that is one example of a long fast, akin to an anecdote since this type of fasting hasn't been replicated. It was also under supervision and heavily supplemented, which is different from saying "just don't eat, fat people can live off their body fat without any negative effects."
If the over-simplified fat -> glucose -> energy for life worked, why don't more people genuinely just starve themselves into shape? (Answer: they don't because that is a bio 101 view of the world)

Anonymous 6376

they don't because the TV doesnt tell them to, plus they dont have the willpower to go more than a week without eating processed shit. Ask your doctor about a long term fast if you're a fatass they will agree.

Anonymous 6377

I'm aware that this is probably a dumb as shit question, but why does it matter if the egg is hard-boiled, poached, or anything else?

Anonymous 6378

Hard mean more egg. Poach less.

Anonymous 6380


I asked because I wasn't sure and wanted to get some other opinions since I assume people in this thread are/have been active dieters. Thank you for the information. I'm trying to learn.

Anonymous 6381


I'm someone who does 24-48 hour fasts for discipline, and my rule is if you feel like shit you should stop, whether it's physically or mentally. If you're out of breath climbing a flight of stairs, go eat something. If you start getting syncope or headaches, go eat something.

And whether or not you're doing calorie restrictions, make sure the food you get is nutrient dense to compensate for the calorie deficiency. There's plenty of delicious food out there that's high in nutrients and low in calories, like kale and broccoli.

IMO the best way to lose weight is slowly with exercise and a slight deficit. In my own experience, the more drastic your diet, the more likely you are to break it and revert back to your old ways.

Anonymous 6382


This might explain why I don't like chocolate (except for the white one, but that's not even real chocolate.)

How about mentioning the other half of the problem. How much do you work out?

>fasting is so retarded,
Tell that to cavemen who feast once every few days if they manage to hunt anything. Of course they ate small prey and vegetables on a daily basis but it wasn't their main source of calorie income.

>Also who you calling whale, whale?
>getting triggered
>you’re the bitter fat pig.

Where do this hatred come from? Low self esteem? I'm sure you'll get better after losing your weight. Answering to hostility with hostility doesn't help anyone here.

>here are legit studies that show 19-20 bmi is peak attractiveness to men.

How about you stop repeating jews news. Do you really want to appeal to the most common "beauty standard"? I'd be scared if 90% of men found me attractive.

>What the hell happened?


I'm not supposed to give my opinion but pic related is why bmi is bullshit. Coach potato and /fit/fag can have same bmi but look totally different.

Anonymous 6384

>Tell that to cavemen who feast once every few days if they manage to hunt anything. Of course they ate small prey and vegetables on a daily basis but it wasn't their main source of calorie income.

First of all, "prehistoric" hunter-gatherer societies predominantly relied on gathering vegetables and fruits for their daily caloric intake. Meat was eaten when it was available. They did not fast unless there was no food available. I have no idea what you're talking about. Like cavemen are the ideal standard of health anyway? Wtf is this stupid ass statement.

>How about mentioning the other half of the problem. How much do you work out

Working out doesn't matter nearly as much as what you put in your mouth (if goal is weight loss). The average person does not work out enough to break a sweat regularly so suggesting 2000 calories a day for every woman is retarded.

>How about you stop repeating jews news. Do you really want to appeal to the most common "beauty standard"? I'd be scared if 90% of men found me attractive

LOL wtf? Did you really just ask me if I wanted to be considered universally attractive? Why would you be afraid of being attractive?

>I'm not supposed to give my opinion but pic related is why bmi is bullshit. Coach potato and /fit/fag can have same bmi but look totally different.

BMI is a general guideline for health. It doesnt matter that couch potato and fitfag look different at a 23 bmi, they're both in a healthy range. In a country where there is an overwhelming obesity issue the problem isn't fit people being misrepresented into the higher end of normal.

Im assuming you're a man from the last part of your post, keep your retarded opinions and comments to yourself

Anonymous 6388

I hit an all-time low on my weight loss journey this past week but the past couple of days I went through some emotional trauma so I’ve been stuffing my face full of probably 2000-3000 calories each day. I turned to food since I’m trying to avoid depending on alcohol again but regardless I still feel horrible physically and mentally.

I hope tomorrow is better and I can get back on track. If I can’t manage to constrict then I at least hope I can manage to eat a healthy amount of food.

Anonymous 6389

I'm sorry that happened to you. I don't know if this helps, but what helps me when I'm relying on food for emotional support is to not allow any junk food within the house. Even if I end up ordering takeout (which I rarely do because I'm cheap), it's better than eating 2 family sized chip bags and skittles because I'm upset.

I hope everything gets better soon.

Anonymous 6406


>average woman needs about 1900-2100 for maintenance
Median American woman is 5'3" tall, that works out to ~1500kcal/day depending on activity level.

Absolutely agreed that fasting (and "dieting" in general) is retarded. What matters most with weightloss is changing your lifestyle (intake/activity) in a permanent, sustainable way.

Anonymous 6407

>lost eight pounds since January
Twelve more to go!

Anonymous 6413

>stepping around the skinnies deciding whether not eating counts as anorexic behavior if you're fat
I keep breaking my diet. I can always stay motivated to work out, but I have a massive sweet tooth and tend to have INSANE cravings. I will binge on all the sweet food in my house and feel so guilty about it I'll take laxatives to purge. I try to keep sweet stuff out of the house, but I also get stressed out and use these foods to cope with the big sad around weekends/holidays. It's really discoraging to have to lose the same 5 pounds over and over. ):
>inb4 the "lol ur just a fat girl with no self control lose some weight you fat fuck"

Anonymous 6418

Replace food as an emotional coping mechanism.

Anonymous 6422

Question - what do you consider a “whale”? I read your posts about hating fatties who are too big to wipe their own ass, but what about people with say, a 25-27 BMI - which is fat enough to look and feel disgusting but not fat enough to require assistance, accommodations or plus-size clothing?

I’m sure most people on the internet would coil up in disgust at anyone whose BMI is over 25 but I’m curious about your take.

Anonymous 6423

Not that anon, but I only consider people who are so large that they require others to make accommodations for them, as in needed a scooter to go grocery shopping or needing two seats on a plane, as "whales". So at least a 30+ BMI
However, if you're actually calling any of these people whales or fatties directly you're not a good person. You're entirely entitled to that opinion, but you're not being helpful to anyone. I hate nothing more than people who shit on fat people under the guise of "encouraging them to lose weight".
You're allowed to hate fatties but don't you dare take the moral high ground for it.

Anonymous 6446


Please don't take laxatives, amon. ;_; That shit can fuck you up.

Anonymous 6448


>I’m sure most people on the internet would coil up in disgust at anyone whose BMI is over 25
I'm not sure that's true, lots of sexy thicc girls online are 25-30 or nearing it, but in the right places.

I'm the anon you're quoting and only consider people "whale status" when it starts affecting the way they walk (waddle) or it starts wearing their body down (esp joints). I obviously don't care about the individual health of every fat person I don't know like >>6423 mentioned. I mean, I'm disgusted that so many people are obese and that they become absolute burdens to everyone else just because they want to eat food. Who wouldn't be? How can you respect that kind of person?

That being said, 25-30 bmi really isn't that noticeable. There's nothing wrong with having an overweight phase and correcting it. I've never been in that range personally, but I understand how someone could slip into it d/t stress, having kids, decreased exercise but same intake.

