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Anonymous 8416

It's that time of the month again
What strategies are you using to cope with it and to feel better?

Anonymous 8417


Ovaries go brrrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous 8418

I love that some anon here clearly has a crush on her. Cute.

Anonymous 8419

Mooncup or some other brand. I don’t remember. Been using it for 7 years now. It’s not perfect as it can leak but it’s the best solution I have.

Hated pads as they would scratch against my legs and smell awful. Never used tampons because of toxic shock syndrome and I don’t do sports so no point risking it. Tried skipping periods with the pill but I didn’t like the feeling, constantly felt like my period was just about to come. Made me bad emotionally too. All the methods prior to the cup were so awful that I actually tried “free bleeding” by just wearing multiple pairs of knickers but it smelled awful. Tried the contraceptive implant but it just made me bleed constantly for weeks.

Spoke to a doctor recently about getting ablation to go completely period free at the same time I get sterilised but they didn’t recommend it. They suggested the Mirena but I’m tired of trying things and them being painful (tried the copper IUD before too). Even just the fitting and changing would be painful. The Mirena’s website even states it can cause heavier periods. I might talk to another doctor about ablation to see what they say. My periods are always heavy and painful and I’m tired of it.

Have any anons tried period pants? What’s the deal with them, you just wear them like regular knickers and they catch all the blood? How often do you have to change them?

Anonymous 8420

i think she's a good youtuber as well

Anonymous 8422

>can't flick the bean without coming back with a bloody hand.
Made me lol anon. Thanks.

Anonymous 8430

>Too bad I can't flick the bean without coming back with a bloody hand.
I hate this shit. It's annoying. Lately I've been having issues sleeping and once I masturbate it usually puts me to sleep right away. Can't take that shortcut when I'm on my period. It's my sleeping pill! I need it!

Anonymous 8435

I masturbate with tampons in all the time.

Anonymous 8438

Daily JW, Zhang X, Kim DS, Park S. Efficacy of ginger for alleviating the symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. Pain Medicine. 2015 Dec 1;16(12):2243-55.

"Collectively these RCTs provide suggestive evidence for the effectiveness of 750–2000 mg ginger powder during the first 3–4 days of menstrual cycle for primary dysmenorrhea."

Anonymous 8443

>without coming back with a bloody hand.
I winced. When I'm on my period I'll sometimes wake up with blood under my finger nails which means I must've scratched myself while I was asleep. It grosses me out.

Anonymous 8447

My doctor gave me a free menstrual cup. It hurts when I insert it but not enough for me to pay for a better one.


I just take naprosyn lol

Anonymous 8449

He got a mooncup stuck up his ass and got banned as a result kek

Anonymous 8450

>not freebleeding
You are all weak. I spit in the face of shameful plastic pussy stuffers. Tfu.

Anonymous 8454

>no private toilet in building
>only row-stalls that are always full of fat cattle-like office boomers and a shared sink area
>menstrual cup user
honestly wish i could sue them. how can i be hygienic if i can't even properly rinse my cuppy out in peace? RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
my cup never leaks unless it gets too full. i bought an athena cup like 4 years ago and that's it, never spent another dime on menstrual products since. saved me hundreds of dollars. god, do i resent not having one earlier when i think about all that money wasted on tampons. i feel like i was born 10 years too early.

Anonymous 8458


I'm too bad at taking care of myself to handle a menstrual cup, I've used applicator-less tampons since I was a teenager because the waste associated with normal tampons has always seemed absurd to me.

I'm lucky enough to not have bad physical symptoms but god, the emotional toll can be so hard to deal with sometimes. PMS often gives me this unshakable, deep heavy feeling of darkness and makes me that much more emotional/prone to crying. Spent a few days earlier this week not being able to get out of bed and crying for hours from PMS. Really sucks because being aware of what's causing it doesn't help the darkness go away. Looking back I'm pretty sure that many of my self harm incidents and worst bouts of suicidal ideation since middle school have been around my period. I feel like I can't mention it to people because they'll just see me as some hysterical cow who's a slave to her hormones or just not take me as seriously.

