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weird body stuff Anonymous 7888

>what's the weirdest/grossest body thing that ever happened to you?

i might regret asking this but i just had a weird body thing happen and need to feel less alone.

i've had a bump in my armpit for YEARS. over 10 years. Last week it got inflamed and weird. i treated it with hot compresses, neosporin, and hydrocolloid bandaids to draw the gunk out. it calmed down and i thought that was that. but today i looked at it again and it looked black. i freaked out, but then realized that the black was…hair. i had like the world's longest coil of ingrown armpit hair. that must've been growing all the years?? wtf.

share yours.

Anonymous 7889

Whoa, that's really weird and kinda cool. Sorry I don't have any weird stuff to share, I just wanted to say that. Actually my bones skip and pop a lot (even my collarbone) but that's not really what you were asking right

Anonymous 7890

I have acne and that's just constant grossness.
Nothing outstanding though. Your story is astonishing.

Anonymous 7891

please try putting a solution of aspirin in water on your face, I know I'm in no place to tell strangers what to do but it really worked for me, I had very painful acne and now I have nothing. I posted about it in another thread, I just want to tell everyone to try because I know how much it hurts and how horrible it feels to look in the mirror.

Anonymous 7892

Is that gross? I love things like ingrown hairs, it's so satisfying when you pull it out.

One time I ended up getting some sort of really weird sores all over my back. They were red and infected with a sort of transparent yellow liquid, like really big cold sores. I had them for months and they left marks for some time. Turns out I was having a reaction to expired chocolate powder I was eating.

Anonymous 7893

I had a huge under the skin cyst on my left shoulder, where my bra strap would rest. I would notice it on occasion but I never bothered with it. Until one day my boyfriend pointed out how big its gotten. It was definitely close to a inch an a half across in diameter. I took a razor and cut it. Then puss just ozed out. I regretted it, it smelled so bad. Took me a few days to drain it and left a pretty deep scar.
The worst part was that it was satisfying to squeeze it all out.

Anonymous 7894


I do love getting out ingrown hairs, but usually I've just dealt with little circle ones under the skin on my legs. This one was like a mega ingrown the likes of which I'd never seen.

Anonymous 7895


ah yikes, how did you cut it? didn't it hurt so badly?

Anonymous 7896

I used a regular razor. It did hurt, I don't recall the pain being inhibiting. It wasn't very deep into the skin to start getting it oozing. I think the worst part was when I tried to squeeze it, it tore open more. The pain was mostly from the more I messed with it the more sensitive it got
So use my dumbass as a cautionary tale, just go to a doctor, if in a similar position.

Anonymous 7897

I actually started using salicylic acid recently and it's working like a charm! Along with the rest of my routine/some dietary restrictions, I'm slowly clearing up.
But thanks anyway, anon. It's sweet that you want to help fellow pizza-chans.

Anonymous 8006

I'm so sorry but I keked hard when I read the last sentence. Do you have scars? I hope not
I remember that some time ago when I was around 13 or 14 and started to shave, I tried shaving my pubes. You can guess that it didn't go very well. A couple of days passed and I noticed a little bump that went reddish and then it looked like some puss was gathering. Stupid me just ignored it lmao. Another couple of days passed and it started to hurt so I decided to take care of it. I tried to pop it like a regular pimple. Puss got out, noticed something dark inside. Tried to get it out and it turned out it was a longass ingrown hair lmao. It was so gross and curly for some reason.
A kinda similar story to OP's

Anonymous 8036

why not just buy a salicylic acid product? like paulas choice or that clean and clear dual moisturizer that many swear by ($5)
that is, if the acne is even caused by oily skin and clogged pores. some people have scurbbed/burned off the skin's moisture barrier

also my gross story is similar to OP. i used to shave my pubes every day as a teen and stopped. but a few months ago i noticed a black dot on my pubic mound, and i squeezed it, expecting an ingrown hair. instead, a blackhead the size of a corn kernel came out. i was traumatized but also immensely satisfied that it came out in one chunk like that

Anonymous 8042

I've had a cyst on my butt since childhood and one of these days I'm going to get it removed just to satisfy my curiosity. I talked to a doctor about it and she said as long as it wasn't hurting (it never has, not in 20 years) there was no point in removing it besides aesthetics. The recovery period for this kind of stuff is kind of long and I'm a gym rat who doesn't want to lay off of it for a month or whatever.

I've dealt with long-lived armpit ingrowns before but never on the scale of YEARS. That's very impressive Anon, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous 8043


A corn kernel?? Glorious.

Anonymous 8077

>lay off of it for a month or whatever
I'm back home now and furious I didn't know the gym (and EVERYTHING) would be closed. This would have been the perfect time to get a chunk cut out of my ass fuuuuuck

Anonymous 8232

I had a bump on the underside of my boob. Didtn't really think about it much, but eventually a coil of hair like you described broke thru and it was bloody and had a scar for a bit.

