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/fit/girls Anonymous 7341

Anybody here workout?

I work out pretty regularly; regular weight lifting and strength training along with plenty of cardio. I can bench press 120lbs, but I've gone as high as 150lbs on good days.
It's come to the point where friends and family have taken notice because I've become considerably more muscular.
Sometimes I contradict myself because I don't want to be known as the buff girl, but I love seeing those numbers climb on the smith machine. And I can physically do more than I ever was able to before. I don't want to lose that.

Does anyone else here have a workout/exercise regime? Doesn't matter if it's only cardio or if you're a gym bunny like me. Let's talk about it!

Anonymous 7343

I compete in powerlifting and do climbing and mtbing more casually. my cardio is really bad lol

Anonymous 7346

that's badass, how much can you lift?

i love mtbing, too, but i have a hybrid bike that's not the best on bumpy trails.

Anonymous 7347

squat 145kg, bench 50kg, sumo dead 160kg. my bench is embarrassing lol. I only recently got into mtbing, I got conned into buying a crappy bike that looked good. the breakes are sketchy af, went over the handle bars earlier today on a novice trail lol

climbing is honestly the most fun. give it a try if theres a bouldering gym near you!

Anonymous 7348

If you get even a little serious about biking (not even mtb, any sort of biking) it's worth it to spend money on a decent bike. Disk brakes are a game changer, though a little pricier. Compression brakes, on the other hand, are considerably easier to maintain and are less likely to rub.
Those numbers are awesome. I'd like to try dead lifting, but I'm not sure I have the knees for it.
And I went rock climbing a few years ago and realized I'm weak af. That's actually what got me into physical fitness. I really want to go try it out now that I'm in better shape.

Anonymous 7349

Id really like to get a new bike but I have to save money for uni rn. maybe in a couple of years I can get a nice one

if you go to a bouldering gym they'll have climbs for all levels. dont worry about being too weak, technique goes a long way. its also a good way to make friends, people are really friendly and will give you tips

Anonymous 7359

How much do you weight? Benching 75% of your bodyweight is considered good by womens metrics, your whole bodyweight is good by mens

Anonymous 7360

~175lbs so I'm hovering around the 75% you're talking about.

Anonymous 7363


lol I have an update to my bike situation anon. destroyed my derailer and rear wheel today

Anonymous 7365

first of all are you okay? those things don't happen unless you fall or hit something.

second of all, what do you mean you destroyed?

Anonymous 7366

I crashed on a jump track. the derailer snapped and my wheel bent. Im not really hurt apart from some scratches and bruises. I wont get my bike back until next week tho :(

Anonymous 7367

that suuuuucks but at least you're okay.

Anonymous 7403


5 kg off,5 more to go and then I'll start with lifting and building muscle.

Anonymous 7406

smug hobbit.jpg

>benching on a smith machine

Anonymous 7422

I started to work out at home several years ago, mainly bodyweight exercises/strength training plus a bit of cardio. Tried out a gym too, but it was a horrible experience.
Whatever, I lost ~25kg in these years but I really wish I would have started at a younger age.

Any thoughts about supplements?

Anonymous 7423

You don't need it.

Anonymous 7425

Why not start building your strength now?

Anonymous 7436


It's easier to build muscle when you have additional weight. Better start building muscle before cutting.
For me the situation is a little bit different. I just really like having muscle for how practical they are and their look.
I know most girls prefer the magazine model look but for me picrel is more interesting.
I was even thinking about taking a little bit of anavar(my friend in gym took it and has some really nice effects, also my genes are terrible) but I think I am too afraid for this now.

Anonymous 7437

Oh piss off if you actually lifted yourself you'd know it literally doesn't matter.

Anonymous 7439

Doesn't activate stabilizers and is literally a guillotine.

Anonymous 7440

>start exercising so I can feel better about myself
>Go for a run
>Can only think about how stupid I look, how much I hate myself, how it's not worth improving myself
I-it gets better, right guys?

Anonymous 7441

i'm too socially anxious to go to a gym due to past negative experiences so i just lift dumbbells in my room and do exercises on one uh them yogi mats, and occasionally go for runs. are there any machines you'd consider essential for someone who wants to be fitter but doesn't want to go to a gym?

Anonymous 7442

Beat your anxiety by going to the gym

Anonymous 7444

>doesn't activate stabilizers
Smith machine is fantastic for focusing on the upper portion of your chest AND it provides a safety mechanism for when you're alone.
As far as "stabilizers" go, that's what literally all of the other upper body workouts do on TOP of the smith machine.

What, do you use the bench press and think that's enough? I sure hope not.

Yes. It gets easier.

Anonymous 7445


It gets better.
Well gym would be better because to be fair for real effects you should train about 3-4 times a week and it's much easier to motivate yourself to go to the gym than to train at home.
But if it's not possible buy a pull-up bar for your door frame.
It's super satisfying to be able to do a few pull ups(but it will take some time) and if your strong enough it's literally the best for abs exercises(pulling your legs up etc.)

