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Anonymous 7628

Who's been fat their whole life and actually managed to lose weight? I can't visualise a thinner version of myself because I've never been thin.

Anonymous 7631

I was overweight my whole life and finally started to workout and eat healthy. Lost about 25kg over a longer period and it feels pretty good man, I'm proud. There are a few drawbacks though, the usual stuff like excess skin or several deficiencies or that I had to buy a bunch of new clothes.

Anonymous 7637

Yeah! I lost 50 lbs over the course of 2 years after being fat since adolescence. I was an average kid though.
Despite doing it over a period of time I still have some loose skin (on my arms and inner thighs) and unfortunately developed some sag on my face. Not much, but I have nasolabial folds under certain lighting now.

I think visualizing yourself depends on where you carry your fat and just how fat you are. If you're 100 lbs + overweight or carry a lot on your face it's hard to determine. For myself, I was "smallfat" and honestly just look like a more defined and smaller version of my fat self. But I know some people look super different.

Anonymous 7638

Yeah I need to lose around that much. I'm sure you look better than you think anon. How'd you guys achieve this? I'm okay with working out.. counting calories and dieting is my issue.. >>7631

Anonymous 7639

ive been fat my whole life, my parents worked so my grandma watched me and you know how overindulgent they are telling you to eat even if you dont really want to. then i became a shut-in who didnt do anything but eat and sleep, last year i was my heaviest at 116kg but i also started leaving the house last year and at the end of the year i was 93kg (i counted calories but still ate shit) this year i got to 86kg but im back at 92kg atm, i take it one step at a time i dont think about the long term goal, i think lets just get to 114kg and when i get to 114kg i say thats just water weight 112kg is actually 114kg repeat ad infinitum. this thought proccess helped me last year, also i had been trying to count calories before by using tracking apps but those stressed me out and i gained more weight and binged more instead, so i only keep track in my head, i also round up for example something says 250kcal i just think its 300. its probably easier to cook but i eat mostly frozen meals or packet noodles. last year i ate 1200~1400 (but probably less from rounding up) and since i didnt eat sustaining meals + eating a lot less + drinking a ton of water i got a lot of headaches. something that also helps is to not tell ANYONE and i mean ANYONE that youre trying to lose weight, i read years ago how when you tell people youre trying to achieve something you already feel part of the way there and you do less/dont accomplish at all (or something along those lines). it might not be for everyone but i definitely have that mentality, i think i gained weight this year not only because i dont actually eat healthy + stress but also because my family knows now.

i gotta say even though im less fat i still feel really ugly and self conscious, but im trying my best.

im sorry if none of this is helpful and only works for my shitty brain, i wish you the best of luck anon

Anonymous 7641

ayrt and honestly…it's just self-control for the first few months. You really have to reprogram yourself so you can make the lifestyle shift. My steps, over a long period and one at a time:
>cut out processed sugar
>slowly eliminate liquid calories (from juice to energy drinks to ANYTHING you put in your coffee)
>identify "danger" binge foods that you can eat endlessly, and eliminate them
>eat filling healthy food (high protein and stuff like oatmeal)
>begin officially calorie and nutrition tracking
Personal choices:
>start intermittent fasting
>cut out dairy
It's still not easy though. I have moments where I must stop and consciously resist even now, although I can eat treats in moderation finally. It helps that dairy breaks me out so I can barely eat any bad things kek. Now I binge on peanuts…

Hope this helps!! I believe in you, anon.

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