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Giving up vices/ bad habits: advice, support, celebration Anonymous 7240

What vices are you trying to leave behind? Why? Let us know and let's help and support eachother.

Some starting points :
>What are you giving up/stopping?
>How long have you gone without so far?
>What are you struggling with?
>What's helped you the most?
>what victories have you made?

Anonymous 7242

I've been sober a little over two months. I stopped drinking because it was ruining my life. I was using it as an escape from my unhappiness and loneliness. I would get overemotional and lash out or cry for hours.

Quick journaling throughout the day has helped me a lot. Observing and recognizing my emotions has been helpful as well. When I want to drink, I think about why I want to drink (usually I'm sad, feel badly about myself, or lonely) and how I can change that without drinking.

Flavored carbonated water has helped the physical aspect. And now that I'm not drinking half or more of my daily calories I'm a lot more satisfied and stable mentally.

Anonymous 7244

I quit weed around new year, I used to smoke every day and now I've only smoked a handful of times this year so far.

Same with soda, I love coke and I don't gain weight so it's easy to just forget how bad it is for me, but I've managed to cut it out and I got a soda stream machine instead so I'm not even tempted to buy any drinks.

That's fantastic, Anon. Alcohol is so hard to cut out because it's everywhere and so accepted. I'm proud of you.

Anonymous 7245

Thanks! I just realized I made a mistake and it's actually been a little over three months… Pretty proud of myself.

Is the soda stream easy to use/clean? I've been thinking about getting one.

And congrats on cutting down on the weed. Last time I was sober for a month and then I thought I could handle the occasional drink… And it snowballed from there. It's kind of inspiring to know that it's possible to keep ones vices in check and it doesn't have to be all or nothing for everyone. Kind of jealous tbh.

Anonymous 7247

>Is the soda stream easy to use/clean?

Dead easy. The most time I spend on it is when I change the cartridge and even that takes like 2 minutes tops. There's not really a lot of cleaning, I wipe it down occasionally and disinfect the nozzle but it's not really a big deal, only water touches it and even if you use their syrups, those go in after you fizzed it. I also don't drink from their branded bottles (they come with the device and are necessary because they have to fit correctly), I just use them to fizz and then pour the water into my glass drinking bottle.

I love having the machine, it's so convenient. I live on the 4th floor without an elevator and buying beverages is a drag. If your place has hard water, you should also invest in a water filter, but they're cheap. Where I used to live, the water was terrible and had to be filtered to taste good, but I've moved and now the water is great! It really makes a big difference.

>It's kind of inspiring to know that it's possible to keep ones vices in check and it doesn't have to be all or nothing for everyone. Kind of jealous tbh.

Haha no, I still suck at keeping myself in check. Whenever I did get weed, I went overboard and smoked it much sooner than intended. First I tried to control myself by giving half of it to a friend so I'd have to ask her if I wanted the rest, but I was still frustrated with how much I thought about it knowing I could have it anytime. So since then I've only bought small amounts (like 1-3 grams each time) and I don't have a dealer, so I only get weed when I coincidentally meet a smoker who will connect me or sell me some of their own, which takes months in between buys. My social reclusiveness is saving my ass here. I think alcohol is way harder to quit; I've dated both a stoner and an alcoholic and both were awfully addicted but the alcoholic had a much easier time hiding his addiction, being drunk, and buying it, compared to smoking weed which leaves more traces and is still harder to get (illegal country)

Anonymous 7312

well done, anon! keep up the good work. I love your journaling idea

Anonymous 7313

wow that's quite the turnaround going from daily to just a few times this year

Anonymous 7314


junk food. I am addicted to it and often binge until I feel sick. I choose a lot of junk that makes me feel awful and aggravates my IBS, breaks me out and generally makes me lethargic. It makes my hard so much more difficult than it needs to be. some days I wake up and just eat 10 cookies instead of a normal breakfast. later I'd eat toast and then finish off the cookies. maybe later I'll eat a huge bag of crisps. I rarely eat fruit and veg. some days I will go on a health kick and drink green smoothies and forget the junk but the cravings and dislike of healthy food pulls me back.

in the past I've gone maybe a week without ANYTHING that my body reacts badly to (this includes all highly processed food including wheat) I felt great after those 7 days but couldn't keep it up unfortunately

nothing has helped me really but I'm going to try the journaling to observe my emotions thing another anon mentioned. I usually binge when I feel sad or bored, it's comfort eating I suppose.

I really want to be healthy and eat a balanced diet. I'm going to try and learn to cook (I have NO idea how to) and have a bunch of healthy meals I can turn so I can plan my meals because now the complete lack of structure is another reason I eat so poorly.

Anonymous 7315

I meant makes my life much harder than it needs to be especially the physical reactions

Anonymous 7512

Did you keep up the journaling? How did it go?

I use a memo feature in my scheduling app to keep a mostly-daily journal where I jot down what emotions I'm feeling and/or physical things I notice (hungry, exhausted, etc.) I also try to take motes when I'm doing poorly and when I'm doing well.

It's really helping me become a better (read: functioning) person and deal with my self-control problems.

Anonymous 7594

I'm one week away from six months sober. I wish I could just be normal and enjoy a drink but I'm crazy and alcohol brings out the crazy even more.