Anonymous 7446


smith machine doesnt stabilisers AND more importantly is a completely wrong bar path. if you want to be safe and you dont have a spotter, bench in a rack. also if youre using it as an assistance for normal bench there are better alternatives

Anonymous 7448

>is a completely wrong bar path
There is no universal bar path. Everyone lifts differently, and the chart that you posted proves that. If you watch how professional lifters lift you'll see they all have their own style. Not everyone follows the bar path on the right, nor should they. You could seriously hurt yourself if you don't have the proper training to follow such a path.
And again with the stabilizers. That's what other exercises are for, like dips and pullups. Bench pressing with a free weight is basically a "compound" exercise, yes, but is not the only way to work stabilizers.

They both have their place and uses. Knowing what those uses are is key. Smith machines get a bad rep because idiots use them and think they're not as good when in fact they aren't using them right.

Anonymous 7449

yeah, different people have different bar paths based on their leverages. smith machine forces a fixed bar path for everyone in a straight line, which is bad

and if youre using it as an assistance like I said, their are other options that are likely to cause injury

Anonymous 7455


Do you also feel like getting "muscle" is losing it's stigma?
When I was young I always felt it wasn't desirable, and now I am quite often meeting man who think it's cool and even prefer some muscle over thin bodies.

Anonymous 7456

but why did you developed those "muscles"? did you wanted it despite the stigma or did you play sports and a developed a strong body as a consequence?

Anonymous 7457

I started lifting to get a little bit toned.
And I slowly decided that I like muscle. I like that my stamina is much better and I have more energy, being stronger was cool too.
I generally got better at sports and felt better(It took some time to see the changes though).
Then I started thinking that I was scared of getting muscle because of the stigma but I really enjoy them(because they made my life noticeably better) and I also started liking how they look.

Anonymous 7462

there seems to be a shift in beauty standards. in the 90s/2000s thin was popular, but now thicc/athletic thicc is popular

Anonymous 7465

Hey, OP here! It was the we way for me, sorta. I started working out just to lose weight, and then I realized I felt better and looked better physically. And that boosted my confidence immensely. Also, I like how I look with muscles. It feels almost narcicistic but its a better feeling that thinking I'm fat and ugly. Now I feel chubby but strong. Feels good man.

I like to think the stigma is dying off. The tides are changing quickly.
Even if it wasn't, though, I think its a disservice to your body not to take care of it and push it to its limits. Fuck guys, they'll fetishize anything anyway.

Anonymous 7475

Is there abywhere i can go where i can just go in, use the stuffs for 45 minutes, then get out again and dont have to talk to anyone or anything like that? I dont want to join classes or teams or anything. Can i just pay like, 10$/month kist to do my stufff and stay in my lane?

Anonymous 7476

basically every gym? most 24h places are fully automated so you dont even need to speak to staff

Anonymous 7482

Is it, really?? I had no idea!! (Never went to a gym)
How much is it /month? I saw a few places that offer 10$ but most 24hr ones are 20$+.
Also, what do you guys reccommend as a starter? I was thinking of running at first then idk, maybe grow into doing yoga? No focus on looking good, I just want to get healthy.

Anonymous 7484

Heyheyhey anons! Yesterday a friend of mine made a compliment about my appearance and even mentioned my muscles. Just sharing these positive feels with you.
Keep it up!

Anonymous 7486


Nah, has a wife and three kids too.

Anonymous 7488

what kind of body type you have or are trying to have?
you want big muscles, defined ones, both?

Anonymous 7489

>here in my country (EU) gyms are quite expensive
now thats shitty (im in the eu also)

>Ask if you have any questions.

>I don't know your starting point
my starting point is absolutely nothing at all. never stepped into a gym my entire life, no home workouts, nada. starting rn at bmi 29 (seeing the 30 there is wat made me start), sedentary, no real diet but counting calories. idk if my stats are important for this but just ask, its not a problem

Anonymous 7490

Kind of fit, but I tend to gain fat around my belly quickly so I focused on my midsection the past few weeks.

Anonymous 7491

you cant spot reduce fat. doing ab exercises wont decrease your belly fat, only losing overall body fat will

Anonymous 7493

Alright, thanks a lot! i actually dont really focus on nutrients that much - i just look into limiting my calorie intake and make sure i eat organic


150cm, 67kg, sedentary, 1400kcal/day avg, very muscular lower half. thats it i think. just ask if theres anything else

Anonymous 7494


I know I know anons, but it worked nonetheless. My torso/waist is way more defined plus I made improvements with my body tension and posture.
Luckily I made peace with my special friend "extra pound" a long time ago and decided to keep her cause she's cute.

