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Anonymous 8383

What are good online stores for shopping comfy, e-girl-ish clothes with relatively good prices?

Anonymous 8384


Anonymous 8385

I didnt expect it to have as nice a selection as it has. Thanks :]

Anonymous 8387

>cat tail coming out of the middle of her back instead of the end of her spine

Anonymous 8389

Yeah i thought about that too but i guess its because of her shorts

Anonymous 19668


I never believed this one but Yesstyle has grown on me.. what I love about their stuff is that it feels both feminine and cute but also mature like you could see someone non weeb-y wearing it outside

Anonymous 19731

shop on taobao and buy through pandabuy
there's also 42lolita

Anonymous 19736

you can translate taobao with built-in google translate on chrome or the "TWP - Translate Web Pages" extension on firefox

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