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Anonymous 7023

What are your thoughts on short hair for women?

Anonymous 7024


Beautiful, just not on me.

Anonymous 7025


I like it.

Does a buzzcut also count as short hair (since it's almost bald)? Wish pic-related hairstyle was socially acceptable for not-so-gorgeous women like me. If you wear this in a normal city in my country, you either get stereotyped as a bull dyke or men judge you as a crazy man-hating feminist. Meh.

Anonymous 7026


buzzcut counts. it can be cute on some girls

Anonymous 7027

I like it; it's cute. Looks better on some people than others, but it's sexy if worn confidently either way.

Anonymous 7190

I assume every woman with short hair might be bi, so you may get approached by lesbians more

Anonymous 7196

>tfw hair is short and get approached by no one
Am I just ugly?

Anonymous 7201

I think it's cute, and signals to me that someone cares more about doing interesting things, than how society perceives her.

Buzz cuts are the domain of prison inmates, and balding men though.

Anonymous 7202

images (1)-01.jpeg


Anonymous 7203

Screenshot 2019-07…

I think they can look great and they suit so many women. I've always wanted to take the plunge and go super short (like a pixie cut) but I think chin length is short enough for me. overall - they're super cute but not for everyone

Anonymous 7204

woah she looks fantastic with that cut

Anonymous 7205


Anonymous 7211

I love it. I think buzzcuts or bobs look the cutest. Wish I could do that with my hair but it’s pretty curly.

Anonymous 7214



Anonymous 7428


cutting my hair short was my salvation. it looks absolutely amazing and is extremely easy to take care of (a blessing during depressive months)

do it!!!!!!

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