Anonymous 7534

Yeah! Nice work :)

Anonymous 7538

You know whats strange? Now that I'm thin and more athletic I often find myself finding thicc girls and women more attractive than before. Of course there are limits and it can be unhealthy, but some of them are really hot and that makes me jealous. I want my curves back.

Anonymous 7542

Same. Although I've always loved chubby women with more in the chest area than me (easily achieved), it just looked horrible on me and clothes were too hard to find lmao.

Did your body type really do a 180 when you lost weight though? That is rough. My ratio stayed the same no matter my weight. Never had any tits personally, but I imagine it is dramatic for women who have a big chest with weight.

Anonymous 7545

Actually I do, but you can't win against unfavourable genes. It is rough.

Anonymous 7548

I will, thank you anon! (:

Anonymous 7573

I do not have a workout routine but would like to get /fit/. Anybody know a good starting point for a stick whose main desire is to be strong enough to defend herself?

Anonymous 7575


Can you get a flat stomach if you have broad hips?

Anonymous 7636

First of all start eating more, then look on YouTube for some beginner routines or just do Starting Strength.

Anonymous 7645

>anons here told me to eat more
Over the past few years I never thought that this was the key, but it is actually working for me. I look stronger and healthier and feel a lot better, I strictly focused on my strength training and reduced cardio a little bit.
Maybe it counts as a con, but I'm hungry as a hunter everyday and have to buy more food.

Anonymous 7646

Getting sufficient calories is fundamental to muscle growth. It's actually the part most people struggle with.

Anonymous 7687


I was expecting more pictures of fitgirls.
I've always been rather soft, I wanna be hard. I don't want to be too muscular but I'm hoping to get to the point where my absolute are showing.

Anonymous 7688

You won't just get too muscular without trying anon. It's not that easy lol. Just start going to a gym.
If all you want to do is lose weight then eat less, it's that simple.

Anonymous 7689

I've been going to the gym. And i must say it's satisfying to lift a little more each time and my arm feels more solid and firm.I'm a lot less squishy now.

Anonymous 7690

Good job anon! You're doing great! Keep at it!

Anonymous 7697

Eating more and the whole "caloric surplus" concept is a myth by in large. You don't need to be eating loads to build muscle, since by definition a caloric surplus isn't actually going to be used. Its a surplus. In order of importance:
Training > Sleep > Diet
Most people, when they start to see hypertrophy and increased strength, really only need about 200-400cal extra in their diets. This can be furnished by just having bigger portions or using things like butter, cheeses and oils more. Eating clean is also a myth too.

The people who benefit the most from eating more are people with really bad or inconsistent diets, eg. living off energy drinks. For most people that struggle to gain muscle, it would be firstly their methods of training & exercise and secondly whether they're getting enough rest.

Anonymous 7698

I agree with some parts and disagree with others. By surplus I meant the standard 500 cals, nothing exaggerated. Some studies suggest that you don't need a caloric surplus to put on muscles, and that you can make muscle and lose fat at the same time, like a body recomposition. But that is mostly for people who first approach lifting, where their muscles respond excellently to any sort of training. In general, if you want to gain weight you have to eat more, training and sleep are obviously fundamental as well.

Anonymous 7702

Ergh, I hate the pre-Christmas period. People are giving me sweets or self-made cookies telling me they know I work out hard and I should put on some extra weight, I would look better…blahblah and so I end up eating them all at once. Fuck! ;_;

Anonymous 7704

You must resist anon!

Anonymous 8009


I just wanted to share some good improvement feels: I can hold planks for 60 seconds now (maybe it's not that long, but due to my serious back issues it was important to avoid any risks and start slowly). Side planks are rough though, I have to stop at 30 seconds.
Overall, planks are one of the most helpful exercises I discovered lately.

Anonymous 8010

Yeah!! Nice work!

Anonymous 8039

i exercise by following an hour's worth of yoga and ab / inner thigh workouts on youtube. yesterday i pushed myself a bit far and my muscles are really sore :/.

does this mean i should skip working out today? i found it pretty painful to do one test crunch earlier so i didn't push it. i'm going to rest today anyway but for future reference will it fuck up my progress if i miss a day or should i just power through? any advice will help thanks >.<

Anonymous 8040

If you planned to work out, never skip. Don't do the same thing every day, though. Even for something like crunches, you want a couple rest days per week if you're actually working hard.

Anonymous 8044

I’m easing myself into doing daily body weight exercises again. It’s been a few months and I’ve gotten really weak. :( just doing squats, planks, and side planks has me feeling some DOMS.

Anonymous 8045

Stay hydrated and eat your meats, anon! You've gotta keep going and make sure those torn fibers come back strong! Best of luck!

Anonymous 8048

Quite a shift then

Anonymous 8049

Thanks! I’m eating enough but I eat more fish and eggs than meat for protein because I’m trying to budget my money. I got pretty inspired today reading stories of people seeing results from doing a small amount of body weight exercises daily… I keep looking for muscles even though I know it’s way too soon. I’d like to show off a nice toned stomach when it warms up in the summer.

