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K-pop diets Anonymous 7290

I can't help but feel jealous when I see how skinny k-pop idols are. They looks so cute in about every type of clothes.
How can they stay so slim while also maintaining youthful skin and healthy hair, and having enough energy to dance?
On top of that Koreans are the "biggest" Asians, many female idols are over 170cm with larger frames, so it's not like they're naturally petite either (e.g. see pic).

How much do you think they eat per day?
Does anybody know how they exercise to avoid getting bulky muscles?
Have any of you ever tried one of those k-pop diets?

Anonymous 7293

So the first thing you wanna think about is that their agencies help mold them into what they look like, so its gonna be pretty hard for you to achieve their exact look, but that doesn't mean you can't come close.

Considering most korean foods are hardly fried, they probably already eat less calories than the average american. I'm guessing they eat at maintenance calories once they are at their desired weight.

Exercise is mostly cardio with a few gimmicky glute exercises (not as effective as an actual workout plan). We can't get bulky muscles like dudes can, so there isn't really much to worry about.
The hair and skin are because they're asian and use plenty of makeup, some of them even use baby powder on their face to appear whiter and smoother.

Anonymous 7295


Korean food is very salty, so not that healthy either.
The reason I asked about that muscles thing is because there are several idols who had bigger legs and then slimmed down a lot, e.g. Sulli or Suzy look as if they even lost muscles, especially on their calves.
And "being asian" doesn't magically give you perfect hair or skin, that's a dumb myth, anon. I'm not interested in how they looks so white either (already "achieved" that lol) but rather in why they don't look as pimply or haggard as other women who are underweight. They look good in unfiltered, unphotoshopped pics too.

Anonymous 7296

lol kpop diets are a joke. if you're that desperate just go full anachan

kpop idols (via their agencies) probably have access to top of the line skincare products not to mention plastic surgery & hair clip -ins/wigs + the fact that most asians genetically hold more fat than others in their face so they'll never look malnourished facial-wise

idols practice dance, which is a full body exercise like hiit cardio so its slims down fat all around the body instead of in certain places doing regular exercise. if you wanna look like them id suggest developing a calorie deficit and doing one of those

Anonymous 7301

>lol kpop diets are a joke. if you're that desperate just go full anachan
Well, I would like to know what or how much exactly they eat so that I can copy that…

Anonymous 7302

I listened to a radiolab podcast a while back that interviewed someone who underwent kpop training. This was in the transcript:
>SARAH WOLFGANG: Like, they wanted us to lose weight. So we would wake up at, like, 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. in the morning and then go hiking.
>ALEXANDRA: Sarah says after the hike they'd come back, eat breakfast.
>SARAH WOLFGANG: Which usually consisted of lettuce.
>ALEXANDRA: Then they'd have dance classes, singing classes.

Anonymous 7303

If you really want to lose weight anon, there's no need to follow a gimmicky diet. Just eat less calories.

Anonymous 7305

Just do CICO and lift weights friend. 1500 calories is probably a good start, adjust as necessary. Lifting won't make you bulky unless you do really big weights and eat a lot.
Personally I wanted to get slender legs with tight gap so I did a caloric deficit and uphill biking for 1 month and got great results. My bike was very heavy so that added extra weight. The good thing about weight exercises is that you keep more shape than you would with just dieting. So sometimes I get a bit fatter but never lose my new tight gap because I built my legs' muscles. By only dieting you build nothing, you just get rid of everything and end with two shapeless sticks.

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