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Can't tell what I look like Anonymous 8129

Not sure if it belonged here or /feels/. I know for sure I'm fat, I have been since I was a kid. But I struggle with understanding what I really look like to others and how I compare with the other women around me. There are for sure plenty of bigger girls, but even looking in a mirror or at a picture, it's difficult to wrap my head around. I've gotten a lot of different feedback from different people I know irl but obviously they're biased. Does anyone have a solution/ any tips? A tip other than "lose weight" preferably

Anonymous 8139


>Are you comfortable with your body (while you're naked in the shower, when/if you go to the beach/pool, if you wear skirts/dresses/tight pants/tank tops/shorts, do you think your hands look good?)?
>Do you binge/ eat unhealthy?
>Do you think your body is vary different from your mother/sister(s)/aunt(s)? If so, are they skinnier or bigger? If they're skinnier, do they make comments about your weight? Does anyone close to you (friends, work, etc)?
>Would you find beautiful other women with similar height and weight? Why/Why not?

If you don't mind answering these (any anon wanting to participate in the thread could do as well), I'll give you my opinion. I have regular weight but all my aunts, cousins and my mother used/are very slim, and my sister is veeery skinny. I'm okay with my weight but knowing I'm the one different sometimes I think they're not (I used to be chubby during puberty).

Anonymous 8140

>but knowing I'm the one different sometimes I think they're not
''But knowing I'm the one different makes me wonder sometimes that they're not''
Big surprise, English is not my first lenguage.

Anonymous 8141

Pancake Cat.jpg

Well, to begin with, post a picture of yourself. Strangers on the internet are likely to be less biased than people you know in real life.

Anonymous 8144

>are you comfortable with your body in the shower, etc
I used to be uncomfortable in the shower and while naked and alone, but that's improved. How I feel when wearing revealing clothes varies depending on who I'm with, but most of the time I shy away from tight clothes/situations that would call for them (like swimming) I have no particular opinion on my hands besides me biting my nails/skin around them and it looking terrible. When I get the willpower to grow them out they're alright.
>do you binge/eat unhealthy?
I for sure don't eat healthily. I dont get fast food every day, and I'm mostly limited to what my parents keep around the house food wise, and they're diet-obsessed
>is your body similar to your mom's? I suppose a little bit, but she got a breast reduction when I was pretty young and left the big titty club. She's got less fat than I do but structurally I'd say we're somewhat alike. I dont spend a whole lot of time paying attention to her body though. She doesnt directly say "you're fat" but for as far back as I can remember, it's always been "do you really need to eat that", "haven't you had enough", stuff like that. She signed me up for weight watchers when I was 13 and I was mortified, in there with all the huge middle aged women. Has made me have gym memberships over the years, dropped me off at the gym a lot
>do you find other women with the same body type beautiful
I have a hard time looking at other girls and being able to confidently say that our weights/body types are similar, I have a really skewed perception of myself. I do find chubbier girls cute though.

Anonymous 8145

Formatting fail, I'm pretty new to the site my apologies

Anonymous 8146


The world's worst and creepiest collage, but it gets the point across I think

Anonymous 8147


You are big, but you don't look bad. Actually, your thigs look nice, like the meat is not gelatine (I have smaller thigs withe celulitis and they look like two melted ice-cream cones xD). You seem to have quite long fingers and that makes your hands delicate. Having a dewlap it's another important thing.
> Does anyone have a solution/ any tips? A tip other than "lose weight" preferably
From the upper-right photo I can see that you hide your butt with your shirt. Do you do that regularly? Would you rather find another style for clothes? I used to hide my butt, now it depens on the jeans.

You're skin is too good ;-;

Anonymous 8149

Ty for all the compliments :')
I hide my butt with my shirt a lot, yeah. Mostly because I wear leggings a lot so it's a habit. Also my butt is pretty flat and doesn't look that great imo. Tucking my shirt in makes me uncomfy with how it looks/brings attention to certain things but that could be irrational.

Anonymous 8186


You'd want to bring out your waist and shoulders. Belts, corsets and skirts would do you well. Short biker jackets and thin scarfs are your friends.
You have a nice bossom and skin, bring that out too.
It's mainly wardrope issues that hurt your looks.
Also a bit of style would make you pop, you are pretty much perfect goth fodder.

Anonymous 8211

I also think you have really beautiful skin, I think you should wear blouses that have a big neck opening lmao I don't know how else to call them but maybe I am biased because I love to wear such blouses.

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