Anonymous 8050

Fish are very good for protein and plenty of nutrients. Just remember to lessen your overall caloric and carb intake for faster results. Smaller meals with more focus on protein and nutrition.

Anonymous 8055

Good weight-loss advice. But the past week I've been craving sweet stuff and feeling binge-y (didn't act on it) so I decided to eat more ( ~200 calories) yesterday. And then that evening (after a mild freak-out from me) I ended upcoming way over my usual calories because my boyfriend made dinner and wanted to eat together. Today when I went to do my workout it was sooo much easier, and I held all my planks for a lot longer. It was avoid reminder that I can't let myself get caught up in the calorie counting.

Anonymous 8058

That's good, anon! You held yourself back and showed resistance! Don't beat yourself over having a dinner with your bf. Just keep yourself on track!

Anonymous 8071

Help, how do do pull ups? I am fairly good at doing chin ups but as soon as i flip my hands around i get fuckt.

i work out my arms every other day but i can barely do one simple pull up.

does anyone have a good exercise to strenghten my back muscles? tips or tricks?

Anonymous 8073

Use bands or one of the assisted pull-up machines to do multiple sets of multiple reps. Progress by doing more reps (up to about 7-10 per set) or decreasing the assistance.

If you can't use bands or use a machine, do half pull-ups by jumping to the top of the rep and then letting yourself down slowly.

There's a chance it could be a grip problem. Doing dead hangs or any bar exercise where you're carrying the weight (deadlifts, rows, farmer carries) will help. Also place your thumb over the bar with the rest of your fingers, instead of wrapping it around like you probably do during chin-ups. This is especially important with smaller hands or wider bars.

Rows probably have the most carry-over, but they're still a very different exercise.

Pull-ups are hard.

Anonymous 8075


114kg -> 79kg, looking to hit 65-60kg. Eating 4,600kj a day rn with two fast days, 100 squats, 100 dumbbell reps and 2 sets of 30 minutes on my incline treadmill. Looking to save up for an all in one gym set up with a safety catch squat rack so I can get shredded.

My biggest regret was not starting sooner, but I'm looking forward to being healthy and buff for my 30's

Anonymous 8076

i think you look really nice.

Anonymous 8079

Thanks! I've had to start eating more because I'm getting actually exhausted at night. But I'm watching my macros and my stomach is firming up so I'm feeling good and on track for summer.

I've also almost worked up to 1 minute planks/side planks in my reps (started with 20 seconds aboutthree weeks ago). Feels good to see the numbers go up.

Anonymous 8080

Nice work gurl!
Do you keep attention to your breast and skincare? I myself lost about 30kg in my twenties without any specific exercises and regret it!

Anonymous 8081

Tyvm!!! All encouragement is greatly appreciated. I smashed through this week for another 2kg loss so im hype.

My boobs are flat pancakes and I'm gonna have a lot of loose skin after all this but I knew all of that going in. I hope to get a body lift and breast augmentation next year

Anonymous 8082


Share some home workouts you're doing

Anonymous 8087


(oops, misfired)

Km the one blogging about doing bodyweight exercises. I thought I was imagining my progress, so I took a picture and… It really does look like I have some muscle definition? Can I get an outside opinion? I'm relaxing my muscles here, but it was after I finished working out so I probably have a pump going.

Anonymous 8128

you can def see your abs coming up, well done!!

Anonymous 8138


Wow, nice work!

I gained more and more muscle during lockdown but simultaneously look bigger, like built-fat. I'm scared of losing physical strength and muscle if I cut again.
Body types suck.

Anonymous 8143

Yay! Thanks! I’m even more motivated now that I have some results that other people can see

Thank you! Chonky strong girls are hella cute. If you like the look keep it up

Anonymous 8148

How do you define the "chonk" bodytype?

Anonymous 8168

I’m the one who used it above. For me “chonky” is when a person looks chubby and round, with soft lines, but still has an overall built frame underneath. Like a twink version of builtfat, if that makes sense?

Anonymous 8169


Like, the girl in your video would totally be “chonky” to me.

Anonymous 8172

is eating a lot a good idea to overcome skelly mode?
I'm relatively tall(5'11) and I've always been self conscious about being too thin, but at the same time i wouldn't want to be fat

Anonymous 8173

Eating more will definitely help. What if you researched and found a nutrition guide for gaining weight and coupled it with some weight training or body exercises?

Anonymous 8182

Yes it's basically the best thing you can do.
Slowly increase calories and count them.
Also try heavy lifting(basically use heavy dumbells to be able to go for 6-15 reps max).
Preferably do not do cardio as you are skelly already so you don't really want to burn fat yet.

