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Anonymous 6660

Denim skirts. Yay or nay?

Anonymous 6661

I'd say it's in the same tier as glitter-UGGs but that's just my opinion

Anonymous 6662


Denim shorts on the other hand are a yay

Anonymous 6663

What's the stereotype?

Anonymous 6664


I dont have a stereotype associated with it. I myslef don't particularly like denim or skirts so it's like a double negative (same with UGGs and glitter). But again, my opinion.

Anonymous 6665

They look cute but restrictive.

Anonymous 6666


Maxi/midi length are cute imo

Anonymous 6667

Pretty out of style


Anonymous 6669

They're hard to pull off. you have to be in the right place with the right outfit. Outside of that, if you actually care about being "fashionable" I'd probably avoid it. But then again, if you like them, you probably shouldn't care that much.

Anonymous 6670

they were still ugly even when they were "in style". denim is garbage.

Anonymous 6671

Damn, I had no idea people had such strong opinions on denim skirts. I always thought they were just cute and casual.
Guess I won't be buying one any time soon.

Anonymous 6672


Denim skirts at this point are more of a relic from 00s fashion. I do think black denim skirts like pic related are nice though.

Anonymous 6673

I find them cute on the right person. I'm actually into 90's-early 2000's fashion tho. It's too tight on my lower belly/hips so I don't pull them off well.

Anonymous 6677

images (20).jpeg

They can be cute. I have something like pic attached that works with most of my tops if I don't want to think too much about a casual outfit. What matters most is the fit anyway. Treat it like jeans: high waisted for pear/bottom heavy figures, and ones that start at the waist for straighter types.

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