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Anonymous 6674

Do you like wearing skirts?

Anonymous 6675

Yeah. Feels freeing. Don't know why they're not worn anymore.

Anonymous 6676

Everyone should wear them.

Anonymous 6678

Shaving my legs everytime before wearing one is too much trouble.

Anonymous 6679

Just wear dark pantyhose. Neat cheat

Anonymous 6683

I wear predominantly skirts and dresses. Fuck pants. They never fit me right and they're so constricting. Unfortunately despite being a size 2/4 US I still get chub rub on my fat fucking thighs if I walk too far in a skirt. After like 2 miles it's over.

Anonymous 6722

Yes, but I never know what shoes to wear with them. Also >>6683 on chub rub.

Anonymous 6741

I wear skirts most if the time at work and on my personal life. I find them more comfortable and more flattering for my body. My leg hair is pretty light and I wear tights/stockings so I only shave when I feel like it.

Anonymous 6745

I do this because I have ugly legs. I'm a pear shape who looks absolutely bizarre in pants because my thighs are wider than my hips, so I wear skater skirts every day and pantyhose to hide my ugly knees. Done.

Anonymous 6746

Same issue, although I stick more to straight and pencil skirts. I feel like flair and skater skirts just bring attention to my bottom half, but that could also be because of my proportions (long torso, short legs…but also long thighs compared to calves somehow).

Also love midi and ankle length skirts to death, I swear in the winter people probably read me as religious or a tradfag because of it. Do you wear maxi dresses in the summer? I like to go for miles long walks so just take the L and wear pants usually.

Anonymous 6749


I wear plaid pleated mini skirts 80% of the time I go outside. They both look cute and feel comfortable to me.

However, I'm too lazy to shave my legs + have scars on them from ingrown hairs so I have to pair them with some dark tights. The fact that I live in England and have to deal with the cold and windy weather probably has something to do with it, as well.

>Also love midi and ankle length skirts to death, I swear in the winter people probably read me as religious or a tradfag because of it.

God, I know. My family often gives me shit about not being modern enough when it comes to my fashion. It's not my fault modern clothing looks like shit.

Anonymous 6750

>family often gives me shit about not being modern enough when it comes to my fashion
WEW What a paradigm shift. Do they get mad at you for being a "prude" and not consuming enough junk food, too?

Anonymous 6751


>Do they get mad at you for being a "prude" and not consuming enough junk food, too?
I feel blessed due to the fact that my family enjoys a healthy and well balanced diet. My heart aches when I see adults who are unable to appreciate vegetables, fruits and other basic food types.

Strangely enough, I'm currently attending a S(T)EM course at uni, as well as mostly being interested in male dominated hobbies, with the exception of some extremely feminine ones.

Thankfully, I've never gotten a single negative comment from my family about these things. Excluding the fact that my mother is trying to get me to marry a traditional guy so that I can pop out some children in order to satisfy her fantasy of being a grandmother or w/e and always laughs off my dreams of being the main breadwinner when it comes to me and my future lover. I feel as though the reason why she wants me not to stand out in the way I do right now mostly comes down to me being able to attract a normal man.

But back to the topic, it is quite awkward, since both my sister and mother are into the whole "clubbing/social life" scene and try to get me to go out with them. I guess they can't fathom that it does absolutely nothing for me.

Meanwhile my father is supportive of my own hobbies, as long as they will benefit me(and him) in the future. They all mostly give me shit for participating in what they deem to be useless time wasters, while encouraging me to do stuff that will merit them. Not trying to slag them off, as we all have our reasons for upholding our beliefs.

wew this turned into a diary post, sorry lol. Here, another photo as an apology

Anonymous 6753


oh, that's not me! Just an outfit that kind of represents my fashion choices.

I'm going to be as vague as I possibly can and just say that it involves digital forensics, data analytics and cyber security. Pure hardware seems too monotone to me, and while I'm decent when it comes to programming, it's quite a bore. The fact that I'm not the most creative person when it comes to establishing plans/goals is also a big reason why I didn't go into it lol

I'm massively invested in the practice, so I'm happy that you seem to be proud of it, as well! Which branch did you choose?

