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Anonymous 7816

Anyone into running?
Does any one have any tips into people starting to run?
Is there a smarter way to build endurance and not get winded as easily?

Since this is a slow board you can talk about general exercising advice.

Anonymous 7817

I like to go for walks. Running makes me overheat, and then I throw up. I guess that's just because I'm out of shape, though.

Anonymous 7824

This. Walking is way comfier. I like to listen to music and read comics. Running is so boring because what else can you do at the same time? Think? No thanks.

Anonymous 7825

I'm not very fast it's usually a casual jog.
I usually listen to music or podcast. I have server maladaptive day dream so sometimes I'm not even there mentally when I'm jogging I'm lost in my own world until my ribs hurt.

Anonymous 7828

Running seems too embarrassing to do outside. I don't want to look winded, red and ugly in front of strangers.

Anonymous 7830

I'm always ugly and red so there no difference to me. lol

Anonymous 7831

I used to run but quit because I wasnt really cut out for it. c25k is a good beginner running program. it even has an app! make sure you have good technique or your hurt your feet/knees etc

Anonymous 7832

I tried doing c25k and I couldn't even do the first day. I stuck with it for a month or two but every time I went running I felt like I was going to throw up after.

Anonymous 7833

hows your breathing? breathing wrong can make you throw up. tbh I threw up alot from running. its kind of cringe but its mostly about mental toughness. sometimes you throw up and it hurt and you have to just deal with it

Anonymous 8005

So I saw >>7831 and the mention of c25k app. So I looked into it.
It's nice, I love it, not every far into it but it's helping me. I have trouble pacing myself so to hear a voice talk over my music helps.

Anonymous 8016

That advice rocks. Thanks OP

Anonymous 8027

Dude running rules. Also it sucks at first. I used to smoke and picking up running was the worst at first, but if you stick with it you get to a point where you can take a month off and still run a few miles no prob. Just try to get consistent with it. If you can run 1 mile, you can run 2. If you can run 2 miles, you can run 5. Work your way into it and focus on comfortable distance over speed. Also get new shoes every six months or whenever your knees start hurting. Oh also I was really into this Zombies Run app that is a post apocalyptic running podcast that motivated me to run every day for a long time.

Anonymous 8030

I've been running for about 10 years now. Unfortunately, despite being a simple activity there's a lot of useful information and it's hard to condense for a beginner. But people know me as a runner and sometimes ask me for help, and this is the best I've got.

Shoes. Find a specialized running store near you. Call them to see if they will let you take a quick run outside while trying on shoes. This is a normal expectation for a real store, and important for choosing a shoe. Try another store if they say no. Once you find a store that will, visit them, try on several shoes before deciding, and forget fashion and price. This might seem like a big hassle, but having the right shoes for you will make the difference between being a runner and being injured.

Take it easy. As a new runner, you have no sense of pace. When starting a run, you don't want the pace that feels right. You want the pace that will feel right in 10-15 minutes. Your body also needs to gradually adapt to the stresses from running. Most running coaches will tell you to never run more than 5-10% more miles this week than you did last week, as a rule to avoid injury.

Consistency. This is the most important element of success. Make a plan. Base it around what you are most likely to continue doing. Try a treadmill, outside, different gyms, different places. If you're out on a run, don't work so hard that you'll want to skip your next run. Have a goal for your next run, next week, next month, and next year.

Anonymous 8031

All of that said, there are definitely other, kinder ways to improve your endurance. The advice in OP's image isn't bad, but the reality is a lot of people try to start running and fail to keep it up. You will be healthier next year if you find something you're willing to do several times each week, instead of having an on and off relationship with running.

Biking and elliptical machines are great alternatives to running and don't involve smacking down on the ground thousands and thousands of times. The problem is that people tend to work either not hard enough or not long enough to get the same cardiovascular benefits they would from running. You're not going to hurt yourself on a stationary bike or elliptical, so show some guts. Other than that, anything that raises your heart rate over an extended period will give you the same effect. Running doesn't have any unique effect on your wind.

Anonymous 8068

I know despite my town being on lockdown they still tell people they can go outside to exercise. But I'm afraid of going to run on the trails to find them busy. I feel like not enough people are taking it seriously. A lot of people are concerned that they'll start enforcing a stricter lockdown. Plus that Ive been picking up shifts at work due to it being short staffed. So I'm kind of tired when I get home. I just want this all to be over with so I can run.

Anonymous 8070

I am into running! Sort of. I'm not competitive or anything, but I've been doing it for quite a while now. I feel gross when I don't do it.

I've heard good things about c25k, though I didn't actually use it myself. I sort of accidentally got decent at it. I started going to the gym without any idea what I was doing, so I just kept using the treadmill, going a bit further every time. Eventually I both started and ended each session on there.

I ultimately plateaued at the 12k mark, where I started looking for real ways to improve. The most useful things I learned were:

-Breathing technique; breathe through your belly rather than your chest. Breath in consistent rhythm. I can't explain it well, so look it up on YouTube. Proper breathing alone will probably significantly increase your distance. Every time you're getting out of breath, just focus on doing correct breathing and you'll quickly recover. I tend to have to put my hand on my belly to focus where I'm breathing, personally.

-Form; run the same way you'd jump. Seriously, try it. Hop on the front of your feet, hop mid foot, and hop on your heels. You'll feel that only one way really works well. Transition that hopping into alternating feet, and then lean forward a bit. You're running! (If you've been running flat-footed/heel striking, you may end up with sore calves when you make the transition)

Anonymous 8094

I love running

Anonymous 8395

>want to go run
>check the weather
>33 degrees
>5:40 PM, not even the peak of the day
The sun will be down by 8:30 and even then it'll still be 28 degrees. One of the pains of living in the US is how the temperature can fluctuate so much in one day.

Anonymous 8396

Bruh for fucking real, we had such a nice cool May and I've been so pissed the last week or so that I can't just go on hourlong walks whenever I want to anymore because it's summer hell outside. I have no other reason to leave my apartment…

Anonymous 8397

Lmao, I just got back from jogging, decided to go out anyway. I ended up a sweaty mess, of course.

Anonymous 8408

I'm a bit late, but well done! Getting out there is half the battle.

Anonymous 9562

I miss running on the regular. I have no excuse, especially since I lost my job. Depression just kick my ass so hard. I lost all motivation. I can't wake up early enough to go for a run and no way I'm in my neighborhood at evening. Cardio has to be the funnest exercise to me. I don't get most complaints against it. I wish I could have more discipline to lift weights but I find it boring.
I got so gross and flabby. My bmi is at 25 with my body fat is around 27%.

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