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Cute Clothes, Anything Goes! Anonymous 7712

Okay! So I hope this is okay with the mods but I couldn't really find a Lolita/Victorian/Cute/Old School/Street Wear/Alternative Fashion thread, and I figured I would make one, I know it may seem like some of these themes don't fit together but I think you get the general idea!

The example is just a example, you can also post any frilly, light up, ruffled, mute colored clothes you like! Anything from American 50's to Punk! As long as it's girly, it can go here!

Anonymous 7714


Anonymous 7721


I totally forgot about TokyoFashion. I used to browse their street pics all the time when I was in middle school.

Anonymous 7741


Anonymous 7742


Anonymous 7743


Anonymous 7745

That has got to be the most annoying voice in the world! Why on earth is he ending all words so harsh?

Anonymous 7837


mini-dump incoming

Anonymous 7838


Anonymous 7839


Anonymous 7840


Anonymous 7841


Anonymous 7842


Anonymous 7843


i lovee this. the strawberry necklace is killing me with cuteness.

Anonymous 7858


Anonymous 7863


I love larme

Anonymous 7864


Anonymous 7865


I found these on some english site I think or maybe not english idk

Anonymous 7866


Oh wait, I'm so stupid. It says right at the bottom, it's from Street Style Carousel. Also I love Lizzie Bee

Anonymous 7867

larme (34).jpg

Sorry if I am annoying but I am going to post many photos. I wish I could dress like them but many outfits rely on specific clothes I can't get in my country (this one doesn't, I love it) and aren't worth importing so I don't dress like them. I still save them for inspiration or for DIY ideas

Anonymous 7868

larme (30).JPG

Anonymous 7869

larme (17).jpg

Uh sorry that one was really low-res.

Anonymous 7870


Anonymous 7871

larme (25).jpg

I LOVE these mesh larme skirts, I think I'll try to make one, it'll be great in the summer.

Anonymous 7872


I want to try to put more effort into my style, and jfashion is great at giving me inspo.

Good luck anon! I want one as well, although I can't sew.

Anonymous 7873

I don't know how to sew with a machine but sewing by hand is really easy! Just google it or ask someone, it's super easy, you can do it. I also wanna make a belt like the lady in your pic has, I have some scrap (fake) leather! I made a DIY thread here a long time ago, I think I might just revive it, I think more people should do DIY instead of buying premade things.

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