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Getting a fringe Anonymous 7705

I’ve discussed this with my friends but I feel like they’re too nice to go against what I want, which is to get bangs! I want bangs but i don’t know if it’ll look good on me? I’m asian/Caucasian and look like Lauren Tsai (pictured) except with a bigger bumpier narrower pointier nose. Her face shape, eye area, lip shape and small forehead are very similar to me. Bangs are supposed to cover 5heads, right? But they also draw attention to ugly noses, too…
So I shouldn’t get bangs with these features, then? I really want bangs but I don’t know which style to get. I’m leaning towards Korean wispy bangs as it might soften my sharp nose.

Anonymous 7706

If you constantly style them bangs are cute! But I feel when they are a mess they draw even more attention to my forehead. There's days I feel like I look like chrischan. And another thing to think about they look really awkward when you grow them out.
The nose factor I've never thought about.

Anonymous 7707

I think the wispy bangs would look cute!

Anonymous 7722


I prefer my hair long but I get this impulsive urge every once in a while to get bangs. And I always do. First few days go well but then I regret it because its a little more extra work then just putting everything in a ponytail. Then theres that awkward faze when your bangs start to grow out and look weird so you have to decide to cut them again or bobby pin them down some how. Most girls look amazing with bangs as long as they style them.

Anonymous 7748


i tried to paint a fringe on her. do you like it? personally i prefer her original hair.
Sorry it's black and white. accidentally exported as the wrong format (pgm instead of png). and closed the program without saving. oof…

Anonymous 7749


this is her but just bangs. and i didnt fuck up this time

Anonymous 7756

OP here. Thank you for the photoshop! I wish I saw this sooner. She doesn't look too great with bangs…

I got my bangs and now regret it. Now I have to live with the regret for 8 months before I grow it out and get a bob. Everyone says I look like a soccer mom with it. I thought it would make me look quirky and fun but it just makes my round face into moon face :(

Btw, there are fringe wigs where you attach it to your forehead. I didn't discover this until after I cut my hair. I wish I bought that before I committed to getting a fringe so I could see what i'd look like.

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