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Anonymous 7693

Any green tea drinkers?
Does it actually help with diets and health. I see a lot of people listing it's benefits. But I'm curious if anyone here has experienced those benefits.
I'm trying to stop drinking as much black tea and coffee.

Anonymous 7694

Why stop coffee? It's actually good for you, as long as you don't put tonnes of milk and sugar in.

Anonymous 7695

I'm trying to cut out the sugar lol
Plus my teeth are yellowing

Anonymous 7703

Completely anecdotal, but I quit coffeepot like half a year a few years ago. I noticed that after a few weeks my sweat smelled less.

Anonymous 7708

matcha tea and matcha almond milk lattes are my go-tos. matcha helps boost metabolism supposedly. I find that the more liquids you consume, the less you are hungry because your stomach is always full of something.

I always have jasmine green tea in the morning. It's calming and smells amazing. I add a teaspoon of honey if I'm craving something sweet as a snack instead of reaching for a cookie or slice of cake. It honestly hits that sweet spot and tastes like bubble tea without the tapioca!

my dietician also recommended to drink peppermint tea to curb cravings. This is particularly efficient at night after dinner. It prevents you from eating dessert!

Anonymous 7709

I really like drinking green tea. I find it gives a different kind of energy than coffee does, I think it has almost nootropic effects. I'll say that good Chinese green tea usually feels more strongly caffeinated to me than black tea, or sometimes stronger even than coffee, depending on how you brew it.

I ordered a bunch of different teas from a website called Adagio, but there are a lot of different tea-selling websites, and it would be even more fun to find a Japanese or Chinese tea house in your area and buy tea from there. Just stay away from most fruit flavored teas, they often just have added flavoring to make them taste like apple or whatever. You'll be amazed at how much flavor variation there can be in the leaf of the tea plant.

Have fun. I think tea drinking is a really comfy hobby.

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