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Anonymous 839

Will make up make a girl more beautiful, or does it depend on facial structure?

Anonymous 840

Unless you choose to have it tattooed, makeup will only ever be a temporary panacea and it's pointless relying on it too much.
Facial structure does play the most defining role in whether or not a person is considered beautiful, but there are other factors that can be manipulated, such as bodyfat %'s and muscle density. I have never seen anybody who's appearance didn't improve twofold by regular, natural exercise, especially resistance training since it also affects the appearance of the face. Other minor factors to consider are things like hair and skin condition, eye health, dental health etc. Most important of all imo is mental health, since that affects the appearance of the entire body gradually over time.

Anonymous 841

A good complexion and haircut does SO much for anyone's looks. People look at each other's faces to judge their personalities before they open their mouths unfortunately. Although I agree that fitness (or thinness, let's be real that's what people mean) change your appearance to look better overall I've known quite a few girls that had GORGEOUS faces that were fat and still considered very beautiful while I've also known girls with killer bodies and plain faces who were largely overlooked.
The reason I brought up skincare and hair is that those things can really transform a regular face. A good haircut can completely change how faces look while good skin makes people look much healthier.

Anonymous 842


>especially resistance training since it also affects the appearance of the face.


Anonymous 843


I wish I could elaborate more on this but to be honest I don't understand it much myself. It's just something that's prominent amongst the fitness crowd, you'll notice it frequently in their befores and afters, the enormous changes to their facial structure after increasing their muscular mass.
At first I chalked it up to a change in bf%, but it's more than that, it's like your entire face becomes more sculpted and refined overall. You always hear people say that lifting doesn't just improve your body, it improves your facial aesthetics too, so I guess this is what they mean.

Picture related, Zyzz is a good example (RIP).

Anonymous 844

anon,it's not the resistance training per se that's changing their face…

Anonymous 845

For Zyzz it's clearly aging, and that's probably the case for a lot of people who start lifting in their teens/early 20s.

Anonymous 846

if you're not beautiful without makeup then I don't think you're really beautiful

Anonymous 847

Kill me.

>I've also known girls with killer bodies and plain faces who were largely overlooked.
Also kill me.

Sage for self loathing.

Anonymous 848

the important thing is to be OK with not being beautiful. it doesn't make you a bad person, or worth any less

Anonymous 849


People can be really unpleasant, or boring, or hard to look at. Just like a supermodel with her hair tied, big glasses, and a clean face will still be enjoyable to look at for her features and facial bones, putting on makeup, having perfect skin/hair, big contacts, no glasses, etc isn't going to really make someone ugly suddenly become beautiful to look at.

Makeup can look interesting, but you always know what someone really looks like under it. But, I don't think women NEED to be beautiful. You can just be ugly and shouldn't feel so miserable that people don't enjoy looking at your appearance, because there are mountains and multitudes of persona and knowledge and experience that an ugly person can contain.

Anonymous 850

I'm ugly because my discoloration lol and fucked up skin/acne/dark circles so makeup makes me go from a mannish ghoul to a average person :)))))) Im the only person in my family with bad skin! Yay for genes :D

Anonymous 851

Tbh I think that as long as the person doesn't have a fat face/double chin that engulfs their neck I think anyone could be beautiful if they use their make up the right way, kinda like that one girl on YouTube who's eyes are really far apart(I don't remeber their name but she's pretty popular) and even though her facial feature is odd and not the standard for pretty the way she applies her makeup makes her look so beautiful imo.

Obviously some will have to work harder with finding a unique style to accentuate the more desirable parts of their face but overall I think anyone can achieve a beautiful look through makeup. It's a shame guys can't wear it as a norm since so many would look so much better

Anonymous 852

Depends on a lot of things but I think people go about it the wrong way a lot.
First of all, it's not 2 boxes labelled 'hot' and 'not' like some seem to think, it's a bell curve and most people are more or less average compared to others. It also depends on what someone finds attractive and in some part also what people are being told to like. My bf thinks small rosebud lips are better than big full lips but that's certainly not the popular opinion today, and for whatever reason a lot of guys who used to think otherwise 5 years ago now think big instagram lips are beautiful because they've been told they're supposed to find it beautiful so many times.
Second, a lot of people think you're supposed to have [these] features to be considered beautiful and, while that's partially true in some capacity, there's many different kinds of pretty and sticking someone else's lips on your face and getting surgery to have someone else's nose might actually make you look worse. So it's actually really hard to say which one girl is more beautiful than another since there's so many different kinds of faces with their own special appeal, we can only just say what we ourselves find beautiful. I think Saoirse Ronan is beautiful just the same as Janelle Monae even though they look worlds apart.
Keeping all that in mind, if you learn how to apply makeup through YouTube by watching someone who looks nothing like you, don't be surprised if you still look like painted shit. So makeup can help, but only if you know what you're doing. There's very few people who are completely helpless.

Anonymous 9242

Make-up if used correctly can make a girl look more beautiful. It's not the end-all be-all though.

If this girl lost weight, wore contacts, and let her hair down rather than pulling it back she could be rather attractive. She is blonde and blue eyed after all, and her bone structure will be more defined if she gets thin.

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