Anonymous 8212


I'm currently a skinnyfat and cutting, and I've been thinking about eating at maintenance in order to gain strength (but eating 1.6g of protein per kilogram of body weight still), start cutting,but still maintaining my muscle, until I'm almost underweight, then start lean bulking until I'm medically overweight (then start cutting whilst maintaining muscle until I'm almost underweight-continue this cycle until I get the aesthetic body I want)

Is this a bad plan if I want to get a gym thot body?

Anonymous 8214

I want to stop before I become underweight so that I don't hit an unhealthy weight and have a starting point that allows me to have enough time to gain muscle before I become overweight

Anonymous 8230

I was lifting before corona! Now idk how to function with all gyms closed. I was at 95lb 3x5 bench, 135 3x5 squat, and 155 1x5 sumo deadlift. My conventional deadlift was like 10 pounds higher I think. I feel so sad when I think about going back to the gym because I know I'll be so much less strong.

Anonymous 8231

looking good! How long have you been lifting?

Anonymous 8272

I do some workouts in my living room at home about once a week. pushups etc.

Anonymous 8375

I’ve been missing workouts more and more this past month, and I’m also disappointed with my lack of progress. So I’m moving on from just squats/planks/sometimes pushups to the “start body weight “ basic routine. I did my first workout today… it feels good! Anyone else done this routine?

Anonymous 8506


I was feeling down because my weight is going up (but bf% is still hovering around 21-22%) and my stomach isn't as firm looking as I would like. But today when I was getting ready for work I noticed a lump on my upper arms that didn't used to be there… I have muscles!! I'm so excited to do my workout tonight, lol.

Anonymous 8530


I've started doing my floor workout while playing my gatcha game.
>do more reps willingly
>don't even notice discomfort because I'm playing my game
>play gatcha every day–every day i get the reminder to go to my workout rug and do my reps
Doesn't work for pushups, but it works great for all leg moves. I have made my addiction into a productivity tool.

I just got this qt.

Anonymous 8555

That’s pretty smart.

Anonymous 8568

I bought a weighted vest a few weeks ago and training with my own weight became much harder. It is a bit uncomfortable though and hot and sweaty and eww, so I don't now if I want to recommend it to you. On the other hand the results are nice and I can see and feel the difference. So in general I would say it's a plus for people who prefer to do their workout at home with their own body weight.

Anonymous 8580

What exercises do you do weighted?

I'm still working my way through bodyweight professions, I haven't even considered using a weighted vest. What prompted you to start?

Anonymous 8581

I simply and slowly wanted to increase the intensity of my exercises instead of the duration. What really works well in combination with the vest are planks of any kind, Burpees and Squats are tough. I still have problems with Pull-ups (and always will have I think), so I do them without the vest.

Anonymous 8582

Wow, sounds intense. Aren’t weighted burpees hard on your knees?

Anonymous 8584

Almost no runner looks at amateur runners and thinks they are stupid looking. They think "oh cool, I guess more people are getting into running. Good for them, hope they can get fit." None of us were born as fit people. If it takes you a few more years than us to get there, we're just happy you made it too.

Anonymous 8605

Yesterday I started incorporating dips into my routine. (Before I was doing pushups every workout day, now I’m going to do dips instead every other time.) Holy crap, I was so worn out I would have slept at 7pm if I could’ve. The doms is sooo bad today.

On another note, what fitness communities do y’all visit? I’m on /fit/ and in some reddit comms but reddit makes me uncomfortable with how easy it is to see someone’s whole post history.

Anonymous 8624

just run at around 6am, most people are still asleep

Anonymous 8625

I'm really proud of my progress, and how consistent I've been this month. I hit at least 3 workouts a week (my goal) every week, plus cardio (biking) almost every day. I've progressed from 3 sets of 5 reps to 7, 7, 6 reps. Feels good.

Anonymous 9138

Damn, I overdid it yesterday and suffer from a slightly stiff neck now.
Should I pause my workout for a few days or carry on? no excuses ;>_>

Anonymous 9140

Rest until pain subsides, then continue at a moderate pace.

Anonymous 9153


Now the gyms are back open where I am, I really want to get back there and start strength training. Does anyone have any good workout programs I can read/watch as a starting point? I was recommended “Strong Curves” a while ago but I’m not sure if it’s for me.
I’m 161cm and 54kg if that helps

Anonymous 9192

Bulking and cutting is a meme. Increase protein intake for building muscle, obvi, and be mindful of carb intake so that you get enough to fuel your workouts.

For reference, what is your height/weight?

Anonymous 9196

So permabulk?

Anonymous 9222

That's what I used to think when I first went to the gym 7 years ago. I gave up. Now because of China-19 I assembled my own home gym.

