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Women's Faux Leath…

eGirl Aesthetic Anonymous 8364

I want to dress like an egirl but I'm having a hard time finding brands that fit the specific image. Please dump outfit inspo and images here.

I'd prefer this not turn into bashing the style as edgy and wannabe as it is. I just think its fun

Anonymous 8365

겨울 곰⁷ ❄️

Anonymous 8366

Nation Pattern Pan…

Anonymous 8368

I second this. Forever 21 is good for e-girl fash, but you have to envision each piece as part of an e-girl outfit. When you do that, it gets easier. I think it's a little silly to buy overpriced e-girl stuff on depop when it's a trend that we don't know how long it will last for.

Dollskill can also be good.

Anonymous 8372

Anonymous 8390

i hear aliexpress has good stuff too



Found this at https://allthingsrainbowstore.com/ They have aesthetic fashion blog on their website with lots of ideas on Egirl aesthetic outfits

Anonymous 9571

don't use this its all dropshipped aliexpress stuff

Anonymous 9583

Why would anyone want to get on a dead trend?

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