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Anonymous 6992

Anyone here have to deal with sciatica pains or at least some kind of lower back ache?
Trying to manage mine without pills/surgery.
Already tried yoga, stretching, physical therapy, etc and the only thing that helps at the moment is weed, but I can't use that everytime it happens

Anonymous 7000

If you have access to a pullup bar, or something similar, try hanging onto it and letting your body go limp for a minute. You can still make contact with ground using your feet, the point is just to let your spine decompress.

I don't have siatica, but thia has helped me when I had back pain.

Anonymous 7002

what about cbd oil instead of weed?

Anonymous 7003

I'll have to give that one a try, do inversion tables work too or should I skip those?
Might give it a try, just kind of pricy in my area.
Is it best as an oil or would it be the same as a cbd gummy/vape/etc?

Anonymous 7005

I don't have any experience with inversion tables. I like pullup bars because if I feel pain or any need to suddenly stop, all I have to do is let go of the bar. I don't know if tables have a similar sort of "safety" mechanism.

Anonymous 7189

Got into yoga and did the pull up bar thing >>7000 mentioned
Haven't had a sciatica flare up in a while

Anonymous 7193

I do this on my trees it's fun.

Anonymous 7197

massage therapy really helped but only in conjunction with this really specific stretch. i know you already said you tried stretching, but this one is amazing for sciatica. it's really easy and you should feel it right away. (ignore the lame dude in the video lol)


Anonymous 7215

Dude this is great, thanks so much

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