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Anonymous 635

Are you healthy? Or do you just look healthy?

Anonymous 636

I'm mentally unhealthy in the sense I battle depression, but I live pretty much like a normal human being. And I feel pretty healthy body-wise, though I need to lose weight and get to a better BMI. I think my skin has looked quite dull lately though…

Anonymous 637

I definitely only look healthy. People look at me with a mixture of disgust and envy when they finally find out what I eat.

I am making an effort recently though because I realize a fast metabolism won't save me from like diabetes and heart disease, so.

Anonymous 638

From a first glance, I think that I look pretty healthy. I'm not super skinny but definitely not overweight in any sense. I'd thank my mother for this, she's the skinniest out of all her sisters and has a small frame in general, so I must've got her fast metabolism, I'm guessing. But I do NOT eat healthy at all. I'm a sucker for fast foods (specifically Chick-fil-A, in n out, and McDonald's), salty things, red meats, and chocolate. I try to limit my fast food consumption to about once a week, and only drink one soda a week as well. Chocolate on the other hand… I really can't live without it. Im also starting to eat more veggies, salads, and healthier foods in general. I drink a lot of water and will try to use fruit as a substitute for my chocolate cravings. I'm also trying to workout a little more as well but that's been kinda hard for me since I'm still somewhat recovering from multiple leg issues.

About my mental health… with school starting again it's honestly gotten worse, and I just have a lot of pressure from my workload. My anxiety definitely doesn't help either.

Anonymous 639


I honestly think that I am genuinely healthy.

I am currently chubby (About 7 to 10 kgs above the "ideal"), but I exercise at least 3 times a week (usually 5).
I don't drink soda at all; whenever I am thirsty, I can't drink anything but water. Even juice makes me even thirstier lol So I'd say I drink at least 3L of water daily.
I eat fairly healthy; love my fruits and veggies even though I can eat a lot of carbs (the main reason for my weight gain lmao), but I am getting my nutrition.
All my blood works come out perfectly fine despite my father having diabetes and high blood pressure and I having PCOS.

I really don't know if people consider me to be healthy at first glance though, because of my leg and arm fat and because my skin is fucking horrible because of PCOS. However I am currently taking better care of it, so it did clear up a bit, but my hormonal zits are still there sighs

Anyway, I have a long path to go, still. I wanna be stronger and leaner.

As for mental health, I consider myself pretty healthy as well. I don't have any mental illness AFAIK. I usually have some small breakdowns during the night, but nothing too serious.

Sorry for this big ass blog, but I guess the thread called for something like this.

Anonymous 640

I look very underweight but I do eat healthily and exercise regularly. I also take good care of my hair, skin, and nails

Anonymous 641

I'm a healthy weight and fairly slim, but really flabby around the stomach and legs, so I don't look healthy if you see me naked. My diet is pretty garbage and I get bloated a lot. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs and I wear sunscreen/drink lots of water/moisturize so I'm not aging prematurely. I've really got no clue about my health when it comes to fitness though.
>be 25
>haven't exercised regularly in probably a decade
>pick up a couple of sports a year ago
>do 6-10 hrs a week of them
>have no trouble with lost strength/stamina as far as I can tell (compared to other people and my vague memories of exercising in my teens)

I mean, am I just benefiting off being relatively young? I would've thought so many years of not working out would make it harder on me. It's not like I'm slacking off either, at least 2 hrs a week is with a coach/teacher so those are definitely intensive and I try hard enough on my own to consistently get DOMS afterwards. I'm gaining weight because I'm consistently eating above maintenance and have yet to get my diet in check, but my leg muscles grew a lot.

My mental health is good and getting better by the day, as I get older and wiser and gain perspective on things that previously might have made me unhappy.

Anonymous 642

I attend the gym 4-5 x per week for 1-2 hour increments, I do indoor rock climbing, I lift at home, I'm a vegan, but I'm still a bit of a chunker because I love me some carbohydrates.
I'm confident that I'm actually pretty healthy internally, and despite being overweight I don't have to worry about cholesterol because le vegan meme. I pride myself on being deceptively strong as fuck, and because of all the resistance training I do, I think underneath this fat suit I'm probably pretty muscular. I just can't put down the damn fork.

It's funny because when I was a teenager I used to care so, so much about my image. I had anorexia and would do retarded shit like weigh and measure each part of my body upto 4 times a day, go on 12 day water fasts, do EC stacks, submerge myself in icy baths filled with ice cubes and sit in my mother's car with a bin bag on top of my body to recreate a sauna effect. I was collapsing and falling unconcious almost every day, I was experiencing heart palpitations, I was incapable of performing basic activities like climbing stairs without becoming dizzy and faint, but everybody around me was constantly telling me how good I looked and I had ex-classmates stopping me on nights out and telling me how shocked they were at how beautiful I'd become since they'd last seen me at school.

Everybody thought I just looked soooo good, but the reality was I was a sloppy, sallow, skelly mess and I was MISERABLE. Now I just want to eat my cooking all day and have functional strength, and I'm okay with that.

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