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Grey Hair Anonymous 7676

For older women out there, is anyone else going grey naturally and not dyeing their hair? Especially if you have darker hair/more noticeable grey hairs in that awkward “salt and pepper” phase.

I had an aunt growing up who never dyed her grey hair and I’ve always wanted to follow her footsteps. However, people keep telling me things like how not dyeing it will hurt me career-wise due to ageism, especially as it affects women. I also don’t like how wiry grey hair tends to be in comparison to regular hair. Does anyone know of any good conditioners or hair treatments to soften out the grey hair?

Anonymous 7679

I really like the salt and pepper look, tbh. And when I see women with nicely kept, long silver hair it really catches my eye and I think it looks so good. I'm not graying yet (my hair is mousy colored and I bleach it atm so I might have some and just not notice lol) but I don't think I'll dye my hair.

On the other hand, when my mom dyes her hair it does make her look noticeably younger… So I may fall prey to wanting to hide the gray, too.

I'd be interested to hear what miners who are actually graying have to say on the matter.

Anonymous 7682

I noticed some first grey hairs past year, not feeling too bad about it atm. When I was much younger my short hair was bright red and I had a pricey process of dyeing every 4 - 5 weeks. My natural hair colour is golden brown and the single grey miniparts are not eye-catching YET. My elderly mom who has similar hair still dyes it and appears much younger. Dunno if I'm gonna follow, but it won't be red then.

Anonymous 7691


I started sprouting a few silver hairs out of one spot a few years ago. I don't think I'll dye it, I sort of love the idea of having long silver hair. v witchy.

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