Anonymous 9225

honestly, don't bother with any of the "womens routines" they are all meme shit and scams and won't get you anywhere

if you want results, do the same routines that moids use, just adjust the weights to what you can handle

Anonymous 9227

Whenever I get a tweak like that its usually from sleeping wrong. I take my time warming up and getting blood flowing and muscles relaxing before getting into my lifts

Anonymous 9228



Starting Strength is a meme on /fit/ but its not a bad program. I do high-bar and front squats instead of low-bar squats, and smith machine hip thrusts for an accessory. Make sure to keep up on upper body strength too, having a strong back is essential for everything

Anonymous 9592

unironically SS and GOMAD
well maybe not GOMAD. A liter a day should be more than enough.

Anonymous 9608


Does anyone have any advice for getting motivated to start working out?

Anonymous 9609

workout to dance cardio videos on youtube so you can brainwash your brain into thinking workout is fun. Once you have a routine move on to whatever you want to do.

Anonymous 9610

Just start cycling. It's actually fun instead of soul crushing, relatively low cost and you can go on adventures. Bonus points if you do it with friends!

Anonymous 9611


This post is conveying the right idea, even if that exercise amounts to nothing. Establish it as a routine; after you've done it long enough you feel empty and gross if you skip it. Until that point, though, it's mind over matter. You've just got to make yourself do it. Remember your goals!

Anonymous 9612

Do a workout you find fun. Jumped on a trampoline as a kid? Go jump at a trampoline park. Liked tennis? Play Tennis. Love a good swim? Go swimming. Just do whatever physical activity you actually like.

Anonymous 9619

Get a standing desk

Anonymous 9773


Does anyone have any good workout plans like pic related?

Anonymous 9780


Anonymous 9782

i have been skipping exercise because it feels embarrassing to do in front of family in my small house

finna need to kill this stupid logic in my head or i'm going to lose my powers

Anonymous 9790

same here. but you need to do it, trust me, it'll save you the guilt and you'll feel thankful you did it later.

Anonymous 9811

I wish to make weightloss friends. But I feel awkward asking for it. Also I'm self conscious on being on the older side.

Anonymous 9822

Have you tried intermittent fasting?

Anonymous 9823

But I meant more for encouragement.

Anonymous 9827

>Smith machine
Don't go to snap city, just get free weights

Anonymous 9833

>snap city from the smith machine
Just use the safeties and don't be an idiot when it comes to form.

Anonymous 9841

Oh boy, I sure do love working out.
My stupid ass gym recently got rid of their squat rack though so now I gotta clean the bar to get it on my shoulders. That shit sucks.

Anonymous 9978


Any of you girls tried anavar?
I've a friend who looked mediocre at best and now is pretty close to my dream body who claims she did that with no side effects.
I am thinking about also trying it, but I am a little bit afraid that there might be some things which I don't expect or that it might just not work at all.

Anonymous 10007

No, varbies are disgusting. Also health risks

Anonymous 10014

Roids give you acne and male pattern baldness. They basically turn you into a moid. Also weird stuff happens to your clit.

Anonymous 10020


hi anons i just completed a full workout for the first time in months…i know its only one day so its not the largest achievement but i feel so good and proud of myself after all of it. it wasn't even that bad now that is over with! im going to update in two weeks and stay committed.

Anonymous 10021

Well done anon, we're proud of you.

Anonymous 10022

The first day is the hardest! Now keep it up!!

Anonymous 10024

Ok you got me scared so I will avoid it. But >10007 I can't agree about varbies, I think they look great.
Anyway I hope will be able to become a wheyfu without roids then.
Congrats the first days are always the hardest.

Anonymous 10043

I miss working out and want to start doing more serious cardio again. I used to take daily 1-2 hour walks and that combined with counting calories helped me lose some quarantine/shitty relationship weight but now that it's cold and dark as soon as I get home from work I'm tempted to get a monthly gym membership for the winter.. I'm paranoid because pandemic but tons of my friends are still going to the gym and are fine. I'm not sure what to think. I miss moving around and YouTube home workouts aren't doing it for me.

Anonymous 10071


i'm too young to have hip pain. what exercises should i do for greater strength and stability? should i start doing core exercises? yoga? cardio? i'll do anything to make it stop.

Anonymous 10075


How tf do girls get such small waists? Is it just genetic? I'm trying to achieve this by doing tons of vacuums and butt exercises. If I find a gym buddy, I'll start seriously lifting soon.

I hate being shaped like a stick. A lot of the "before and after" fitness pics of women don't even look good tbh. Like, their hip to waist ratio actually gets worse because their abs have gotten bigger. Most of the instagram fitness girls with big butts only look good because they're taking selfies at very specific angles, but they don't look good from the front.

Tldr I'm just really obsessed with hip to waist ratio.

Anonymous 10076

>How tf do girls get such small waists?

Anonymous 10077

It's genetic, unless you're fat, in which case lose weight. Once you've burned up your abdominal fat, you could try corset training. Or just wear clothes that are tight on the waist and loose everywhere else to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Being taller helps with that too. Otherwise I'd just say you're obsessing over images rather than real bodies. No one looks good from every angle and it's better to just accept that than develop an unhealthy complex about it.