But there is a point where you reach pic related (the starting point of whalehood imo) and you think, i really need to change something about myself. And if you can't pull together the will power to correct it or prefer shoveling food into your mouth, it's really hard for me to respect that kind of person. My opinion of course. If that person doesn't care that other people lose respect for them b/c they prefer stuffing their face that's up to them of course. They're adults they can do whatever their oversized hearts want.

Anonymous 6449

absolute bullshit. using stored fat requires using energy. that energy needs to come from somewhere. closing your mouth when you're fat is generally a good idea, but fasting for several days straight is just retarded.
just have several small meals during the day at a calorie deficit like a normal person jfc

Anonymous 6470

My roomie/friend helped me get on her diet because I got sick of this shit.

I lost weight because I discovered (at least for my friend) her skinniness isn't a meme. She's 100lb at 5'2" because her diet is (for anyone who wants it) :

Breakfast: Skip or smoothie

Lunch: 1 cup of sugarless greek yogurt, fried rice, lots of veg and fruit with a portion of dairy. Any combination of.

Dinner: Greens (fresh or stir fried in olive oil), noodles, non-oily soups, rice, plain chicken, marinated beef (with the fat all cut out), high quality cheese. Any combination of.

Roomie has a good bill of health and my own health improved a lot eating what she ate though I admittedly portioned more, being taller. I also noticed her idea of a snack is literally 3 oreos or a glass of almond milk. She still eats fast food, which was the surprising thing for me, but only twice a month… compared to my in-progress habit of eating out twice a week. Oof.

The wild thing is the memes were right. The cravings for sugar and processed food legitimately go away after a harsh withdrawal. It makes me think if some cases of obesity should be treated as symptoms of addiction.

Anonymous 6472

Sounds about right. Me:

Breakfast: Skip (or sometimes some of that sugarless Greek yogurt, same as her)
Lunch: 4oz roast chicken
Dinner: Varies
Snacking: Low fat popcorn (rarely)

By dinnertime I've usually had 200-300 calories for the day so I'm pretty flexible.

Anonymous 6563

This thread partially prompted me to start skipping breakfast and eating a bigger, more carb/oil-heavy lunch. I feel more satisfied and end up eating less calories. Then I have my protein at night with vegetables and some carbs.

I do some light exercise in the morning and have some caffeine, and I don't feel hungry until about 30-60 minutes before lunch.

Anonymous 6566

I stopped eating most junk and exercising more and now I get sick more often, am still chonk, and have acne worse than when I was 15.
Around Valentine's I ate copious amounts of chocolate and LOST WEIGHT. idk what's up.

Anonymous 6567

Slow metabolism. You need more spices and herbs. You think you're only losing weight from binging, but it was the diet that lost your weight. It just happened too slow to notice.

Anonymous 6568

Second anon, and possibly. I like the blandest of the bland food.

Anonymous 6570

Hey, I'm the same weight/height as her! (In the process of losing 5-10 lbs though). My diet:

>half-serving of Vector granola (the one with 20g protein in every serving) – about 145 kcal
>handful of blueberries/blackberries with the granola (I don't count these calories, they're negligible)
>sometimes, a tub of yogurt, either Greek or regular – about 100 kcal

>1 medium honeycrisp apple – 130 kcal
>1 wrap w/ 100-kcal tortilla, 30kcal of dressing, 30kcal of deli meat, and 50kcal of cheese (also lettuce/tomato, but those calories I ignore) – 210 kcal

>quarter-filet of salmon + green beans, cherry tomatoes, and baby potatoes (w/ spices and olive oil drizzled, then baked in the oven) – approx. 350 kcal

>1 mini-bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn (butter flavor) – 160 kcal
>3 Dare's digestive cookies – 140 kcal

It's actually surprisingly filling. I can't recommend that granola enough, it's amazing. The only time I'll get hungry is right before dinner, which is great because it makes me feel even better when I do eat. I also try not to eat anything past 7 or 8 PM (I go to bed around midnight), or it affects my sleep and I wake up feeling shitty.

Anonymous 6571

I'm 5'7 and 132, I feel like that's too heavy but only a bit too heavy so I'm not motivated enough to lose it. I dunno, would you guys consider than chubby?

Anonymous 6572

>she's an inch taller than me and at my goal weight
>she calls herself fat
hibbity hope, it's time to rope

Anonymous 6573

I'm sorry, I know i'm not fat, i'd just rather be a bit slimmer, please don't do anything bad, I don't carry weight well or evenly and basically none of it is muscle

Anonymous 6582

>5'7" 132
Lol. Absolutely not, but I can understand wanting to be a bit thinner. I'm the same height and used to be around the same weight a couple years ago before I gained a fuck ton of weight, and I remember thinking to myself that although I definitely wasn't fat that I was a bit curvier than I'd like to be (I had a small waist/flat stomach but was definitely a little thicc in the thighs and had decent sized boobs).

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be skinny instead of curvy but don't for a second believe you're fat, dear God.

Anonymous 6609

Oh okay yeah this is a good answer. What kind of work do you do where you're constantly subjected to the morbidly obese? ER nurse or something?

Anonymous 6610

I've been in ER and Med/Surg. I work on a medicine unit now. It's unfortunate but it's just full of patients who are finally seeing the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous 6636

Decided to try out ECA stack to supplement my diet/exercise. My psychiatrist told me there's a very slight chance I might go bonkers so here's hoping I don't.

Anyone else try ECA with any luck?

Anonymous 6641


Since I posted this I've gone from 48.8kg to 48.0kg. I don't always skip breakfast, though. Sometimes I'll have a ~300 calorie breakfast, but the calories eaten end up the same.

Anonymous 6644

You can do it girl. I started at 162 at 5’1 and so far have lost 15 lbs in a month and half doing intermittent fasting at 1400 kcals and cardio.

Anonymous 6645

I lost 12 lbs last month with IF. Works well for me because my schedule is pretty packed atm. I'm trying to get to a low weight before we start trying for a kid. My friend had gestational diabetes which is a bit of a nightmare, so avoiding that at all costs.

Anonymous 6648

The thinnest kid I've ever known (I'm talking 5'11" 110 lbs skinny) told me that he never eats lunch or breakfast, only ate a snack after school around 3:30pm and then dinner a few hours later, for as long as he was old enough to feed himself.

Intermittent fasting will make you drop weight like crazy, I still lol at the idiots who argue that it'll make you gain weight because "starvation mode".

Anonymous 6658

Breakfast is a meme anyways. At most two healthy, proportionate meals a day will put anyone on a fast track to losing weight. Every single skinny person I know (who /stayed/ skinny past their twenties) doesn't have breakfast.