Anonymous 8234

Hemorrhoids. The kind that you can shove back into your anus with your finger temporarily to spare some shame when ya mans hitting it from the back

Anonymous 8242

Ganglion cyst, it's so fucking annoying but it technically doesn't hurt/impede movement so it's just unsightly and I can't get it removed unless by a plastic surgeon.

Anonymous 8246

I have a small anal skin tag. I used to not really care about it, even though I knew whoever was my partner would see it. My ex called it my little "tail" and it really wasn't a big deal. The current guy I'm with fucked that up. He straight up asked me if it was a tumor and laughed at it and I've felt disgusting since. I can't see any part of my partner as gross, just unique or interesting at worst, so it really affected how I viewed the balance within the relationship. I just want to feel accepted by my partner. I really didn't think a stupid skin tag was anything to freak out about, but I'm wrong.

Anonymous 8253

>I really didn't think a stupid skin tag was anything to freak out about, but I'm wrong
You're not wrong and your partner's reaction was very immature. How would he feel if you made him feel ashamed and insecure about every small detail of himself?

Anonymous 8270

Ugh, I have one on one of my wrists. So annoying. I push on it sometimes even though the sensation grosses me out.

Anonymous 10980

i have a humpback and it makes me want to kms

Anonymous 10991

Go to a physio anon. I used to have one and was amazed what a few sessions can do. Even if it's not a muscle problem, you will have tension that a physio can help with and improve a bit.

Anonymous 11003

Tonsil stones, not unhygienic my tonsils just have many deep crypts. It’s disgusting and I wish I could say it’s satisfying to remove the stones but with a strong gag reflex it’s a challenge not to throw up (not to mention the disturbing imagery) it’s quite the horrifying experience finding a new fold with build up, sometimes multiple stones in one hole :( I can’t wait to get them removed one day.

Anonymous 11025

I get roughly dime-sized cysts on my thighs often. But the worst cyst I ever had was on my neck. It was probably the size of a golf ball and I had to get an ultrasound on it before a doctor would do anything. There was another one I had on my scalp that popped in my class in HS. Cysts suck, man.

Anonymous 11029


>They were red and infected with a sort of transparent yellow liquid, like really big cold sores.
sounds almost exactly like shingles (pic related), might have been that if you ever had chickenpox as a kid

Anonymous 11051

I like dancing, and when I rapidly move my upper body in a jerking motion, I get this feeling of being momentarily unable to breathe and like, feel icy wind in my throat accompanied by bad breath. I hope I don’t have some kind of tissue damage.

Anonymous 11058

I had some kind of rash on my arms in my senior year of high school. I had to wear long sleeve shirts that whole year. They tested it and determined it was some kind of biological thing like a parasite or fungus or something but they never figured out what it was. I stopped scratching and it went away.

Anonymous 11084

I have a weird skin-"slice" under my armpit. I hate it. It's ugly. It's not a bump like OP. It's more like a piece of weird skin just coming out of my skin and hanging there.

I thought about cutting it off, but I am just going to let a professional beauty surgeon handle this. Hopefully it won't cost more than a couple hundred euros.

Anonymous 11090

I had some sort of cyst on my back and I just can't stop picking and squeezing stuff like that in the hope it will pop because it irritates me so much which most times makes it way worse, just like that one. It was quite deep under my skin and I tried to cut it open with a razor and accidently went a bit too far, bled like hell and became infected so the cyst got even larger but it just wouldn't give in. Fast forward a week sitting at the dinner table I dropped my spoon and bend down to pick it up, the weakened tissue from the X I cut into it gave up at that point and basically the whole thing unloaded right into my shirt like a nerd on his first date. It even made a faint popping sound. Looking at it my mom told me that I was quite precise with the razor and it looked like someone hollowed out a loaf of bread on my back because of the cuts. It bleed worse than the first time and even my underpants got stained. But the feeling to finally get rid of this thing was grade A 100% heaven.

What you experience is the fluid in your body gaining momentum trough your movement and since the solid part of your stomach moves way faster than the fluid the secondary gets pushed out like a simulated reflux.
The feeling of being unable to breathe is a instinctive reaction of your body to prevent you from inhaling your own stomach acid by accident during sudden movements since acid and lungs seldom get along well.
The icy wind in your throat is actually the feeling of the slightly caustic irritation caused by leaked stomach acid which is also the reason for the bad breath because hydrochloric acid with food crumbs is not quite the most delicious thing. Also for some reason chemically burned mucosa tissue can reek pretty bad.

Anonymous 11115

I have PCOS and insulin resistance so I have acanthosis nigricans on my skin folds.

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