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Eyebrows Anonymous 804

Which eyebrow technique is best for completely changing the shape? I have thick bushy straight eyebrows that have no arch like at all.
When I get them threaded they just get thinned out as opposed to completely changing the shape as I'd like. How does one go from shitty eyebrows to something like "Seductive Natural" or "Mysterious Natural" eyebrows?

>eyebrow general

Anonymous 805

That will basically only happen if you panstick/ shave them and then draw them back on, drag style. Sorry anon, you can't really change the natural shape of your eyebrows. Both those eyebrow shapes you mentioned have a really high arch and unless the hair naturally grows there, and your browbone is shaped like that, it just won't happen. You just have to work on making the most flattering shape you can out of what you have.
Don't worry tho, high arches may not suit you anyway and bushy straight brows are really trendy right now.

Anonymous 806


Like the previous anon said, shaving them off would work best.

However you can change the look veeery slightly with overlining them a bit. But only a bit, otherwise it's way too obvious.
Sadly you can't go from ex. "exotic natural" to "dramatic natural, but you could change the shapes if they are similar.

Anyway, I'm jelly of people who seem to have "perfect" symmetrical brows. In my case one is slightly more arched than the other and it's super annoying, but it's not like people notice it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make your brows look more "defined" or "clean" or whatever you'd call pic related?

I tried going to a specialist but she didn't really help lol
I also use a pencil, maybe I need more practice or am using too much product, but mine look a bit "unruly" like on the first pic, despite having all the right hairs plucked. idk

Anonymous 807


Aside from the obvious plucking and filling in the ends, it looks like the after pic has the front portion of the brow trimmed with scissors. My brows are thin but the hairs are long and unruly, so I have to do this every few weeks to keep them looking nicely groomed.

Anonymous 808


This technique is it. I probably touch up 1-2x/week. I then slightly overline for the look I want and it really makes you look more polished.

Anonymous 809

Thank you, I'll give it a try. Hopefully it'll look better than what I have now

Anonymous 810

how do you guys get your eyebrows like super straight? I haven't really found a good video yet

Anonymous 811


Hi, can someone help me with my eyebrows? What should I do to make them a bit fuller? I barely have any hair there and idk which type they are (according to OPs image). Is mine glamorous thin or whatever? Can I change my eyebrows to make my face look better? I have an oval face with large forehead and big eyes, if that helps. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 812

>>811 hey anon, can you take a more front facing shot? It's kinda hard to work out for me at an angle

Anonymous 813


I'm horrible when taking pictures, I hope this one helps. Ty so much in advance, anon

Anonymous 814


>>813 ok, so I'm mega biased with brows because I love the korean style straight brow. >>810 this may help you too.

My natural eyebrow has an arch to it but you can essentially get any eyebrow you want by using a brush, one of those little single blade hair trimmers. You can get this stuff very cheap. You will also need a natural toned eyebrow pencil, and sometimes a light mascara can help add "natural" looking fake hair haha.

The easiest way I found is to draw the ideal eyebrow shape with a sharp eyeliner pencil, see what hair combs into that shape (you'll find yourself combing parts up and coming parts down, I have to comb my arch down and the bits at the centre of my face I comb up ahaha). Then use the razor to trim around the outside of the shape. Sometimes this can be a lot of hair, sometimes it's not a lot at all, depending on how much your brows grow etc.

Once you have done that, fill in the shape with a pencil lightly. you can be a bit darker with the strokes in more "bald" places, but I usually try and use a mascara for these bits.

There's a lot of images online if you google "korean straight brow tutorial" but from experience of my friends and I, you're luckier if you have thinner brows to start with. It also means you can see better if brow starts to grow back in more scarce areas!

I've badly edited a shape over in paint, photo attached. As you can see, on the right brow there may be more hair under the desired shape, but it's okay.

I hope this helps you guys anyway <3

Anonymous 815

>>814 samefagging, sorry, but also don't go to hard/heavy near the centre, it'll look mega fake and wrong haha.