Anonymous 6684

>no interest in food, eat mainly for nutrition and to stop feeling hungry
>hate vegetables and never count calories, too lazy to exercise
>what I do eat is heavy in fat/oil and protein
>only eat once or twice a day
>drink a lot of calories (mainly from honey in tea or some form of milk or protein/nutrition shake from the store)
>skinny enough that my ribs show (5'3 110 lbs)
Just become too lazy to eat. Every time I eat I have to wash the fucking dishes, fuck that. Half the time I just say the hell with it and go without. Being not-fat is the easiest thing in the world. I'd switch to a diet of protein shakes and fruit/veg juice if it was economically feasible because I am indeed that fucking lazy. Food is a pain in the ass.
Also I only go to the grocery store on foot, so I have to carry all my shit a mile home. Do that and you will never, ever get fat. Cars enable fatass habits like drinking soda and eating a bunch of snacks. A box of tea is less heavy than a flat of soda for 24 beverages. If you don't use a car it is physically impossible to buy enough food to get fat on.
What I ate yesterday: 4 oz steak that was on sale, a palm size portion of cheese cubes (palm, not fingers), a bowl of lazy man's chicken soup (chicken + water + green salsa, homemade) and tea with honey.
This post is bullshit. I only need around 1100-1200 calories a day for maintenance if I don't exercise.
I eat breakfast and lunch, or combine them into one meal. I don't usually eat dinner. It doesn't matter when you eat, only how much you eat. If you're fat just fucking eat less, this is the simplest thing in the world.

Anonymous 6685

Do you look good though?

Anonymous 6708

Yeah, and every fat person I know is all about their “complete breakfast” which they claim they need to be able to focus at work/school. Skinny people never talk about needing food for energy like fat people do.

Going back to the original post, skip breakfast often enough without cheating in between and you won’t feel hungry in the morning anymore. Your body eventually adapts to your eating schedule, which is why IF is such an easy plan to get into and stay on.

Anonymous 6710

Breakfast is meant to break fasts!
If you're not fasting, then you can't breakfast!

Anonymous 6713

I guess “breakfast” is at 2pm for me then.

Anonymous 6714

It's recommended that you break your fast up to 8 hours after you've woken up. It doesn't have to be immediate. In fact, it shouldn't be.

Anonymous 6717

All this post tells us is that you’re a complete fucking loser.
>If you're fat just fucking eat less, this is the simplest thing in the world.
No shit, Sherlock.

Anonymous 6733

Of course I look good.

Anonymous 6735

>terrible diet
>doesn't exercise
>probably has poor hygiene due to laziness
I doubt it.

Anonymous 6766

idk if this is worth a new thread but does anyone want to team up and lose weight together?

Anonymous 6786

don't give the lurking males any ideas

Anonymous 6792

I'd love to. I had a group of girls I met here earlier and it was really motivating.

Anonymous 6794

I'd like to too. I started at 145, and I'm currently 132. I've been doing 1200 calories a day and running almost every day. I was maintaining my routine well, but when I started to get stressed I started binge eating again and went back up to 135, which was a little discouraging for a while but I'm back on track.

My goal is 123, but I'd be happy anywhere between 120-125.

Anonymous 6795

I like your plan anon. I’m going to copy you because I’m hovering around 138-140 but I also want to be 120-125. I used to maintain that weight by doing what you’re doing plus cheat days (which is why I didn’t keep losing past that point) and it actually worked really well for a few years but then I got lazy. So I’m gonna get back to it and also do 1200/day plus running or biking or calisthenics every day.

Anonymous 6796


Good luck to you! I’ve found couch to 5k really helpful. Also foods that are high in protein like lentils and tofu for remaining satiated. I think cheat days are okay every once in a while, but when they become every other day they’re detrimental (which is why I started gaining weight again).

Anonymous 6942

National Geographic's research says it should be before noon.

Anonymous 6944

Why is "eight hours after you wake up" past noon, anon? You should be in bed before the witching hour.

Anonymous 6945

Ha ha, you got me there.

Anonymous 6978

I don't know why I didn't do this for so long but if you have bad cravings for chocolate buy pistachio's (or ur closest favourite nut) and eat that instead. I like pistachios cause it kinda tastes like chocolate to me, also it takes awhile to eat them so even if you do eat heaps of them its over a longer period.

Anonymous 6982

I've found when I'm craving chocolate, it's usually because I'm just really hungry and my body just wants calories. But if I really want chocolate, I just let myself have a small square.

Anonymous 7018


I got a scale that measures stuff like body fat. Obviously not 100% accurate but still pretty neat.

Anonymous 7019


I have the same thing. The Renpho scale.

Sadly mine is starting to get buggy, it gives different weights whenever you step on it. :S

Anonymous 7033

Clean it out, probably a piece of something stuck in one of the feet causing variance.

Anonymous 7041


Just got prescribed Topamax to balance out the weight gain side effect of an antipsychotic I’m on. I looked up some stories of people losing weight on it via reddit and people are saying they lost anywhere from 5-25 lbs effortlessly. 15-20 would be ideal for me.

By fair chance has anyone on c.c taken Topamax? The one thing I’m worried about is the fact that it potentially makes you dumb. Like really, really dumb - forgetting words, names, and being unable to speak well. I already have some cognitive issues that get in the way of my work.

Anonymous 7043

Ooh I didn’t know this was the case, ty for the tip!

Anonymous 7064


>weight loss pill
>side effect of being really dumb

did they finally find the bimbofication pill?

Anonymous 7065

why would you take a pill that could potentially destroy your cognitive ability? 15-20lbs could be lost with simple exorcise. It's not like we're talking over 100lbs anon…

Anonymous 7067


I'm this anon and now I'm:
>5'9 136 lbs
>BMI: 20.1
>25 inch waist
>39 inch hips

Lost 9 lbs since then, but I also became way more social throughout the past 4 months and it knocked me off the wagon a little bit. I'm very happy with my body. Not really trying to lose anymore weight.

Getting over the hill took me a while but I did it without purging or doing crazy fasts like the insane ana chan in this thread said to. I feel great.

Anonymous 7070

As I said, it’s to combat the binge-eating side effect of my medication which is the only reason my doctor prescribed. Been busting my ass with running and other shit like weight lifting for a long time but when you’re stuffing your face constantly it doesn’t help much.

I’ve lost about 4 lbs since making that post, which is not really a lot (probably all water weight) but I’m increasing the dose week by week which is supposed to help. I haven’t noticed any cognitive effects either, thankfully.

Anonymous 7072

I’m the “insane anachan” you’re referring to. I hope you realize I was trolling you because you were being an ass to other anons, you tard. Regardless congrats on your weight loss.

Anonymous 7074

>i was just pretending to be retarded

Anonymous 7080

I don't get why you don't just control your diet without taking extra drugs that fuck you up. Your antipsychotics don't make you put food in your mouth. I've been on antidepressants and birth controls that people claim causes this issue too.

Anonymous 7081

different anon, but i always said this too until i was actually put on 3 antipsychotics. SSRIs didnt do much for appetite for me but the appetite increase on antipsychotics was insane. i ended up going off of them because thinking about food constantly, to thepoint where my mouth was watering just thinking about food, was not okay with me

Anonymous 7082

Medication affects everyone's body differently, as in not everyone experiences all or the same side effects. Just because you didn't have an increased appetite on your meds doesn't mean other people taking the same meds haven't had that problem. After all there is a reason the drug manufacturer is required to warn you of such side effects.

This is common sense, anon. Have you ever talked to other women about birth control? You should know that around half the time people seem to have little/no side effects and other times it's almost unbearable to the point they can't be on it. It's the same with psychiatric meds.

Anonymous 7083

Antipsychs have mechanisms that make an otherwise healthy person overweight or obese.

Anonymous 7084

>le canned response

Anonymous 7088

And? Have some self control. Unless it materializes food and forces you to eat it theres no excuse. It doesn't even decrease your metabolism like hypothyroidism does. Even if your appetite is increased you can say NO. What stops you from saying no? Increased hunger? More cravings? Come on put some work in. Poisoning your brain to take the easy way out is retarded. If people can go days without eating you can think twice about eating that pack of donuts.

