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Broken vagina club Anonymous 6474

Anyone else have trouble with having sex? No matter how much foreplay, I feel like everything is super desensitized down there. Its impossible for me to become aroused. PIV literally feels like nothing, albeit uncomfortable from a penis entering my unaroused vagina. Oral and fingering feels like nothing.

I kinda just have sex since my bf has a high drive. I would literally prefer to do anything else, since it is a little painful but i love him so w.e. Anyone else deal w this shit? I got of an antidepressant of 1 yr, 2 months ago and just stopped my birth control last week because im sick of it and trying new shit.

Basically, send help. Would doctors even take me seriously

Anonymous 6475

Yes, they would take you seriously. Get help.

Anonymous 6476

it's not a "health problem" really so I hear that gynos and doctors don't really know what to do from my online searches. who do i get help from?

I just want to understand why people go to such crazy lengths for sex. like i cannot understand at all why people cheat for instance because they "couldn't control themselves" wtf? i literally never get aroused. i used to when I watched porn or read fanfiction but no more. rarely even did that in the first place

Anonymous 6477

>i used to when I watched porn or read fanfiction
How much? How often?

Anonymous 6478

started reading fanfiction when i was like 15? never masturbated to it but was aroused from it often. wasn't interested in porn until i was ~18, maybe watched it and masturbated 2-3x a week? nothing enough to desensitize myself. never used a vibrator or anything. slowly lost interest in those things over time.

Anonymous 6479

Was this the only source of arousal you had? Did you get out often enough and show any attraction to people during this time?

Anonymous 6480

i've never looked at someone and thought "wow that person is sexy". I can notice that people are attractive, but neither girls or boys really "do it" for me. I always thought my female friends were just acting when they would say how hot some guy is and how they just want to rip their clothes off. I rarely think about sex. The idea of sex is hot to me but it never arouses me when it actually happens. I've been to strip clubs (male/female) and clubbing but idk, still nothing.

Anonymous 6481

Really? Do these experiences all extend back to puberty?

Anonymous 6482

yes. ive never had a crush or felt infatuation for someone.

Anonymous 6483

Head doctor. Right now.

Anonymous 6484

Ok im going to my family dr today ill update

Anonymous 6485

i got a referral to a gynecologist today, i hope they're able to do something about it. if anyone has advice on what tests/exams i should push for let me know.

Anonymous 6489

>I just want to understand why people go to such crazy lengths for sex. like i cannot understand at all why people cheat for instance because they "couldn't control themselves" wtf?
Humans fundamentally cannot understand what the other is going through.

Anonymous 6490

tbh I'm permahorny and I don't understand why people cheat either.
I think it's a self control thing.

Anonymous 6491

yes but sexual desire is supposed to be a universal language across, not just humans, but most if not all animals. it just kinda sucks that i've never felt something so amazing that pretty much everyone else just has innately. It's part of human nature, and there's no way I want to continue living like this in a relationship. it really eats away at relationships. thankfully my bf is so kind and understanding, so many guys would be out at this point with nothing getting better after months.

If i'm not able to solve this issue in a few months after my appointment I'm probably just gonna stop having sex and leave my bf. he doesn't deserve a sexless relationship and i'm not interested in doing it really.

Anonymous 6498

If he's willing to stick around and help you with your problems, I don't think it'd be a good idea to dump him.

Anonymous 6499

just use your hands
or mouth if you can tolerate that

Anonymous 6500

I just went to the doctor for my broken vagina, she told me to try using lube…….

Anonymous 6502

Wow, what a careless bitch. Whatever, try it anyway. Otherwise, try it and report back to her if it doesn't work. Her job to take care of you. lol

Don't let go of your guy, by the way. He's a real trooper and probably just wants to make you happy. Saying it's you and not him might just break him.

Anonymous 6503

oh no, can you go into more detail about your visit? insertion isn't much of a problem anymore and I use tons of lube. i mean it hurts somewhat but it wouldn't be a problem if there was SOME pleasure. the only problem is desensitization now..

Well if I can't resolve this issue, I don't want to have to have sex for the rest of my life if I can't get aroused or enjoy it. It'll most likely get to a point where I'll stop engaging in it and he'll start to resent me.

He's very kind and supportive, but he's also getting sex right now. It's mostly oral but we PiV at least once or twice a week. He has needs I get it, but I can't live like this forever. I literally sit there during sex waiting for it to be over. The only pleasure I get out of it is seeing him happy which is pretty great, but man, it's so uncomfortable sometimes. I'm sure if I didn't want to do PiV anymore he wouldn't be a dick about it, but it's not fair to him..

