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Yamikawaii Fashion Anonymous 7209

Can we have a Yami Kawaii (病みかわいい) thread? I've been really into it recently and it's gotten me really inspired. Thoughts?

Anonymous 7265

Responding but saging because I really feel "ehhh" about YamiKawaii.

I think it's cute and I LOVE the juxtaposition, styles with such contrasts really please my brain, but every yamikawaii person I've met has been fucking insane. Which I guess is part of the culture, but even in Japan the people who look like this and work in the brand shops are batshit. Also OP pic, her hair seems too himegyaru for me to not just be like erugh weeb. Seems outdated. But I guess it's kinda like modern emo so it's gonna feel like that to me.

If you genuinely like it, and are inspired by it, I say do what makes you happy and confident. Just don't become the meme of conforming non-conformist.

Anonymous 7369


I L O V E yami kawaii/menhera and yume kawaii as well even though I still havent gotten over all my nerves wearing alt fashion out

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