I did experience the increased appetite when i was taking ssris and bc for your information. But after not paying attention to my weight i gained like 8lbs. After noticing it i put effort into monitoring my eating habits and lost it while i was still on the pills. I know the side effect exists and it sucks but really? Take responsibility dont take fucking diet pills.

Anonymous 7089

We get it, BMI of 20.1-chan. You’ve derailed this entire thread, time to go outside.

Anonymous 7090

So much projection, I’m not even on antipsychs sis
>The high likelihood of weight gain with these medications has been linked to their actions at serotonin 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C, dopamine D2 and D3, histamine H1 and muscarinic M3 receptors.15 The differential effects on weight have been explained by the differing affinity of medications at these receptors.16,17
>Antipsychotics affect neuropeptides associated with appetite control and energy metabolism. Leptin and adiponectin are the adipokines produced in white adipose tissue, which have been implicated in AIWG. Increased leptin levels and reduced adiponectin levels have been demonstrated with short-term and long-term olanzapine treatment.18,19 Ghrelin, which acts on the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus to enhance food intake and adipose tissue deposition, is also affected by antipsychotics.20 The changes in leptin, adiponectin and ghrelin levels have been postulated to be due to direct effects of the medications rather than being secondary to weight gain.20 On the other hand, effects of antipsychotics on lipid and glucose metabolism have been linked to their effect on weight gain and adiposity, leading to insulin resistance and consequent increased release of triglycerides and very low density lipoproteins from adipocytes.21 There is also evidence that antipsychotics increase expression of sterol regulatory element-binding protein (SREBP) and very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) genes.21,22
Are you gonna start telling girls on corticosteroids to stop having moonfaces too?

Anonymous 7092

I understand that it makes it harder to lose weight and easier to absentmindedly gain, i stated that in the last post. But it certainly is not impossible if you put the work in. You aren't just going to gain 10s of pounds unless you give in to your increased appetite at every turn. You don't need pills to eat less. You're making it sound like its completely out of your control.

>so much projection sis

Two of the anons i was referring to had been on it and talked about their own weight gain. Just because you were quoted doesnt mean it all relates to you. Dont be obtuse, lrn2imageboard

Anonymous 7093

>You don't need pills to eat less.
There’s a reason topiramate is prescribed to patients concerned with weight gain. Cravings do get significantly worse due to changes in hormones like leptin and ghrelin and won’t cease for months to years depending on the medication. People do try to control this change in weight by becoming nonadherent to their antipsych meds. The repercussions of discontinuing those medications usually outweigh possible adverse effects associated with topiramate.

Anonymous 7099

I’m the Topamax anon. I mentioned earlier that I’d been putting effort in exercising and eating healthy but after starting Vraylar and gaining back a few pounds all it’s done is made me maintain a weight I’m not happy with instead of lose. Some days I’d be fine but most days I would start shaking or even literally get panic attacks if I didn’t eat between meals.

Are you the Kyle poster? I’m on the same boat as them, trying to get from the high end of a healthy weight to 19-20 BMI. I’ve been stuck fluctuating at around a 23-24 BMI for a few months now since starting Vraylar after losing quite a bit of weight (used to be a fucking fatass for reasons that WAS my fault). My doctor doesn’t believe I should lose weight but agrees that Vraylar could potentially put more weight on me long-term which is why he was the one who recommended the “diet pills” when I expressed concern about my food sucking side effect.

Idk, maybe it is an easy way out but it’s nice having something that can aid in speeding up the process so I don’t have to wait another four months to reach my goal. I’m down 6 pounds, no dumbness effect yet, feelin’ bretty gud if I do say so myself.

Anonymous 7100

Should clarify - these meds were not prescribed to me to lose weight but rather to balance out increased appetite and prevent gaining more weight. The ability to once again go back to eating 1000-1200 calories without binging later at night is what’s a plus side for me.

They are not “diet pills”.

Anonymous 7102

Yes I am that anon. Sorry I was being standoffish and honestly rude. Unnecessary medication has really fucked me up in the past so I just get really heated up by the kinds of meds that end up being prescribed. kind of a kneejerk reaction. If it has been helping your mental health that much then it is of course necessary.

I really hope that things get better for you and you won't need them anymore one day. I hope you reach your weight goal as well.

Anonymous 7103

Eh don’t worry about it, I’ve gone off on people who lie about having ADD to get Adderall for weight loss so I can’t exactly fault you there or I’d be a huge fucking hypocrite. I feel like I could have done a better job explaining why it was prescribed so I didn’t just come across as a no-effort lazy.

I will stop taking it if it starts to fuck me up too much. I also used to also take Adderall for ADHD and honestly I’d rather risk flunking out of college than go through the nightmarish side effects that shit put me through, hoo boy. I’m no stranger to being seriously fucked by meds either.

Anonymous 7114

i didn't have any …

>mum bitches at me if i don't eat
>mum bitches at me for being "fat", my mum is probably well over 100kg
>mum bitches at me if i buy my own food
>mum bitches at me if i don't drink the disgusting sugary soda she buys

i don't even know how many calories i get in a day because my weight drops and goes up so often. lightest i've been in recent years is around 60. i think i'm at my heaviest right now, because i've been unable to do much the past couple of months from medical issues. the only good thing i can say is even at my heaviest now my body weight is fairly evenly distributed so i don't look completely terrible, i can hide it with clothes. but even at ~60 i still felt i looked fat, mostly because i've always relatively fat thighs (looking at childhood photos, they were still big despite me being a very active kid, it's weird)

right now i'm slowly adjusting into eating less. i only started within the last week because one day (i was weighed at a hospital before a scan) i just snapped and realized i had had enough. i have to eat in the mornings because i take medication when i wake up, so i just try and eat less of whatever she bought. i don't technically have to have food with it, but i haven't tried without it yet because i'm waiting to reach the minimum full dosage (epilepsy medication, i had a seizure and then some further complications, but i'm finally back on my feet fully after about 6 weeks). i do wish they'd stop making me drink soda though, i can barely tolerate it where i've been trying to drink less for a few months. i buy flavoured sparkling water if i really want something fizzy. but my mum sees a 6 pack of soda cans on sale and she just impulse buys it despite nobody wanting to drink it. i just wanna move out ASAP, i have neetbux though so i'm just putting a lot of it into savings until it ends (3 year cycle) and looking into a part time job at least, but thats more personal life stuff than health stuff.

this turned into more of a vent, oops. but i actually feel positive about it, i'm really motivated to lose weight now, more than ever before, so i'm hoping it goes well. i had a small breakfast and i'm hungry right now even though it was only 3 hours ago, but i'm hoping to power through it until at least early afternoon. sometimes the hunger goes away, if it doesn't i'll just find something small to eat. maybe some cheese would be good.

Anonymous 7115

just for clarification, when i said the past few months and then 6 weeks, i was having a particularly bad spell with joint issues i've had since birth, sorry if the post seemed confusing by switching dates like that.
i'm pretty ashamed of it so i didn't mention it in at first, right now i'm 80kg

Anonymous 7116

My mom started calling me fat when i was at my heaviest weight (at like a 23.5 BMI) so I lost 30 lbs and now she complains that I'm too thin and I need to stop and that I'm ugly now.