Anonymous 6504

the person you're replying to isn't me (OP) btw (i think the second part of the post was directed to me?)
my gyno appt will take like 3-4 weeks unfortunately.

Anonymous 6505

Did she find any anatomical or hormonal abnormalities? No referral to a gynecologist or anything?

Anonymous 6506

also, whats are your issues with your vagina?

Anonymous 6507

You don't have to do this to yourself, anon. If you enjoy his companionship, I think that means a lot more than sex ever could. He doesn't seem to resent you for it, and seeing him happy makes you happy, so why leave him alone? Just do everything you can to try and help yourself. You don't have to be alone.

Anonymous 6508

My problem is random-onset clitoral pain (clitoradynia?) Insertion isn't an issue for me, but very suddenly it's started to hurt to touch my clitoris during sex. I shyly brought this up to my gynecologist, and she told me it was probably from birth control and to track my cycle, but it's pain all month long.

I've been on the same bc for years, so it's not from introducing new hormones or anything. This has been going on for months.

She checked for anatomical abnormalities, clitoris looks normal. Unfortunately lube doesn't change anything. This has pretty much killed my sex drive and makes me feel kind of worthless. It's hard not to cry while even typing this post. oh well.

Anonymous 6509

I'm so sorry, I really wish I could solve the problem for you. If you can, get a second opinion and try to be really assertive. Gynos are known for brushing off women about sexual dysfunction (unless it directly affects your ability to bear children).

I totally know how you feel about having no sex drive and feeling worthless. I hope it gets better…

Anonymous 6513

How is the pain like? I've always had an overly sensitive clit and it hurts if i couch it directly. So i have to touch it indirectly, like i touch it through the clitoral hood. Maybe this can work for you too.

Anonymous 6520

Broken here, but differently.
I get aroused easily, but it takes loads of foreplay (that men are usually not willing to go through) for me to even take the dick without being in pain. My ex thankfully had a pencil dick so I could sometimes suck it up and do it for him without , but hook ups are out of the question for me.
It sucks cuz I'm a sexual person and I masturbate constantly, but I can't do sex like normies since I can't "just take the dick" without literally crying into the pillow /:

Anonymous 6575

Opposite problem, ish? Sort of. I'm incredibly ticklish all over including there so any sort of foreplay or even just holding me a certain way makes me burst into laughter. This is how I learned how insecure guys can be in bed.

Anonymous 6576

>tfw ticklish bitch also and this is a big fear
Luckily I id most with being a "service top" and a bit of a touch-me-not, so if I end up with a compatible person it shouldn't be an issue.

How do you cope? How do you maintain a relationship lol? Does it turn people off bad?

Anonymous 6581

My current boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now so he's used to all my weird quirks. It helps to warn them beforehand, he thinks it's cute. One guy a few years ago wouldn't believe that I wasn't laughing at him though, he was the type that didn't respond well to any sort of constructive criticism about anything.

Anonymous 6583

Birth control and antidepressants are both very bad for your health, you can find such information easily if you look for it. If you're in a relationship but don't want to have children, odds are you have some things to reflect upon. Maybe you're making the wrong choices, either in regards to your ambitions or about your boyfriend himself. If you're getting into a relationship for the sake of it, it's not worth it.
And despite the controversy surrounding some of her viewerbase, watching Marie Cachet's videos of her playing with her kids around the garden and such really opened my eyes. I'm not quite there yet, but at least now I know what I'm looking for.

Anonymous 6585

The first sentence was good, but then it became breeder propaganda.

Anonymous 6586

Why do you hate Africans so much?

Anonymous 6587

The fuck are you talking about? Why are you bringing up kids?

Anonymous 6590

Most girls on birth control do it because they want to have sex without getting pregnant(duh), and what I was saying is that if you're gonna have sex for the sake of it it's not worth it. If you're still not in the stage(or with the person)in which you wouldn't mind getting pregnant, work on that first before wasting your time with hookups. And dating someone you don't plan on being with on the long run is pretty much just an extended hookup. Stop wasting time with such things, look for someone you actually want to be with.
And taking birth control, antidepressants and other pills will make it harder for you to judge your situation properly since they mess with your hormones. One thing leads to another, it's pretty transparent.

Anonymous 6591

Im with my first boyfriend at 21. Its been 3 months. I see a future with him but im not having a child obviously.

Anonymous 6592


Don't you go putting words in my mouth.

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