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Anonymous 7192

>no pictures to attach
Any tips for exercising with painful scars? I had my appendix removed years ago and the scar has always caused pain when stretching it, even mildly. I'd say it's even gotten worse in recent months where I try to exercise. If I try to do push ups, planks, whatever, I just feel this stretching that gets unbearable after a minute, and I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance.
It's particularly annoying because I don't have the ability to do much exercising other than walk a lot (which is difficult for other reasons, but improving) and things I can do at home.

Anonymous 8667

late reply but you shouldn't exercise intensive that would hurt your scar. Scars take a LONG time to heal. Stick to movement which doesn't hurt and ask your doctor what type of exercises you can do. But really listen to your body. Take care!

Anonymous 8670


Do you apply anything to your scar? Pic related is good.

Anonymous 8671

I have some scars on my knees from 3-4 years ago that still haven’t healed. They’re mostly a pink color. When they were still newer I tried bio-oil but it didn’t seem to have much/any effect. On a whim, I recently started putting hado labo gokujyun moisturizer on my knees every time I moisturize my face, and it’s surprisingly lessened the appearance of the scars. Ymmv.

Anonymous 8674

Is it good for stretch marks?

Anonymous 8675


Yes, sadly it's very expensive, always search for a good quality oil in a dark glass bottle. I have a lot of stretch marks and I used to aply it whenever I could buy a (small) bottle. But right now I'm using literally pic related, which also hydrates fairly (gives me fewer pimples than cremas), smells really nice as well and is cheaper.

Anonymous 8676

i got my appendix removed too a year ago but my scars don't hurt at all, weird

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