Anonymous 7119

ughhh, sounds terrible. i was worried about losing weight because i'd have to replace my clothes (mainly trousers and skirts though, some i can probably stitch up or use belts, but i have some where i think it'd be easier to buy new ones) and that would mean getting scolded for being costly.

i'm reposting this 'cause it sounded like i was trying to starve myself with my last wording, haha. pretty much just trying to be more conscious of how much i'm really eating, which is why i say eating less because i think i ended up having too big portions, then snacking because i was bored.
yesterday, i ate out with a fairly big lunch, and didn't feel hungry for the rest of the day, just had a bite to eat with my medication out of habit (cheese, funnily enough). i also bought some fruits from a market yesterday- apricots, peaches, raspberries and grapes.
today, i made myself some porridge, which is pretty filling. i like the sound of some yogurt and fruit like some other people in this thread have mentioned, so i'll see if i can find any i like.

Anonymous 7123

anyone here with a sweet tooth they completely got rid of? i overcame my sugar addiction twice but i lost control of it because i'm a dumb bitch who thought she had it under control. i realize now that i'm like an alcoholic who relapses the second they get a taste. i don't drink any soda/juice, only water and unsweetened tea, maybe a cup of coffee without any sugar. my main problem is getting rid of this craving for sweet things. i eat raisins, cranberries and nuts to fight against the need to have chocolate (since that is usually just some craving for fatty things before/during my period) and sugary stuff. but i feel like eating raisins or cranberries is just a substitute and not really stopping it. like i want the need to have something sweet after a meal to stop completely because that's what always makes me relapse.

Anonymous 7132


Another 23 BMI-chan here. Here’s what a 23.7 BMI looks like. So many people have told me I’m not fat and even though I kinda agree on the “fat” part since fat generally refers to overweight/obese I still feel fucking disgusting. I really thought losing 20 pounds recently would make me feel somewhat better about trying on shorts and more form fitted clothes like my mom’s been trying to get me to do for years but now I feel like shit all over again.

I’m sure most women and girls with normal fat distribution look great at this weight, but I have a particularly tall-ish and rectangular body type that I’m pretty sure is meant to be slim like a model’s, not thick. I’m 5 fucking 8 inches tall and look like I’m under 5 feet from a distance for fuck’s sake. I’m probably going to aim to lose 25-30 pounds, does that seem like too much? 5’8” 155.8 lbs as of this morning btw. I just have a tendency to develop disordered eating habits and I may end up being still unhappy with my body at that weight and then continue/end up overdoing it. BDD be a bitch.

Sorry for blogging.

Anonymous 7133

Try posting a picture that isn't at an angle and obscured by your arm.
You probably look fine to most people. Try working out to build muscle if you feel you're too flabby. You can't change your bone structure so you just have to learn to cope with it.

Anonymous 7179

I have a sweet tooth, but I generally satisfy it with things like fruits, yogurt, certain chocolates, and small low-calorie cookies. I really like parfaits and when I have cookies or candy I usually only have one or two of them. I also really like drinking flavored almond milk (sweetened chocolate and vanilla, but strawberry is also an option). Don't completely cut sugar out of your diet. Eating a lot of natural sugars (fruits mostly) can actually satisfy a lot. As for processed sugars, its probably too hard to cut them out completely, but try to limit them to a once or twice a week thing. 5'3" 130 lbs.

Anonymous 7181


A lot of people can't stand it but Dark chocolate that doesn't have a ton of sugar in it is my go-to. I fucking love it. It's kind of hard to find good dark chocolate that doesn't have a lot of sugar, though. Most is basically 90% sugar but you're looking for one that's mostly cocoa.

Anonymous 7182

I don't really measure my caloric intake as I cook my food, and the meat and vegetables don't really have those nutrient factoids.
What I found out is that eating rice and white potatoes makes me hungry faster, while eating just fruits, vegetables and meat makes me feel good and is okay throughout the day.

I did that with exercising and found that I am able to lose weight that way, so I'm sticking to what I'm doing.

Anonymous 7188

thank you for the advice! i started eating more fruit now (usually ate one banana and an apple during class) and tried to really see it as a treat and something that is "good enough" to replace candy. i also really love 90% dark chocolate, but i haven't bought any lately. i also have stomach problems so i'm trying to keep processed sugars to a minimum since most foods have sugar added without us knowing, like in bread and stuff. i also started to really enjoy yogurt, even though those have lots of sugar as well, but try overeating on yogurt, i guess?

on a happier note, i lost 5 pounds over the past two weeks thanks to mindful eating. basically i eat very small portions and take breaks between swallowing a bite and chewing the next bite (usually 20 seconds long). i also focus completely on the food and don't do any reading, tv show watching, etc while eating. and i stopped obsessing over food/having to eat delicious food. my dinner was two slices of bread with butter and that was cool too. not worrying about what i should cook every day is pretty relaxing.

Anonymous 7194

>on diet
>Friends always wanna get drunk and load up on waffle house, taco bell and pizza

Anonymous 7195

Taco bell at least has shit like cheese roll-ups and rice and beans side which are under 200 calories, can't say much about the others though.

Anonymous 7200

>5 pounds over the past two weeks thanks to mindful eating.
Nice! I really need to work on slowing down when I eat.

Anonymous 7206

definitely give it a try! what really helped me was taking 20 second breaks, not getting myself distracted and stopping when i was satisfied. i also read an article that skinny people stop eating when they are satisfied and would rate their satisfaction level a 5-6 on a scale of 1-10, while fat people (like me!) would stop when they are full and rate their satisfaction level an 8 or even 9. so i always tell myself, when i feel satisfied, that a skinny person would stop now. adopting this skinny person mindset really helps me.

Anonymous 7208

nice, nice. i've lost a lot more since i posted >>7114 here but i'm trying to get some things smoothed out. but i really got a lot of stuff packed on through pure snacking. i'm eating mostly the same as before, give or take a few bits.

Anonymous 7227


For shits n gigs I tried the wine/egg diet in the OP pic for one day (couldn’t do the full three days because of work).


Anonymous 7228

how was the constipation?

Anonymous 7229

I used to follow a similar diet minus the day-drinking lol. How was following g wine with coffee?

Anonymous 7230

No constipation, quite the uh…opposite actually. :/

I would actually forget about the coffee during mealtime and drink it about an hour or two later so that may have been cheating a bit. It wasn't really a problem for that reason maybe.

Anonymous 7232

were you just tipsy for half of the day?
how on earth would someone do this for months lol

Anonymous 7236

Pretty much lol. Also gross hangover the next day too.
>how on earth would someone do this for months lol
Thankfully it’s only meant to last three days, but I imagine at least someone’s tried to do it long term. I wonder how horribly that turned out for them.

Anonymous 7239


If it's not vegan or pescaterian then it's a shitty fad diet

Anonymous 7249


Anonymous 7256

Anyone not entirely sure when they want to stop losing weight? I feel like I only want to lose maybe 4 more lbs but losing weight is kinda fun?
Is this the danger zone

Anonymous 7257


5'7 here at 56.5kg. Want to get down to 52kg.
This is for accountability. Godspeed you all.

Anonymous 7258

why do you want to be so underweight? have you thought about stopping at 118lbs (53.6kg) to be borderline underweight?

Anonymous 7260

I never thought it would be, but OMAD feels really good and is not hard like it sounds (drinking lots of fluids, especially something like coffee w/ half & half during the day makes it effortless). The results are great too. Would recommend.

