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Ass Hair Anonymous 7354

My ass hair makes me want to commit Jihad. Does anyone use an epilator?

Anonymous 7355

oh my God. My sister. I really should consider that, but I'm scared it'll fuck up my skin

Anonymous 7356

yep, it's painful as fuck but i'd prefer a few minutes of pain and not having to worry about body hair for weeks then having to shave every other day.

Anonymous 7357


Enjoy your itchy ingrown anus hair!

Anonymous 7358

Just get laser hair removal.

Anonymous 7364


do you all prefer an epilator or waxing? got a brazilian a year ago, it was quite painful but the girl who did it was really kind which kept me from sperging out

if it wasnt so expensive and if i didnt have to interact with another person I would wax more, but it is so hard waxing myself. I've been thinking about using an epilator for different parts of my body, which is the better option in yalls opinions?

Anonymous 9049

h-how would I deal with that? exfoliate before?

Anonymous 9050

implying your hair doesn't grow back in a few days

Anonymous 9052

What is that experience like? do you have to get fully naked? I feel like I would like the results you get from a brazilian but I am very wary of people seeing my body, especially that part

Anonymous 9131

Will it grow back in a larger area and longer if I shave it with a razor?

Anonymous 9132

No. It just seems to because when you shave the hair grows up "blunt" and not soft, but wax once and you will notice they grow just the same.

Anonymous 9135

I'll think about it then, I actually don't have any need but who knows some day.

Anonymous 9136

I've used it occasionally in the past, my hair is coarse enough is basically torture for me. Unlike a wax strip that gets removed all at once, an epilator feels like each hair getting pulled out by tweezers individually. Psychologically, for me at least, I don't like subjecting myself to continual pain like that.

Anonymous 9161

Consider trying Nair. You need to trim your hair down for it to work best though (few mm). Just don't leave it on too long or it burns. When they say X minutes max, they really mean X minutes max.

Anonymous 9162

I wish I had a good female friend to support me and pull off my wax strips for me. I know it sounds weird but I'd do it for her too and then we wouldn't have to shill out for a professional waxer.
I love nair. I stopped using it because I feel bad about all the plastic I was throwing away though.

Anonymous 9238

I have that epilator but I'm a ng with ng hair and it was so painful i'm getting flashbacks

I just use veet now. Nair burns me and never does the job for some reason.

What I'm saying is- it might be helpful to invest in a chemical depilatory

Anonymous 18014

How do you use nair without it potentially going in your hole? Will it not give you a chemical burn?

Anonymous 18016

Oh god. Oh no.

Do NOT use an epilator anywhere near your genitals. You are in for some of the worst pain of your life if you do. Epilators hurt enough just using them on your legs and underarms. Go get a fucking wax instead. At least it'll be quicker.

Anonymous 18017


Oh I'm dumb, I didn't realize this was a 2-year old thread. Still, let this be a warning. You're going to be crying with an epilator stuck in your ass because it snags your skin too.

Anonymous 18113

Just keep to the time limit written on the packaging and dont cram it in your hole and you'll be fine.

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