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Help Finding Shoes! Anonymous 8478

TLDR; i found these super cute shoes on amazon that i wanted to order for work & casual wear. i thought they were perfect because i’m very picky and typically not attracted to clothes but these really caught my eye, however, my size wasn’t offered. i am usually a size 7.5/8 in US shoes but according to their shoe chart i’m a 9, so i messaged them and asked if a 9 was available somehow and they were just like “no” and then immediately took the shoe off of their page. that made me sort of fishy, like maybe the design was stolen? i’m not very familiar with shoes or fashion so if anyone is familiar with this sort of thing do you recognise this shoe from anywhere? it would be really awesome if i could find the original maker and buy from there. if not, does anyone know where i could find a very similar type of shoe? i tried looking at lolita shoe websites but i don’t really like any of those, most of those seem a bit “over the top” to wear in the office.
any help is appreciated <3

Anonymous 8479

Shoes won't make you look any younger lmao

Anonymous 8481


i’m not trying to look younger? i am 24 and often mistaken for a 16 year old which is why i’m avoiding “younger looking” shoes.. i thought i picked shoes that looked more mature but still feminine
i don’t want to look like a hoochie mama and i also don’t want to look like a man lol

Anonymous 8482

Lol I know of a 41 year old woman who believes that she looks like a 16 year old because people mistake her short height for youth

That kind of self delusion always cracks me up

Anonymous 8483

>go to get new driver’s license when i moved, “m’aam are you here to get your driver’s permit”
>constantly mistaken for high schooler when doing work that involves visiting schools and yelled at for not being in class, have to tell them i don’t go there
>apparently you have to be 16 to pull the emergency door in an airplane and the stewardess asked to see my ID card
idk why i even have to talk about this i simply came to ask about a shoe, either you’re an incel or you’re the bitter old sea hag you described in your post who’s 41 and wishes she was 16 lol
this was my first time coming to this board and honestly 4chan is way more helpful and nicer than this place but i figured i would find more girls here who would be autistic about fashion and stuff like that

Anonymous 8484

Lol okay keep believing that you look youthful if it helps you cope I didn't ask for your life story

Anonymous 8485

So this is the power of lolcow…

Anonymous 8486

Running shoes are the objective best for walking, running, standing, and general comfort (barring slippers). Depending on your work setting, they're allowed, and perfect for casual wear. They can look much more feminine when you actually select from the women's section, unlike the men's NB you posted.

Anonymous 8487

Those are adorable… real unique. They have this sort of “what if Lolita but loafers” thing going on

Did you try a reverse image search? Post here if you find them, I kind of want a pair now.

Anonymous 8504

The shoes you picked in the op are cute but verrrry young looking. There are plenty of more sensible heels that aren’t 3+ inches tall. Maybe try looking at kitten heels? Or shoes with wide heels?

Anonymous 8507

Those shoes are hideous and you will look like you're LARPing as a child. Get some loafers or something like the Everlane day heel.

Anonymous 8508

If you wear a size nine shoe, there is absolutely no way that you look young.

Anonymous 8648


Well, this look cheap, in Spain we call them ''merceditas'' and I was myself looking to purchase some in leather (a good quality material). Something like this. I'm not a lolita or anything like that. I like the witch aesthetic tho, but more associated to elderly woman than to killstar shit.

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