Anonymous 7269

I think this girl is a pornstar

Anonymous 7427

started a "diet" 6 weeks ago.
Stats: 5'0, 155lbs (starting weight), will weigh myself in 2 weeks. goal is 110-120lbs. im eating 1400kcal/day, which is the tdee for 120lbs (sedentary).

its not so much a diet, more like calorie tracking and having more money to spend on healthier food.
had some mishaps here and there, especially with a emotional eating/binging problem, but hopefully ill have dropped some. another good habit is tracking weekly instead of daily, that way i have time to plan and dont panic when i over-eat.

i have a problem though where i need to make good tasting stuff otherwise ill binge later on. for example if i make mashed broccoli with salt ill find myself eating butter by the spoonfuls during the night, but if i make fried rice with vegs ill maintain myself healthily the rest of the day. does any other anon face this problem?

Anonymous 7451

Does it really work to put half & half in your coffee with OMAD? I get so caught up in being a puritan with fasting I forget that I would stick to it way better if I just tweaked it a little to make it work for me.

Anonymous 7452

Was on a maintenance diet for the past few months just trying to be healthier. Cut out refined sugar and wheat flour entirely, and avoided other generally unhealthy foods. My mood hasn't really improved but I do feel physically better, and I don't even crave sugar or flour containing foodstuffs anymore.

Anonymous 7469


I did a water fast (no food at all, just a lot of water) for 10 days and I lost 10kg. Of course, I gained all that weight right back after I started eating again…

Anonymous 7470

Yeah, oddly enough drinking coffee with half and half had no ill effects on the results. I had all my meals first thing in the morning with coffee, then skipped lunch and dinner but had an extra glass or two of iced coffee with a bit of cream in the afternoon.

Just don’t drink like, sugary soda or a full glass of chocolate milk or something. Half and half is only 20cal per tablespoon.

Forgot to mention in that post - no more acne. Fine lines that were beginning to show (I’m 26 and have shitty genes, thanks mom) completely gone. Skin glowing. More reason to doubly recommend.

Anonymous 7471

girls help. i was good on my path and feeling so well, but this week i had a major regress. two months of work gone in a week. i feel disgusting.
how can i push myself up again? it feels awful and its had such a negative impact on me, i feel like ill just gain it all again.

Anonymous 7478

>i have a problem though where i need to make good tasting stuff otherwise ill binge later on.

Yeah, I'm usually the same. If I try to substitute whatever I'm craving with "meh" food… I'll usually just end up eating more later. So I let myself have some chocolate or sweets or whatever I'm craving so I don't end up binging layer.

Anonymous 7479

prolonged fasting is unsustainable and dangerous. people who support it are literal retards. the weight you lost was mostly glycogen depletion and water weight anyway. get on a moderate calorie deficit for a long period

you cant undo 2 months of work in a week, just get back on the horse and dont stress too much. if you obsess over short term failures it will prevent you looking at the bigger picture. fitness is a long game

Anonymous 7498


So I’m this anon >>6213 and am now 134.2 (BMI 21.0). Should have gotten here long before now but eh, I’m feeling pretty good. I gained some weight (got to 165) after that post was made because of a binge episode but now that my binging is under control thanks to help from my doctor and therapist I think I’m okay. I still want to lose 10 more pounds though to get back to my high school weight.

In other news, my anorexic mother is “worried” about me for being “too thin”. And everyone around me is commenting. It’s getting annoying at this point, and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse.

Anonymous 7511

Congrats on getting your binging under control!

Do you think your mom's nagging comes from a place of worry or a place of jealousy?

Anonymous 7515

Thanks for your kind words anon!

>Do you think your mom's nagging comes from a place of worry or a place of jealousy?

Definitely jealousy. If I got as thin or thinner than her she’d have a cow for sure because of her own body dysmorphia, and of course she’d try and pass it off as me needing to be thrown in the loony bin to get fatter again. Right now she’s a skellington who apparently saved my 7th grade clothing (size 00 skirts and dresses) and wears them around now. It’s fucking creepy.

Anonymous 7516



Anonymous 7517

I really hope you avoid these awful blablareduced products which have nothing to do with cheese.

Anonymous 7519

That would really freak me out. Wow.

Anonymous 7527

Anon thats disgusting. Did she wver try to push anorexia onto you? Do you know what caused her anorexia?

Anonymous 7529

I have no doubt in my mind that her disordered eating and BDD rubbed off on me at some point during childhood (as you can tell from my OP I was previously starving myself like a tard), but if anything she seems to hate it when other people are skinny, accusing them of being anorexic or otherwise sick. Even scared off several potential new friends of mine when they came to our house because she made a big deal about their small appetite/being too thin. It’s a mess.
> Do you know what caused her anorexia?
She’d always had BDD and an obsession with weight loss for as long as I’ve been old enough to comprehend things like this. She was naturally beautiful and never exceeded a normal weight but for some reason saw herself as being fat/ugly and in need of unnecessary cosmetic procedures, too much makeup, and started every new fad diet she could find to lose 10 lbs of water weight and gain it back. Then it shifted to following cult diets like South Beach, Paleo, Whole 30, and now Plant Paradox (which is debunked garbage but she sees it as the word of God). I’ve been watching a slow, roughly 20-year spiral downhill.

Anonymous 7651

i wanna be so skinny that when i step on the scale the #'s go negative

Anonymous 7663


163 cm (5'4?) at 67.3kg (148 lbs) here! At the start of this year i was 75 kgs (165 lbs), I had never benn that fat and i probably got there due to a combo of shitty diet+PCOS+not taking the pill anymore, I decided to change my lifestyle since my family has a history of both diabetes and cardiac problems.
My diet and exercise journey was all in all successful because by packing my lunch everyday, being busy with uni and tracking everything on my fitbit app I could easily manage my caloric intake. Thank to all of this I hit my lowest weight (60.5 kgs or 133 lbs) right before i got my bachelor degree this summer. I looked and felt great, I was really full by eating the right amounts of the right foods andI felt very energetic. I gained some weight during the summer holidays because i ate quite a bit more than i used to.
Now that I'm back to my normal life I'm having huge problems with food, it seems that i just can't feel full anymore! I tried everything: drinking water before a meal, eating salad before a meal, eating lots of proteins, eating lots of fat, eating lots of proteins and fats combined, eating big meals and no snacks, eating small meals and more snacks, eating slowly because it takes your brain like 20 minutes to understand that you are full etc.I am literally never full and I'm desperate because I'm taking a gap semester (since I'm going to study abroad next semester) so I'm home all day and with nothing to keep me busy other than trying to stay on track with my language learning and my exercise. I can't help but feel hungry, not just a little appetite, but stomach-furiosly-cramping hungry and I realy don't know what to do about this! I usually solve this by eating a low calorie snack (irl low cal because i weight them by the gram), but this hunger attacks happen really frequently and ten snacks add up at the end of the day even if they are low cal. Does anyone have any tips on this? How can I stop having these hunger attacks?
Sorry fro blogposting ;-;

Anonymous 7666

Have you tried exercising more to keep up with your food intake?