I actually need to redo my eyebrows atm so maybe I can post a before and after if people want.

Anonymous 816

I fucking love you, anon. Tysm! <3

Anonymous 817

Screen Shot 2017-0…

Ok i feel silly posting these because i know my eyebrows aren't for everyone so pls don't roast me too hard but I have managed to completely change the shape. My natural eyebrows are thicker on the ends than towards the middle and have 0 arch. Completely straight and horizontal. I plucked the tails thinner, plucked JUST A FEW hairs in the middle to make an arch left the inner part alone, and I use nyx eyebrow wax pencils to create angles. So if you like how this looks, that's what I did.

Also if this is too severe to you but you like some aspect of it, it would be really easy to do the same steps but have a more subtle arch if you just use less wax pencil.

Anonymous 818


This is the wax pencil I'm talking about. It's a dupe of a milani one which is a dupe of an Anastasia one and I've tried them all. They're exactly the same so get the cheap one. I wake up with almost totally straight brows (that are just thinner on the end) and use this thing to make what you see in my previous post.

Anonymous 819

Rock them loud and proud, I'm a slut for thin eyebrows.

Anonymous 820


Thank you bb. I do like them I just felt a little pompous using myself as a good example. Anon did ask for advice about changing the shape though and my brows looked to look exactly like this girl's but maybe flatter so I figured I'd share.

Anonymous 821

Thanks very much anon! Just purchased the NYX pencil. I'm not sure how I've gone so long hating the downturned hairs on my eyebrows without ever hearing of this.

Anonymous 822

Yay glad I could help! Idk why they're not more popular. You can make a ton of different shapes with them

Anonymous 2350

I don't know if somebody will read this or not since this thread isn't very active, but I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my eyebrows because I have a missing hair patch on both of them and it's been bothering me so much. Should I go to a dermatologist about this? It sucks dealing with this :/ Thanks and sorry if this isn't the right thread for this, thought I might give it a try.

Anonymous 2351

Did you have that since you were a child or did it start recently? Did you over pluck them perhaps? You can always fill them in.

I kind of had the same problem for years, idk how exactly it happened, but it was literally a bald spot but it took 3 years for the hair to grow back lol

But if it really bothers you can go to a dermatologist or try castor oil since it's supposed to help with hair growth.

Anonymous 2353

I cannot recommend eyebrow feathering enough. They look so natural and will fix practically any problem you're having. I've had mine for three years now, it's a bit faded but otherwise still looks great and is still holding well in he areas that mattered to me(the outer tips)

Anonymous 2354

That's basically eyebrow tattoos, right?
Can you explain the process, cost etc? I'm kind of curious now

Anonymous 2355

Yep, they are temporary tattoos. So they used to draw a block for your eyebrow, but this one tattoos each individual stroke, so it looks much more natural. Cost can range from 300-100 (AUD) not too sure about in other countries. Typically takes two to three sessions to complete and heals in like a week for each session. Initially found out about it from Wengie through my friend. I think the stay of the tattoo depends on each person, they supposedly fade at 1-2 years but I think that depends on the individual person. My skins fine so I rarely wash my face I think that helped in it lasting so long.

There was some chart on how to draw perfect eyebrows, whereyou use a brush and hold it on the bridge of your nose, and hold it at an angle from your nose, that's how my one knew where to put the brows. She showed me before doing it to see if I was okay with it.

I do think there are shady ones, so maybe read reviews and look at their customers if hey have pics.

Anonymous 2362

Thank you for replying! Sorry for responding late but I had this issue since I was a kid and what do you mean by fill them in? Sorry I'm kinda new to this eyebrow stuff and want to learn how to take care of my eyebrows.

Anonymous 2363

You just use an eyebrow pencil or gel to fill in any bald spots

Video related

Anonymous 2391

Thank you again anon, I really appreciate it! 😄

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