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dilemma: skinny or implants Anonymous 8248

Hi, anons. I'm a not really, but at least weight-wise "recovered" anorexic. I miss how my face looked badly; I gain weight in my face so only by being in the 15s bmi-wise did the fat start to recede. So now at a bmi of 19-20, I feel hideous, but a lot of the weight is because I've worked out and that helped me gain.

The dilemma I'm faced with is that part of why I became anorexic in the first place is because I realized I would never have a "balanced" body. It'd always be fucked because I don't have large breasts to offset how huge my shoulders are. It doesn't help my butt sticks out so it makes my breasts look even tinier. I wear a 32C/32D but they look more like what most people think a B cup looks like because of their damned shape (very round and not projected). If I got implants, I think I could be persuaded not to go back to being anorexic since it'd look ridiculous with the implants. But if I didn't get the implants, it's like, yeah, my body is fucked, why not become anorexic again. Any insight? Do you all think it's better to achieve an ideal body by long-term extremely low-cal diets (and exercise), or by plastic?

pic-related is some random with a bmi of 15. I looked a little more "strained" at that bmi

Anonymous 8252

extensive therapy
i know this isn't the answer you want and i'm sure you've already tried therapy but getting implants only puts a temporary bandage on the real issue, of self-esteem

Anonymous 8269

As someone with implants, I do not recommend that you get surgery while having anorexia. You should not try to fix mental illness with cosmetic surgery. If you want to, have the surgery after you fix your problems.

>Do you all think it's better to achieve an ideal body by long-term extremely low-cal diets (and exercise

If you do extremely low-cal AND exercise you're not gonna look good. You'll just look like a walking skeleton, unable to build muscle because you don't eat. This really isn't the appropriate mindset to have surgery. Not to mention you have to follow some dietary requirements before and after surgery, like eating a lot of red meat to help with scarring, and eating like a normal person would during recovery to ensure you don't get sick.

Anonymous 8276

Sorry to hijack the thread, but:
What does it feel like to have implants? How does it feel to have them inside your body?
What’s the recovery like?
How big were you naturally and how big are you now?
Are you happy with them? How much did you pay? Would you recommend getting them?
Why did you get them (or I should ask: why did you want larger breasts?)?
Are you Stacy? Were you before the implants?

Anonymous 8277

theres literally nothing wrong with having small breasts. but youre mentally ill so you wont accept this…

Anonymous 8279

I replied to your post in the plastic surgery thread. >>8278

Anonymous 8280

How do boys react to them? Are you too autistic to get a bf?

Anonymous 8281

Anon pls move to the other thread, I don't wanna hijack OP's.

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