Anonymous 10078

Have you been outside? Look at girls in the wild sometime. You know what I'm talking about.

Lol yeah I'm buying a corset with my Christmas money. I'm about as small as is healthily possible so this is my last resort.

Anonymous 10079

that doesn't seem healthy anon :(

Anonymous 10080

Corsets being dangerous is a myth. You have to be literally stupid to tie a corset so tight that it hurts you.

Anonymous 10082


If you want to have visible changes while not wearing them then they are very dangerous.
The best way is to not think about waist size but it's proportion to shoulders width and butt/thigs which you can both make wider.
Also if you build really strong abs you can flex them to temporarily make your waist seem smaller which is probably enough in most cases if combined with shoulders butt/legs training.
Video related is natural bodybuilder showing exactly that.

Anonymous 10088

Hey look there's still people that think waist training is dangerous.

Anonymous 10152


I want to build some muscles but im just starting out. Is there any good routines for begginers? Or any good sites?
I know its unrelated but I started on Chole Ting. I dont care about being thin. Even when I was at my lightest, I still have a wider skeleton structure, especially in my hips.
Plus muscles on women is way hot.

Anonymous 10153


I know it's a meme but Starting strength is actually unironically what you're looking for.

Anonymous 10154

Seconding SS but also get a personal trainer for a few sessions or at least ask other people at the gym to make sure you have good form.

Anonymous 10172


No joke, browsing through Scooby's workshop and basics was really helpful and entertaining.

Anonymous 10199

I'm weightlifting again and I feel so much better about myself but also I feel like a dumb hoe for going to the gym during a pandemic

Anonymous 10200


i want to start weightlifting but everytime i bring it up with my dad i get laughed at bc i have noodle arms. where do i start? i am tired of being defenseless.
>pic related

Anonymous 10201


>If you have access to a barbell and weights
Do this >>10153 and >>10154

>If you don't have access to a gym

Read this >>10172

Anonymous 10202

Also maybe drink like half a gallon of milk a day if you can digest it.

Anonymous 10203

You start with doing pushups and squats.

Anonymous 10205

spoiler that shit please

Anonymous 10406

Anonymous 10423

it's literal anachan thinspo

Anonymous 10424

>skinny women existing is thinspo
can we not

Anonymous 10425

Felice was (is?) anorexic and would photoshop her images to make her look skinnier.

Anonymous 10439


what exercises should i do to lower my bf%? i’m at a low weight already, but my face is still chubby, i used to restrict but i’m not really sure if that’ll help. i honestly know nothing about working out and don’t know where to start, i don’t own any equipment yet but i’m willing to get some i don’t go to gyms they make me anxious.

Anonymous 10450

Number one: cardiovascular exercise such as jogging and running, 30 minutes to 1 hour each day or 3 times a week.

Anonymous 10561


Got myself a squat rack, bench, squatrack and a whole plate set.
I can finally stop going to the gym with these stupid fucking gorillas that don't know how to rerack their weights.

Anonymous 10562

I said squat rack twice and forget to mention the olympic barbell

Anonymous 10601

Do you girls have any tips for a person whose bones are constantly shaky and has like 0 physical strength? I got used to doing push ups a little, but when I try to plank I feel tremors on all my bones. I hope I'll get used to it soon. It feels futile but I take time to do it every day.

By the way, what's more effective when you exercise? constantly repeating moves you are used to? Or when you're used to it you need to do something heavier?
I just want my bones to stop shaking.

Anonymous 10614

If you do something everyday you eventually get used to it. In like a month you will notice that your efforts made a huge difference.

Anonymous 10618


Where can I go to do jumping jacks? I can't do them in my apartment because I have a downstairs neighbor and I am too embarrassed and reclusive to go to the gym.

Anonymous 10620

What do you mean by "bones shaking"?

That sounds like either you're misidentifying your muscles being stressed and fatigued from use, or alternatively a serious medical problem.

You want variation in your workouts but enough consistency to measure results. Even without weights.

What's is your routine like now?

Anonymous 10622

To answer your last question:
It depends on whether you want to get stronger, or just maintain your current strength.
Once you've gotten as strong as you'd like to be, you can stop increasing the weight and just keep doing what you're used to in order to prevent atrophy.

Anonymous 10623

Is there a park nearby that's relatively empty? You could go there to work out.
You might want to go with someone you trust or get a big dog to stay safe, though in a secluded area.

Anonymous 10658


I'm in better shape than I used to be, but I'm too uncontrolled with my diet so my looks don't ever improve. I've given up on thoughts of being skinny but I'd like to get more muscular. It's a slow journey… But we're all gonna make it. Even without aesthetic gains, I know I'm healthier and I feel better about myself.

