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What do you gals think about water fasting? Anonymous 7175

Fasting is one way for our body especially the Gastrointestinal tract to heal and to “rest” from all the work. During our fasting state, our body uses glycogen—this is the storage of our reserve energy. After several hours, when all our glycogen stores are depleted, that’s when our body uses fats—hence the weightloss.

Anonymous 7176

nonsense pseudo science. you lose weight because youre in a calorie deficit. which can be achieved by less anorexia-liteᵗᵐ methods

Anonymous 7177

I intermittent fast, but really I'm not sure if it's the fast itself or the fact that I eat less since I have a tinier window to eat. I was a grazing fatty and not a binger so my belly doesn't accommodate 2000+ calories (what I used to consume rip) at once.

Anonymous 7233

Fucking wish I could, lmao. I think I've done so successfully, but only for 24ish hours. I need to try again.

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