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Anonymous 6463

Does anyone know any good toning exercises or sports for stomach, butts and thighs? I'm trying to avoid things like running or squats because it fucks with my knees but i don't know what other options are worth trying

Anonymous 6464

What's wrong with your knees?

Anonymous 6465

I've never been to a doctor about it but they just randomly ache sometimes so I don't want to make them any worse

Anonymous 6466

Spin classes! Or biking in general. It's low impact and well really help you lose weight all over as well as tone your entire lower body. I lost 30 pounds within 4 months with them before I got too poor for 2 day a week pay-per-class deal.
For abs, I've heard pilates is good for building a strong core, but I've never tried it. I do planks after I run, but I don't do much ab stuff because I'm afraid of bulking up in that area.

Anonymous 6467

What makes you so afraid of bulking up your abs?

Anonymous 6468

Unironically squats are your best option. You just need to do them right. When you are at it, look down your feet and check your knees don't go over the tip of your feet.

Anonymous 6537

I have issues with my knees too. I like to bike, but I couldn't overdo it or my knees would start hurting again. Swimming is the best cardio for crummy joints. You get a great workout and you can become pretty toned if you train enough.

You would think this would make it worse but it actually works. I did weight training, so I had to wrap my knees at first, but once I built enough muscle it really helped my pain a lot. After about 6 months I didn't need the wraps anymore either.

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