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Anonymous 6443

Endometriosis is a disorder where the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, grows where it's not supposed to - in and on the Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Wonder what that feels like?

A study of people with endometriosis got the following descriptions:


>dragging pain to the legs
>shooting rectal pain
>sense that insides are being pulled down

Anonymous 7328

I had it for idk, 15 years or so. Used several different versions of hormonal birth control including Depo. Only thing that worked was stopping my periods completely. I didn't have a bunch of excessive bleeding, but holy shit the pain. Never passed out from it but came close a few times. My stomach is permafucked from years of taking NSAIDs because Tylenol wouldn't even touch the pain and nobody likes prescribing opioids for chronic or recurring pain for obvious reasons. Weed helped, but it was still illegal back then (go-to-prison illegal, not just ticket illegal) so I only used it a couple times. Drinking helped but I don't recommend it for obvious reasons. Valerian root and heating pads or hot showers helped a tiny bit but not enough to make it possible to function.

Eventually had a complete hysterectomy because I also had PMDD and nothing was really helping that very much. Even the shot didn't really totally get rid of it, and for some reason I started having breakthrough symptoms between shots. Between the two, my life was damn near unlivable. Now I'm living that childfree life, and if I end up getting osteoporosis, well, at least I had a few good decades which is more than I would've gotten otherwise.

Anonymous 7411

I have suspected for years I have this. I get intense pain when standing for even just short periods of time when I'm on my period and I have to consistently sit down as the pain around the top half of my legs and vaginal opening is so intense its unbearable. I've been to the doctors about it and all they did was prescribe me some high level pain killers but I live in the UK so trying to get a referral to a gynaecologist is like pulling teeth.

Anonymous 7420

My sister has this and Im so thankful I dont have it, too.

I did, however, have an ovarian cyst that got so bad it swelled to the size of a fist and almost killed me. So now I'm missing an ovary. I'd get birth control if it didn't require a prescription in my state (southeastern US, no health insurance)

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