Anonymous 7668

for how long have you been feeling hungry for? i think eventually your body should learn to adapt to the amount you eat, >>7666 raises a good point, you can exercise so you can eat a little more even though it sucks.
you could also just think youre hungry or feel the urge to eat coz youre bored, drink some water then in 10 minutes if you still feel the urge drink some more then again and again if its been an hour then have a light snack
if youre just getting back on track then of course you wouldnt feel full anymore, the damage was done during those holidays, when your body learnt to eat more, just keep at it and update us in like a month, ive had shit times where i gained a bunch of weight back and then have to retrain my body to eat less again, you can do it anon

Anonymous 7669

Yes I train for approximately 1h around 3~4 times a week: i do cardio (either treadmill or elliptical machine) until i hit 200kcal and then i alternate upper and lower body routines. On the days where I do exercise the burnt calories are enough to keep me in a deficit, but sadly I can't exercise every day ;-;
I have had this problem for one month and a half, probably is true what you said about the damage i did during the holidays, hopefully the hunger will stop soon. I will keep you all posted anyway:33

Anonymous 7692

I lost 30 pounds, I am so happy. I've been dieting and exercising. Although this holiday I over ate and gain back like 5 pounds. :(
I'm still a fattie and need to lose like 40 more pounds of fat.
It sucks all of my fat goes to my thighs, ass and gut. It might have been nicer if more of it went to my breast. I guess I'm destined to stay as a itty bitty titty.
I am currently struggling to drop more weight but then again I've been kind of lacks with my diet. Now I'm at the point where I can't afford that.
If you care I am 5'7" and at 165lbs. Sorry I'm American.

Anonymous 7710

Got down to 140, now I'm back up to 145, really would like to get to 135 by the end of next year. Going vegan really helped

Anonymous 7750


How 2 quickly go from 130 lbs to 120 in a non-anachan fashion? I’m 5’7” btw.

Losing this last bit is a bitch on wheels.

Anonymous 7766


I'm this >>7663 anon, I just wanted to update you all and let you know that I actually found a way to calm down my hunger attacks. One day I unintentionally fasted for 24+ hours DAMN YOU GASTRITIS and I noticed that the following days my hunger attacks went away. Now, I don't know if it was beacuse of the fasting but I decided to keep up with it by fasting for 24 hours one day a week (intentionally this time) and I noticed a really big improvement in my hunger ^

Anonymous 7771

Ii want to lose weight! Is dieting the right way to go? I’ve tried exercising but it makes me so tired and drained for the entire day . I can’t get things done and I want to nap all day. Plus I end up binge eating because it makes me so hungry

Anonymous 7773

Yeah, unfortunately it's 70% diet 30% exercise, you can't outrun a bad diet. Why don't you try intermittent fasting if you're prone to binges? And ofc cut all added sugar, sodas, etc. Basically your breakfast could be some oatmeal with peanut butter and lunch/dinner should be a portion of protein and some vegetables, like chicken, spinach/broccoli/zucchini/squash/sweet potato and half an avocado for example (Don't neglect healthy fats because they make you feel full faster!)

Exercise like lifting + cardio will make you look good naked, plus all the benefits, like increased bone density, plus you get to eat more.

You could use myfitnesspal to figure out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight sustainably and then log everything you eat. It's a pain in the ass but it's worth it long term.

Anonymous 7774

What’s your height/weight?

Anonymous 7776

I am 5’6 1/2 or 168.5 cm and 145 lbs or 65.7 kg. I gained 5 lbs over the holidays :( I’ve been at a plateau at 140 lbs for 6 months. I weighed 200 lbs and lost 60 lbs over a span of 4 years

Funnily enough, this is exactly how I lost my 60 lbs! This is the best way to lose weight. I guess since my maintenance BMR is 2400 calories I’ve been eating that accidentally by binge eating dessert (ice cream, pie etc) on my cheat day (Friday) that turns into a cheat weekend.

I spoke to my dietician and she said my binges are mostly psychological. I have an association of reward with food so I must disassociate from that but it’s so hard. After going through brutal exercise regime, I think poutine or ice cream is perfectly fine and a reward for doing something so difficult and strenuous. That inhibits my progress so much. My new year resolution for 2020 is to finally reach my goal weight of 115 lbs and maintain it!

Anonymous 7787

It's been a month since I posted and I haven't even try to lose any more weight. The only thing I'm glad about is despite over eating all through December is that I'm still 165 lbs, thanks to the gym. But I think I had let my stomach stretched out because I didn't realized but I began to eat larger portions. So when I went back to eating smaller portions, I noticed that I still feel hungry. I'm trying to remediate that by drinking more water.
I'm going to go back on Keto and intermittent fasting.

Anonymous 7797

I have used slim-fast to get all my nutrients. it worked. I have used weight watches at home. it was okay but i couldnt plan my meals. the best part is you get a kit so i can always go back.

once my fibroid shrunk. I had success with nutrisystem. I ordered a cheap kit on ebay. it came directly from nutrisystem. i actually followed the plan about 95%. im ready to go back on the plan. I weighed over 300lbs. I lost about a dress size in a month.
i know someone will belittle this and say cook your own food but at my state I needed helped.
a healthier person can order schwann at home. schwan makes some of nutrisystem foods now. schwan doesnt do small meals.

Anonymous 7813

5'6" and 165 lbs. Good amount of muslce, but I carry my weight on my lower half so the fst I do have is obvious.
Quit drinking for new year, my goal weight is 150lbs. Might go lower, but I've wanted to see 150 for a long time and I'm really taking the steps to do so.

Anonymous 7857

You’ll feel more comfortable at 150 than now obv but ultimately you will feel the best once you get into the 130’s. You’ll be able to go for runs without feeling winded and too heavy (or do just about any exercise easier), suddenly feel 10x stronger and able to lift heavy things you couldn’t before because the flab on your arms isn’t weighing you down, plus
>your stomach will be flat/mostly flat
>no love handles
>look good in pictures taken by others
>clothes of all types actually look cute on you and not lumpy
>it’s a surprisingly easy weight range to maintain, even with occasional binges and mild drinking

150 should just be a milestone, because you will get none of this and after losing 11+ more pounds realize just how shit 150 was. Been there, done that.

Anonymous 7875


….thanks for the advice, I guess? Not really, tho. I'm actually already very strong and the "flab" on my arms is minimal and doesnt affect my lifting performance at all. I don't have love handles and I look great wearing clothes that fit because like I said, I've got a lot of muscle at this point.
130 would make me feel like a stick and that's not my aesthetic.

Anonymous 8017


I started to count calories again, because I ate too much/had too many cheats lately. Problem is that I tend to overanalyze it and try to weigh every single meal, which causes me a lot of stress and anxiety. On the other hand I need these numbers to stay focused. Meeeeh…

Anonymous 8018

I used to stress out a lot before I started cooking standardized meals 5 days a week. Now I only have a few meals a week that I have to even consider the calorie count and things are much simpler.

Anonymous 8019

has anyone here tried the onion mono diet for inflammation?

Anonymous 8020

Not me but if you are having problems with cough my mom makes onion tea for cough, you cook the outer shells of onion (not the dry first layer, the second outer shell) and add honey when it's done. I can't really remember if it helps… but it's really delicious

Anonymous 8021


I've been so stressed out and feeling overwhelmed, I went back to seeking food for comfort. I've been eating a lot of breads, sweets, fast food and drinking alcohol. All those calories are adding up. I've gain back weight. I won't reach my ugw like this. I've lost my restraint, now it's just over eating. I'm moving so my place it a absolute mess, it stresses me out to be at home. So I go out and not intending too, I just come to and realize I'm eating fast food. Like my body is on autopilot.
I feel lost and don't know how to stop and go back to dieting or simply eating less.
I saw my reflection when I was moving my mirror, last night, and I was so disappointed in myself. I'm tired of being fat.

