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Anonymous 7262

Was there any bleeding the first time you had sex? Have you ever used tampons/masturbated/had some form of penetration before that? Does age have to do with it (i.e. hymen wearing away over time)?

Anonymous 7263

I didn't bleed the first time I had sex. I didn't masturbate or use tampons before though. That's why when I hear about medieval stories of people hoisting around bloody sheets I'm like ?????

Anonymous 7278

I bled a little when I used a dildo for the first time and broke my hymen, it only hurt for like a second.

Anonymous 7307

I stained the sheets a little, and afterwards I bled for days. One day I went to the bathroom and suddenly started bleeding a whole lot. I kept bleeding a little bit afterwards each time we had sex. Had to wear daily panty liners for a while.
I looked it up and it was supposed to be normal, but I'm not sure if I got hurt or if he was just too big.
Losing my virginity was the second most painful thing I've ever experienced.

Anonymous 7308

That's it, I'm never going to have sex.

Anonymous 7309

Don't say that. It was a bumpy start but it didn't stop me from wanting to have sex. Even with all that it was very enjoyable and I wanted to do it as often as possible.

Anonymous 7318

I was in my early twenties my first time. It hurt a bit but I wouldn't call it painful. It felt like I expected it to, I guess. But I was pretty comfortable at the time. I had never used tampons or really inserted anything substantial into myself before. I don't recall bleeding afterwards.

Anonymous 7319

I didn't bleed at all (I was 20). I used tampons before I started having sex, but I could never fit a dildo up there (still can't unless I recently had sex either).
I do believe that the hymen does wear away over time, but I think it was more due to my tampon use than anything else

Anonymous 7453

2 or 3 drops of blood afyerwards and that was it.
I almost thought that we didn't do something right because we really didn't understand how himen works. Still thought it will 'break' at some point.I was 14 he was 16 and we've been together for about a year, lost virginity to each other.
It makes me laugh now about how young we were.

Anonymous 7540

I was coming off my period when I lost mine (I'm a really light flow anyway) so if I did I wasn't sure to the extent. I bled the second time too when I was fully off my period but that was a lot rougher than the first time. I think it can take a few goes sometimes to fully break it because you'll be more nervous your first time than your second.

Anonymous 7586

I've only had sex once and it was really painful. I didn't bleed the night it happened but I did bleed a little bit in the days after.

I did masturbate and never experienced bleeding that way. I'd also worn tampons, but they're about the same size/smaller than what I would use to penetrate myself.

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