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Beauty Routine Anonymous 8451

What does your every day makeup routine look like? Which products do you use?

Anonymous 8452

In the morning I rub my natural grease all around to make sure it’s even. I pick at the skin with my nails throughout the day to make sure no moisture gets trapped underneath. At night I bang my face against the mirror to remove excess impurities.

Anonymous 8453

I love to bang my head against things too! It's so therapeutic, which leads to less stress and better skin.

Anonymous 8480

Immediately after I wake up and finish my morning yoga:
>wipe face with Vichy micellar water on a cotton round
>spray face with witch hazel
>moisturize with CeraVe PM (it's actually pretty light and good for daytime)
>apply sunscreen (Biore UV Aqua Rich)

For makeup:
>a brown Marcelle pencil eyeliner, I just line my upper waterline and very slightly extend it outwards
>Glossier lash slick on top + bottom lashes
>Glossier stretch concealer under my eyes (maybe after prepping my skin with some rosehip oil)
>Glossier skin tint all over my face, usually 8-10 drops is enough for me
>Glossier cloud paint, just a tiny drop on my cheeks, across my nose, and on my chin
>Clinique black honey or the Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia on my lips

Takes me maybe 10-15 minutes. I've found that Glossier is the first brand that I have tried which doesn't give me that cakey makeup feeling.

Anonymous 8515

i bathe regularly

Anonymous 8517

I would hope so.

Anonymous 8522

am: wash my face with gentle soap, moisturizer, sunscreen, and light mascara/eyebrow pen.

pm: double cleanse, moisturizer.

Hado Labo Gokujyun is doing wonders for my skin. I just started using an aha this week…. I’m starting slow with once a week even though I’m itching to use it again since it seems to have helped my super congested skin.

Anonymous 8523

I wash my face with normal hand soap in the morning (I don't have any problems from it so I stopped buying specialized face soap for no reason) then I put acetylsalicylic acid and moisturizing cream on my face. In the evening I do the same, my skin is better than ever before and I don't have to buy a lot of stuff. Maybe I should use sunscreen too but it stings my face (I will try again when I buy one that isn't 3 years past expiry date though)
If I put on makeup I take a little bit of purple eyeshadow and paint it with a small brush on the outer edges of my eyes because I'm not skilled enough to do anything else with it and eyeshadow is the only thing that doesn't burn my eyes

Anonymous 8542

skincare (the most important part of your beauty routine)
>cerave cleanser
>(2x a week in the morning) apply biologique recherche p50 with a cotton pad
>(morning) timeless vitamin C serum or (evening) tretinoin gel 0.1%
>hada labo gokujyun premium lotion and a tiny bit of cerave moisturizing cream
>(morning) la roche posay sunscreen

>nars radiant longwear foundation, tarte concealer in the stick
>anastasia brow wiz
>muted shimmery brown cream eyeshadow and a bit of tightlined black eyeshadow, urban decay perversion mascara
>peripera lip tint

I'm looking for base makeup with lighter coverage now that my skin has leveled up. considering korean BB cushions, but I don't know any that are the same shade as Missha BB cream #13.

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