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Anonymous 8355

What are some good wristwatches for women? I feel like we are missing out on all the good stuff, the watch market is mostly aimed at men.

Anonymous 8356

Anonymous 8358

There’s many wristwatches for men that are fairly unisex. My grandmother wears a male wristwatch. Do you care more about functionality and dependability or the look of it? If the former, I recommend taking a look at seiko. Definitely avoid mall brands and Kickstarter shit (Michael kors, Daniel wellington, invicta, fossil)

Anonymous 8360


I bought this a couple days ago. Less than 24€, I really like this brand. The pic is not mine but I decided a photo of someone wearing it would give you a more accurate idea of how it suits my wrist. My mother said it's a winter watch!!

Anonymous 8361


Here's a picture of the model.

Anonymous 8362

This is nice. Simple, understated, elegant, and austere. Casio is a reliable brand too. This watch would probably look great if you dressed in black and white formalwear

Anonymous 8363


Only watch I will ever wear tbh.

Anonymous 8649

Yes! I wanted something formal and discrete.

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