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Anonymous 6949

Fashion and style thread!

Anonymous 6950

That was interesting to see different perspectives. I’m a size 6 and when I wear a bodycon, or anything tight for that matter, I always wear a thong because I hate how my but looks in regular underwear.

I don’t really have any particular style. I love goth and punk fashion but my wardrobe doesn’t reflect that lol

Anonymous 6951

After watching the video, I'm assuming this is bait, but I'm going to take it.

It was actually pretty interesting to see the different body shapes all the women had. Like their fat distribution and how the dress flattered or didn't flatter them. One of the really heavy women had a really nice body shape that lent itself to the bodycon image/style. But the women with Apple body shapes or huge bellies not balanced out by thighs looked awful
. Similar thing with the skinniest woman. The dress was just not flattering on her.

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