(And no soda stream bc other problems have me on a budget. I kind of forgot about it tbh because the supermarket near me has really cheap flavored soda water)

Anonymous 7615

im sortof in the same boat as you, my lifes so busy i just resort to fast food/junk, although i know its not an excuse as there are way busier people than me eating better than i ever do atm.
my question is, do any of you guys deal with sugar addiction? i finally kicked my soda habit, haven't had a soda in a whole year and dont miss it. i feel better and my skin doesn't break out as much. but i feel like im compensating for not getting the sugar soda would give me through other sugary drinks(juice or sweetened tea) or desserts when i really dont need to be eating that shit. should definitely start food journaling just to show myself the gross amounts of sugar im probably eating.

Anonymous 7788

Eight months sober! It's so much easier now and I feel a lot better and in control of my behavior and decisions. But I'm already thinking "Maybe after I hit the one year mark I'll start drinking once a week/on weekends again." :/ I flip-flop between that or just seeing how long I can keep up no alcohol.

Did anyone give up something for the new year? How's it going?

Anonymous 8175

One year sober this week. Now that I understand I was using alcohol as a coping mechanism I think I can start drinking one (1) cocktail a few times a month or at least on special occasions…

Anonymous 8178

You're right. I talked myself out of it.

Anonymous 8184

…and I’m definitely not as in control as I thought because there’s a lot of stressful things going on in my life and I want a drink soooo bad. I can feel myself throwing a toddler crying tantrum for alcohol in my head 70% of the time recently.

Anonymous 8221

I need to stop eating sugar. But I'm addicted to sugar.last night I wanted a snack and I didn't realized how much of what's in my cupboard is sugar. My diet is over 75% carbs. No wonder why I am so fat.

Anonymous 8223

Everytime you go overboard with sugary stuff you win a full hour of strenuous cardio each day, pick your choice

Anonymous 8224

Try cutting it out slowly. As you go through the sugary stuff in your house, don’t buy new sugary stuff to replace it with.

I have a huge sweet tooth, too. I know it’s hard.

Anonymous 16886

I started drinking again on New Years. I got to drinking a six pack of light beer a night but had reeled it back in to 3 a night. Then this weekend I went out with my husband, got black out drunk, we had a fight and I hurt him. So now I'm going sober again.

Anonymous 18127

I wanted to drink so badly last night but I didn't. I had a chocolate eclair before bed instead. Less calories and better for me.

Anonymous 18128

-sugar, fast food
-retail therapy

unfortunately these are all my coping mechanisms when I feel fucked

Anonymous 18132

Meant to have one drink but I jad like 10. managed to not get sloppy or angry as it was over a 5 hour span. But I have to cut calories for a few days. Alcohol truly is the physical gains killer.

Anonymous 18140

anyone else vape (nicotine)? I got into it cuz I loved the buzz when I hit my bf's. he warned me about the addiction but I ended up buying one like a retard and now there's just nicotine in me every waking hour, I don't even feel much except for the first hits when I wake up which are still great.

Obviously it's not the most harmful thing, almost every other addictive substance is worse other than maybe caffeine, but as I approach my late 20s I feel like it's time to stop… but fuck it's such a habit I've never even tried to quit

Anonymous 18141

My husband who used to be a heavy smoker but quit a decade ago keeps bringing up starting vaping. If it's an occasional thing I think it's fine but I don't want it to becone a thoughtless habit.

Anonymous 18142

idk what to tell you nona, it's nicotine there's no way to make it an "occasional thing". we're talking about a substance with potent addictive properties, in one of the most accessible and enjoyable forms - at least with smoking there's inconveniences like the smell, having to go outside etc. if he starts it will become a full time thing.

Anonymous 18147

That's helpful, actually. I never got into smoking as a habit so I don't know what it's like. I'll try to keep discouraging him. I would probably also get into it and I don't need any more drugs in my system.

Anonymous 18175


I haven't smoked in 18 months.

Anonymous 18176

Congrats on a year and a half!

Anonymous 18177

To whoever is currently trying hard to not smoke, hang in there: it does get easier. And it's so worth it.

Anonymous 18181

Made a big scene while drunk again so no more drinking. Broke my own rule and drank while I was unhappy and everything backfired.

Anonymous 18211

How, I have quit for only 3 months and I desperately want to start again. I can quit drinking, but not smoking is misery.

Anonymous 18212

The deal I made with myself was to eat whatever for a year as long as I didn't smoke. Cost me (or rather, I gained) 15kg (~30 pounds), but I didn't smoke once, not even a puff. And now that I'm secure in my no-smoking life, I'm dropping the weight. I hate being fat, but even so, the 30 pounds were worth it.
Smoking is so bad for you, anything else you can do to avoid smoking is worth it (except maybe heroin or meth).
So my advice: use any help available. Use nicotine patchs (have them ready at your place), nicotine gum, electronic cigarette if you need it, regular gum, sweets, a cup of tea every time you want to smoke, read Allen Carr, ask help from your entourage, just wait up until the tobacco seller is closed for the night, so you delay and when it opens again, you don't want it anymore, go see a doc, go see an addiction specialist, a psychologist, read Allen Carr again, etc. Each of these alternate scenarios are still scenarios where you don't smoke, so they count as a win.
Oftentimes (before this time) I failed because I thought there was a right way to stop (e.g. cold turkey) and anything else was a failure, so I might as well start smoking again. That's the nicotine luring you.
Hang in there: you know it's shite, it costs you money, it destroys your body. You know you look like a twat while smoking, and you smell like one. You know it. Act accordingly. Anything else is bullshit argument to get you back to smoking.

Anonymous 18320

This method also helps me cut down on drinking and even though I eat more I still don't gain weight because alcohol has so many calories.

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