Also has anyone else ever pulled out a tampon only to realize you accidentally had 2 inside you? It's happened to me twice lmfaoooooo

Anonymous 8465

>tfw periodfarts
should i squirt perfume up my butthole?

Anonymous 8472


>Also has anyone else ever pulled out a tampon only to realize you accidentally had 2 inside you?
That's a nightmare of mine.
On my way to try period pants, so I can be done with the smelly pads and the itchy tampons. Please be comfortable.

Anonymous 8477

I am torn between disgust and curiosity. Pls tell us about your experience.

Anonymous 8489

reusable pads. The ones I have are kind of bulky but I noticed that the swelling and pain in my labia went away when I stopped using disposable pads but also so comfy and soft. Haven't found the smell too bad but my periods are light.
I have period pajamas (all black) and I get SO bloated so I just try to wear loose clothing for a few days. Also have a heating pack (some rice sewn into cloth by a dear friend, just stick it in the microwave for like 1-2 mins, more than that and I've burned it a little lol). And just ibuprofen for cramps, but tbh they've gotten SO MUCH BETTER without disposable pads.
I cannot use tampons bc they make my cramps and pain so much worse and I'm worried a cup would do that too.

Anonymous 8490

(why the spoilers?)
Yes, plastic pads tend to generate reactions. A friend can only use textile pads (but they do not fit or stay in place, or at least not enough), another one only uses Japanese pads ("cleaner" as Japan do not uses tampons, the pads are of better quality and use less irritating matter).

Anonymous 8492

…Tampons are available in all drugstores on Japan. They do have nice pads, though.

Anonymous 8493

My bad, I should have been more nuanced "Japanese tend to prefer pads over tampons, hence there is a bigger variety of pads".

Anonymous 8494

genuinely concerned as to how one can forget an entire tampon being in them. 0_o

Anonymous 8496

Felt it might be a bit tmi for some was all, idk. Probably you have a point that I'm used to censoring that stuff because it's not usually in women-only spaces that I'm posting it or sth. Also I've never heard of anyone else having painfully swollen labia as a period side effect, but I guess if I never talk about it I'll never find them lol.
Yeah, I'm not one to say that disposable pads are horribly toxic or whatever, but I do find them a little irritating now even though they have saved me in a pinch a couple times.
I've actually never had an issue with textile pads shifting around too much- I actually like them better than the disposable ones because I can adjust them back to the right spot (discreetly of course)

Anonymous 8501

ADHD lol. Also tampons are pretty small, I couldn't feel that there were 2.

Anonymous 8502

>What strategies are you using to cope with it and to feel better?
Overdose on painkillers, medicine for stomach cramps and also some stuff my doctor prescribed me. I have extremely low blood pressure, so every other month I'm rendered useless for like 2 days, while I lay in bed and pray to whatever I can that I won't faint while walking to the toilet. After these two days it gets better, but I still envy girls that have 3 or 4 day long periods, a week of this shit is way too much.

Anonymous 8509

I used to suffer from bad cramps but in recent years they've calmed down a lot. I used to use a hot water bottle. Btw ladies, anyone take iron supplements while menstruating? In general, we have to consume more iron because of blood loss.

Anonymous 8527

Not sure how many people this will help, but I've stopped myself from feeling any anticipation of pain, which sometimes causes the pain to be even worse. I tend to treat myself with less discipline if I anticipate being in pain, and there's really no reason to do that. To deal with it, I close my eyes, breathe deep, and repeat to myself "it doesn't hurt" or "it feels good" and that takes away ~80% of it on bad-but-not-awful days.

On days that my cramps are really horrible, I take ~1300 mg acetaminophen, put on a heating pad, and usually I will be knocked out and fast asleep within 30-ish minutes.

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