Anonymous 6755


you joke, but I've gotten pretty similar questions aimed at me by people who mean no harm. It always hurts me when I have to tell them that it's not that glamorous…

>Computer Engineering

Thank you for your service, madam.

Anonymous 6757


oh shoot, you're right! It's already half past 6. Thanks for the reminder.

I will not keep you up any longer, therefore sweet dreams and take care, curious anon!

Anonymous 6758

>it is quite awkward, since both my sister and mother are into the whole "clubbing/social life" scene and try to get me to go out with them
>I guess they can't fathom that it does absolutely nothing for me
I knew it! Well, at least they're accepting of it. Pushing you from it would just make it worse for them. By the way, I've always wondered this about "career women". What do you do with your career if pregnancy comes into question. It always seems jeapordising to me.

Anonymous 6759

nta but
>what do when pregnant?
Uh, not get pregnant. Not all women want to be a mothers or bring lives into the world with the state that it's in. It may be better than ever wrt crime, but many people are still awful and you can't control who your child interacts with. You can't even control your child and what they become, you can only influence them. It's horrifying.

Alternatively, take a brief leave and have your stay-at-home dad care for babby once they've left your womb. Then continue to financially support your family.

Anonymous 6760


I'm aiming to work hard in my late 20's/ early 30's and then see if I'm stable enough(both financially and mentally) to think about it. Pregnancy itself doesn't scare me, but I am unsure if I will be capable of devoting the time my potential child would need in order to grow up feeling 100% content.

As a teen I used to obsessively read child psychology and nursing books because I find the whole topic fascinating. There are so many factors when it comes to their development, and my actions could modify and transfigure their whole essence. (I know it's not that complicated and I'm reading too much into it, but I would always worry about these things and if I'm not considering my own actions excessively enough)

Also, depending on the gender/wishes of my partner, adoption will have to be considered. In that case, the child will be older and the whole experience should be less tiring, depending on the child's needs.

I have never experienced baby fever or anything like it. Now, that's not to say that I hate children. I still find them adorable and have babysat in the past with no problems. it's merely not something that I deem necessary in order to have a fulfilling life.

>>6759 worded it perfectly. Pregnancy and relationships are not something I think about on a day to day basis.
I've been called selfish due to this before, but I feel as though everyone should consider themselves and the people they care about first and try to fix our current problems before stating anything new.

Anonymous 6762

I love skirts. Much more comfortable to wear than pants for me, but usually not very practical due to cold weather. I also used to bike a lot, which wasn't easy to do in a skirt.

Anonymous 6782


Yes, they are so comfortable compared to jeans, and look much better as well. Never going back.

Anonymous 7029

I like wearing skirts until my brother took his gf to my home and she was wearing a furry buttplug under the skirts right out in the public. No shame whatsoever. I haven't wore one in a long while since then. I don't think they are dating anymore anyway.

Anonymous 7030

I love wearing skirts but I'm too insecure to leave the house wearing one.

Anonymous 7035

I like longer skirts, I used to wear short skirts a lot but I started to feel kind of uncomfortable in them.

Anonymous 7036


i wear them often. they are amazing.

Anonymous 7038

what the fuck
Stop that, anon. Have some courage and wear that skirt.

Anonymous 7039

>Stop that, anon. Have some courage and wear that skirt.
Heh it's not really about courage, I used to wear short skirts all the time during summer since I was like 15-19. Then I discovered the comfy world of longer skirts and dresses and since I grew so accustomed to them I started feeling uncomfortable in shorter ones. They're always riding up my butt and I feel like I can't move as much or always have to cover my butt. I also kind of feel too old for them even though I'm only 21, probably because I'm tall and kind of mature looking.

Anonymous 7040

Just go up a size?

Anonymous 7042

If I did that they'd be too large in my waist area. Small waist + big hips is great aesthetically but when it comes to buying pants and skirts it's inconvenient. At least I can belt my pants but skirts not so much

Anonymous 7045

What's wrong with belting a skirt? It can look fashionable, if you take the time to look around.