Anonymous 10686


Bruh same, I've been working alot on side but and quads recently but I really just want to have a smaller waist, did vacuums work for you? Also is corset training really effective? Is it worth it result /inconvenience? Hey good luck with your glow up (I'm 23 and never had mine)

Anonymous 10687

it's supposed to be 1.6g/lb or about 3g per kilo anon

Anonymous 10688

look up starting strength on youtube.

Anonymous 10689


Bf wanted me to start working out to help me get out of my head and I'm really enjoying it. Been doing lower body workouts for a couple of months now and I'm thinking of getting a hex deadlift bar. Has anybody used one and do they recommend it?

Anonymous 10690


Has anyone successfully fixed their anterior pelvic tilt? I suspect this causes many women to falsely believe they are fat.

Anonymous 10694

I have this, but I like it cause it makes my butt look big.

Anonymous 10971

[Judas] Dumbbell N…

Been going to an MMA gym and weight lifting. Got my first stripe last night.
>onegai muscle

Anonymous 10972

I just bought a dip belt I'm pretty excited. Apart from weighted dips and attaching a kettlebell on there for squats is there anything else I'm not thinking of? Weighted chin/pull ups of course but I am struggling with sets of 8 at bodyweight atm.

Anonymous 11123

I fixed it by not carrying around a heavy-ass backpack anymore.
It only makes your butt look bigger if you have no ass muscles. Do some squats regularly, then standing in proper posture makes your butt look bigger since it flexes the muscles.

Anonymous 11131

how would one even get rid of it

Anonymous 11132

I can't tell if I do this or not

Anonymous 11240

The fact that I am actually and logically gaining weight because I do my workout 5 - 6 days a week now is messing up my brain.

Anonymous 11308

HOW THE FUCK do I BULK if I have ANOREXIA. I'm convinced the only thing stopping me from finding a bf is my pancake ass.

Anonymous 11322

honestly, you can't. Your body burns muscle away if you don't consume enough calories. And your asscheeks are actually mostly muscle, not fat like tits.

Anonymous 11323

How would waist training not be dangerous?

Anonymous 11356

i don't advocate for it but your organs move during pregnancy anyways, and move much more drastically. i wouldn't say go ahead and waist train but it's nowhere near as dangerous as people assume. it doesn't crush your organs or anything, it doesn't break your ribs, so on and so forth. the only real risk is improper use which might restrict your oxygen.

Anonymous 11588

Have you ever seen those fale recovery warriors on Instagram who pretend to be fitness influencers but are actually just anorexics purging with exercise?

They never grow asses or anything else. They just get super sinewy and flat-solid

I'm a former anachan too sis I know the pain of wanting a butt

Anonymous 11668

tomboy belly muscl…

Been on a high protein diet and keeping up with strength training and cardio alternating for several years has gotten me to a healthy weight. I feel good. My girlfriend loves the way I look too so that's a bonus. Her encouragement and working out with me has definitely made it easier to stick with.
Never been healthier and happier. I used to be pretty underweight and sickly but now I've turned my life around. I always want to encourage people who don't work out to start doing just something. I think it really would help out a lot of people with some of their problems.

Anonymous 11710

I hope this doesn't sound fake, but I was smiling reading that. You really deserve to feel good and be happy, good job anon!
I've been cooking healthy meals and getting up early. Hoping to get fit like you instead of weak. I will ascend with you!

Anonymous 11711

Bump while glowing ^.^

Anonymous 11723

can i get pics of your setup? how much did it all cost?

Anonymous 11724

nta but check craigslist or offerup if you're in the us. that type of setup brand new is going to be pricey. ultimately worth it if you can avoid gym memberships, but it's not cheap

Anonymous 11727

marisa bright smil…

Thank you for your well wishes. I appreciate it, sincerely.
Healthy meals and good regimented sleep is a great start. Just keep it up. The hardest part is making it a habit and sticking to it. Takes a lot of willpower. You can do it. I believe in you!
The bad days where you don't feel like doing it or eating well are the hurdles that you really need to strive to clear. Once you get past the hardest days everything else just becomes easier.
Best of luck!

Anonymous 11734

yeah i figured a three month response was a bit iffy. would you say prices have recovered from being raised by covid or are they still going to be high?

Anonymous 11738

depends on where you buy from. you have to wait for someone needing to get all their shit out of the garage asap. older gym guys want like the down payment of a house plus a kidney for this kind of stuff, no idea why they price so insanely high. prices will probably drop further tho so if you can wait, i'd say do it. secondhand bikes were insane like two months ago and now they're cheap

Anonymous 11745

My entire waist is sore from hula hooping. Is it going to widen my waist. I already have some abs, I'm just hoping to cut down even more.

Anonymous 11757


to anyone buying used power cages they often have nylon insert nuts which can't be reused so if you take it apart to move it you'll need to replace them.

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