Anonymous 8022


Do you want to be pretty?

Anonymous 8023

I feel like I'll still be plain no matter what
I just want to be thin and lean

Anonymous 8024

would someone really lose 2kg in 3 days with that diet? as unhealthy as it sounds

Anonymous 8028

This diet in OPs picture is not crazy at all. It is an extreme keto diet where they are also limiting ammounts - but that is actually very effective for short term fast losses

Did a similar one for the past 3 years and i don't regret it.

Anonymous 8034

i'm 159 cm/5'2" and 51 kg/112 lbs
i gained a bit this winter from being too sedentary/lazy and want to go back to 46 kg/101 lbs and recomp to more lean muscle (currently 23% bf). i'd love to trade tips with you guys

i used to do IF and only eat one meal a day, with snacks, and was vegetarian for 10 years, now i'm pescatarian. i feel a lot better (no longer anemic) but i've found that since i'm no longer a depressed/anxious mess my appetite increased a lot…

i'm signing up for recreational volleyball once a week so hopefully i'll stop being skinny fat

white wine is packed with sugar though, how is that keto? i've heard of korean doets with eggs and coke zero though

Anonymous 8037


Lost about 2.5 kg in a week but I don't see any physical changes , am I losing water weight instead of fat? If so, what can I do to combat this?
I hear eating more carbs could help, if that's the case, how much should I consume if I'm 157.5cm ,50.9kg ,want to eat less than 1300 calories and have a body fat percentage of 30% ?

Anonymous 8046

Don't worry too much about what kind of weight you're losing. If you're losing weight, you're losing weight. If you stop losing weight, reconsider your diet. Also, always stay hydrated. People only lose significant amounts of actual water weight through dehydration.

Anonymous 8142

What talking about the ABC diet be against the rules?

Anonymous 8161

it wouldn't but it's pretty stupid to do it in my opinion. you should probably just restrict and do if

Anonymous 8567


I'm 5'8" and 160lbs atm. Been yo-yoing between 165 and 155 due to shelter-in-place orders for the pandemic, but I'd ultimately like to get down to 135-145ish. Usually I'm pretty good with my diet and fasting, but I've noticed that the week before my period I devour EVERYTHING, ruining my progress. Any tips on how to fix that?

Anonymous 8569

Stop fasting, it’s stupid and it won’t make you look good. Slower weight loss is better for skin laxity.

Anonymous 9769

you people are obviously fucking retarded if you think that you will lose weight if you eat 800-1200 calories per day. this is malnourishing and starving your body for no reason. go to the gym and get in a caloric deficit and lose weight like a normal person. stop starving yourself and suffering for no reason at all. you can't lose weight fast and quick in 2 weeks. take your time and eat all kinds of food and stop restricting as it only does harm. you will develop an eating disorder.

Anonymous 9770

Just finished a diet. Mainly consisted of eating only a shredded vegetable soup and fruits, with the only exceptions being one serving of carbs or protein on alternating days. Lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks to get to where I wanted to be.

Anonymous 9886

sorry for the blogpost in advance.
honestly this anon is right. i feel like diets are really beneficial if a person needs to achieve a certain weight goal and i wont judge any of the anons pursuing them. but please don't try to live on 800-1200 cal a day. i'm fat (28 BMI), and struggled a lot with binging from all the diets i tried but have been eating 1500-1600 calories a day and losing weight. i kept trying to make myself live on 1200 cal a day, while also having done OMAD, and IF and i eventually binged on everything and ruined my progress and gained the weight i gained during quarantine back and some more.

i know so many people have heard this, but 1200 calories is what a toddler needs to eat to stay alive. i think the only way you can eat 1200 cal is if you're extremely short. but it really is better to consume a higher amount of calories, calculated with your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) here: https://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/ that wont make you feel like you're starving.

i'm pretty much counting everything i eat until i learn to eat healthier since i was raised on a diet of fried and rich southern foods. slow weight loss also helps the skin's elasticity, and it isn't good to lose a huge amount of weight in a short amount of time as it can cause loose skin. i think it's better to eat healthy, balanced, home cooked meals because american fast food (this can also apply to non-american anons) and restaurants in general can be high in calories, but you can definitely work your way around it and get lower calorie foods and portion it out to where it can fit into the amount of calories you're eating. but don't deprive yourself because that could cause you to binge. also it's good to get some walking in and do some exercises around 1-2 times a week. don't over exercise either because i learned that the hard way.

i honestly feel so much better knowing i'm trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and can actually eat meals that can keep me satiated instead and beating myself up every time i eat something, it does wonders for your mental state.

Anonymous 9888

fasting is best way to lose weight actually. I would know

Anonymous 9889

It is.



I want to lose 20 lbs so I go from a BMI of 23.9 to 20.4. Is this a reasonable goal? I was once my goal weight, but I was in high school. Back then my body wasn't done growing, so I'm not sure if that's a bad goal. I don't want unrealistic goals or to focus on anything particularly unhealthy. Does it sound reasonable? I'm trying to get there through diet and exercise. Like, getting under 1200 calories a day and exercising daily

Anonymous 9957

I get where you're coming from anon, and also think that girls should focus on losing weight healthily instead of becoming ana-chans but you make it sound a lot rarer to have a low TDEE than it is. I'm less than an inch shorter than the average height where I'm from and according to the calculator you linked if I want to lose 2 lbs a month I have to eat under 1200 cals a day.

Over what time frame? It can be hard to get adequate nutrition in terms of vitamins and shit below 1200 calories. I suggest starting at a more moderate goal and if you feel like you have plenty of energy and don't have to obsess over what you eat to get under your goal, you can lower it.

Anonymous 9958

I hope you like white fish because you're going to need to eat a lot of it to get adequate protein on 1200 calories a day. And lots of veggies. I don't suggest doing 1200 kcal for long periods of time unless you're very small. Be kind to yourself.

Anonymous 9962

>i know so many people have heard this, but 1200 calories is what a toddler needs to eat to stay alive.
Christ, I wish people would stop bringing this up as if it's a convincing reason not to starve yourself. A toddler is tiny but they are growing a whole ass body, their caloric needs are completely irrelevant to an adult's and the comparison is pointless. 1200 is an arbitrary number and whether or not it works depends on the individual.

Anonymous 10633

I've been dieting for 1.5 months and lost 10lbs as of today!

I just saw that an Anon upthread was trying to do 1200cal and coincidentally that is my daily goal too. Some days it's really hard, but I've adjusted to the worst cravings. Something I eat a lot is smoked fish on rice cakes. Also lots of meat and vegetables that I make casseroles with. Keeping carbs as low as possible. I replaced most of my sugar with stevia.

Anonymous 10635

im so proud of you anon! i fell off the wagon a bit so this inspires me.

Anonymous 11026

Seconding this blogpost with my own. I lost 50 pounds as a short (like 5') mega fatty (morbidly obese going by BMI) by restricting myself to 800-1200 calories a day. Drank water when I felt hungry to suppress the urge to eat. It felt great and I lost all that weight in like 6 months. But it doesn't work in the long term. At some point the weight lost plateaued and I fell into depression and started eating the same way I used to. I fucked up my metabolism majorly and gained even more weight than I had lost back when I couldn't take it anymore.

Don't be a retard and starve yourself.

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