Anonymous 7049

A bit of a strange question, but does anyone else were skirts as a type of social precaution? (Sorry, blanking on a better term.)

I’m blasin. I’ve brown skin, but am very small. When I were jeans or pants, I am cat called, called a nigger, slut, etc., or am just generally ignored. When I wear a skirt, people are hyper-polite, referred to as a lady, delicate, people go out of their way to help me, etc. It’s gotten to the point that if I’m going outside, I always switch to a skirt.

I’m a pre-Med. Student and have found the same things happen when scribing, assisting doctors/mentors, and interacting with patients.

Anonymous 7050

Idk what kind of shithole you live in but I never get cat called or treated differently because of wearing pants/skirts.

Anonymous 7053

inb4 she says America

What other country has the slur nigger anyway? Maybe Canada or England, but outside of those, does any other country use it for genuine racism?

Anyway, skirts do change the way people perceive you. Men seem nicer and women always compliment me.

Anonymous 7057

yes. swishy, doesn't restrict your coochie, can look cute, sporty, preppy, or classy.

Anonymous 7060

That's… Weird. Men here couldn't give less of a fuck unless youre wearing a super short skirt I suppose. I do agree with you about women, they always compliment what I wear when it's a skirt/dress and I guess I do the same when girls wear cute dresses. It's funny because it's less effort to put on a dress than shirt+pants

Anonymous 7061

Yeah, I never get mistreated when dressed in jeans but when I'm dressed up people smile at me more and cashiers are more cheery.
It may be confidence though. I know I'm way more confident when my fashion choices are very "me."

Anonymous 7063

It just seems to me that men see you as more of a lady in a dress. I know that sounds odd. I don't mean they throw their coats down and ask me to talk on them to avoid mud, but they say polite shit and are on better behavior. Short skirts just make them treat you like a slut though, it has to be a skirt around the knees or longer if you want the polite "dainty lady" treatment.

Anonymous 7073

Based and skirt pilled.

Anonymous 7198

i prefer them to pants tbh, pants never seem to fit me properly, but i dont have to worry about that with skirts. i only ever really wear short ones though, i feel like long ones make me look way shorter than i am

Anonymous 7212

omg, please be joking

Anonymous 7213

I started wearing skirts from the ages of like 18 - 24 then just stopped when I started wearing skinny jeans. now I'm getting older I'm tired of tight as fuck and uncomfortable jeans and am probably going to go back to skirts. I picked up a really cute one and am looking forward to wearing it! I want to get some chelsea boots to team it up with.

what kind of shoes do miners wear with floaty just above the knee skirts?

Anonymous 7231

i have a weird body shape: im a little tall (5' 9") with slightly broad shoulders a smallish waist and a flat butt and biggish thighs. skinny jeans look terrible on me (i feel like it makes my thighs look like sausages).

i used to hate my frame, but them i started wearing dresses and they drape really nicely. skirts, particularly high-waist ones also really look nice.

i only started figuring this out recently so im still pretty excited

Anonymous 7566

Love them, much more comfy than jeans tbh
>does any other country use it for genuine racism?
All of Latin America.
Also, I heard Spanish, Italians and French people using it to insult African street venders when I went to Yurop for the summer.
I laughed so hard when this little French lady went off on one of the niggers who grabbed her and tried to put some shitty little bracelet on her.

Anonymous 7585

yes, theyre awesome.
i never wore skirts until very recently and honestly, as a woman with large hips/thighs, theyre like heaven on earth.

Anonymous 8088


I love these cute outfits but I hate the fact that I know they'll never look good on me

Anonymous 8089

I feel ya I just look slutty in short skirts ever since I'm not underweight, and I feel like my ankles aren't so cute and tiny anymore either ugh

Anonymous 8273

Sometimes. people always think I'm wearing a dress when I wear skirts though. and complain that they're too short…I'm not trying to be sexy or something, but long skirts are kinda grandmaish.

Anonymous 8291


It's 2020 and I still love wearing pic related.

Anonymous 8292


This style is adorable and I wish more people would wear it!

Anonymous 8293

I havent stopped wearing that style and short and tights combo and I'm almost 30

Anonymous 8296

Oh wow, I thought I was the last woman on this planet who likes this style / Denim skirts. I am thirtysomething.

Anonymous 8376


So hey, what does the crystal cafe fashion police think about shorts with leggings / tights?

Anonymous 8377

I think the look is cute.

Anonymous 8378

Sheer-ish tights like the ones in your picture are a big yes.

Anonymous 8380

I personally wouldn't wear it with specifically those shoes, but leggings/tights under shorts is great.

Anonymous 8381


I love it I think shorts are even better than skirts with tights because they're shorter so they make your legs look longer. I love it so much I even wear this in winter with sheer tights. I hope people don't think I'm a psycho. I'm gonna wear it tomorrow too.

I thought to myself one day "hey wouldn't it be cool to wear a skirt over a dress?" so I googled it and found some photos. What do you think? I think it looks super cool. The difference between the straight lower skirt and the flared upped skirt is nice, but even with a flared skirt over another flared skirt it looks cool. Her foot is making me really uncomfortable though.

Anonymous 8386

Skirts are most comfortable.
I think it looks ridiculous in that picture.

Anonymous 8388


How about here? Maybe society is not ready yet

Anonymous 8553

i enjoy skirts, they are comfortable and a freeing sign of feminity but can also be seductive and suggestive whilst also being innocent

Anonymous 8570

Here it just looks like she is wearing a skirt on top of oversized leggings, so it's not bad.

Anonymous 8602


really comfy yes i love skirts, i just wish more girls at my place wear them so i dont have to stand out when i do

Anonymous 8603

I used to, but ever since a guy lifted my skirt up when i was getting in the bus i feel bad and anxious when i wear them.

Anonymous 8606

I'm sorry that happened to you. If you want to keep wearing skirts you could wear booty shorts underneath. Or 3/4 length leggings.

Anonymous 8650

Thank you, very indeed

Anonymous 10179

I LOVE SKIRTS. Being 5'0 and pear-shaped, pants can never even compare to how easy skirts are and how good they look on me.
I just cant wear maxi :/ they make me look like either a midget or a turkish grandma.

I can relate slightly to this but it isn't that bad. Imo people just consider you more conservative abd "upright" than women who wear pants, therefore they treat you with more respect.

Just wear thigh bands (silk ones are gods gift to earth)

Anonymous 10182


Skirts are the best. I agree with >>7049 that people are a lot more polite when I wear skirts, but not to that extent. I also like that I know no one is staring at my butt in most of my skirts, because you can't see it under all of the fabric.
I honestly look much better in pants, but I wear skirts anyway most days because of how cute and comfortable they are, especially if they are maxi/midi length.

Anonymous 10212

Oh my god, what the hell.

Anonymous 10213

Log in.png

This. I like short skirts in theory and I buy them thinking I'll wear them but I never end up doing it. I'm not fat but my legs are kinda thicc so I think they just don't suit me. I'd like to give longer skirts a try though. Mid/knee-length dresses are currently my favourite.

Anonymous 10223


i've seen this style in a lot of the asian (mostly japanese) dramas i watch. i think it's super cute

Anonymous 10224


i also love the skirt and stockings/leggings pair. i'm waiting until my legs look nice enough to wear skirts like picrel. i remember reading somewhere that in the colder months you can buy fleece lined stockings/leggings if you still want to wear short skirts in the winter

Anonymous 10266


This style is gorgeous anon, do you have more pics like this?

As for skirts, I have learned to love pencil skirts or the Chanel-type cut skirts, especially in dark colors or tweed. I didn't like them at first, but it's what works with my body.

Anonymous 10268

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Anonymous 10269

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Anonymous 10272


>bought nice simple long black skirt online
>have always wanted one
>gets lost in the mail

Thanks USPS. I also bought this but it's too tight on me. I hope I can get it fixed.

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