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Anonymous 853

Do beautiful girls really manage to attract more guys for sex and get better opportunities for job prospects?

Anonymous 854

It definitely helps.

Anonymous 855

speaking as an average to above=average looking girl

>attract more guys for sex

no, I see ugly women get laid and get male attention all the time, much more than some of the prettier women I know

>job prospects

If you're actually good at what you do then your appearance doesn't matter.

Anonymous 856

I mean in terms of job I guess it depends whether your manager thinks you're a cunt or not. Physical things would only matter if your manager is a heterosexual male and thirsty AF.

Unprofessional reeee

Anonymous 857

It's really more about personality than looks, imo.

If you're extremely shy or incompetent as fuck, you won't achieve any of that, no matter how pretty you are. Meanwhile a butt ugly girl with enough confidence and knowledge can get a good job and guy.

Anonymous 858

It depends on the job. I swear in some blue collar and other physical male-dominated jobs it actually hurts sometimes because some people assume you're not cut out for it. But most jobs where you're going to be a public representative then definitely. As for the quality of the jobs/pay grade, some of the most demeaning and low paying jobs require good looks and some of the highest paying enjoyable jobs don't even require public interaction so again, depends.

Anonymous 859

ugly women getting laid more is probably just a result of having lower standards and men finding them less intimidating to approach tbh.

i'm in a male-dominated department and i've noticed that the well put-together girls are often only with their friends, but the plainer ones have a bunch of orbiters. my theory is that's because attractive girls know how and why to keep these guys at a distance and the approachable ones bask in the attention.

anyways, i think being attractive is just a +1 to all your stats. people will let you get away with more, but if you're just a shit person at the base level, no one's going to want to be around you/hire you/etc.

Anonymous 860

Are you the same person who wrote >849? These seems sort of weird.


My bosses are female and most of my coworkers are women, so maybe not. I wouldn't say any of my coworkers are ugly, though.

>beautiful girls really manage to attract more guys for sex

Lol what. Of course? Though there are plenty of incel guys who will sleep with any woman. Also, ugly to plain girls will be seen as more approachable than a super attractive woman. (Be aware, though, if you date one of these dudes, they will still lust after hot women. Kick them down a peg by telling them they can't do any better kekekekek.)

As a woman, you will never lacking in opportunities for sex unless you literally sit at your computer all day, not talking to anyone.

Anonymous 1994

i've gotten jobs that i know i wouldn't get if i wasn't attractive. it helps, but it does depend on the job, and your looks alone wont do it. you have to be personable as well.

Anonymous 2017

I will say yes, but its also just a result of being attractive. I think personality matters, but looks help shape your personality.

People generally treat you nicer and you have more chances to socialize, you're nice because people people treat you nice and you've probably just had more chances to talk to people and get an idea of everything.

Anonymous 2053

I was going to go into HR so I have some knowledge

It helps
A lot.

It's quite sad but the more attractive you are the more prospects you will get in a face to face interview T^T

Anonymous 2067

I'll only respond since OP's picture is classy, and workplace appearance is a very important.

The most important thing is how you present yourself and grooming. There's advantage to showering, styling one's hair, and, depending on the job, applying light makeup before every shift. There's the presentation part which is having appropriate footwear, clean clothing, and dressing correctly for the situation. The situation might be the difference between a shift which might require a uniform or an interview where's it is best to show personality in your attire. You can focus on grooming and presentation, and what you were born with won't be an issue.

You don't have to be beautiful.

Anonymous 2600

In my experience, it only got me crap by both men and women. When I worked at GameStop the men implied that I only got the job by giving head, but the other girls who worked there with me were nice and we bonded. We actually bonded way better with each other and the men who worked there were extremely catty with us and with each other.

Years ago, I had two interviews with The Body Shop and the second one ended with the store manager telling me that she thinks how I look would make customers feel bad about themselves. I don't tell people this because I expect to be told that I am humblebragging or lying, but she made it about my petite size and how pretty I am and said that many of their customers are larger women. She herself was a plus sized woman. This experience really hurt me because I loved TBS since my ex girlfriend introduced me to them in 2009. I loved their campaigns that they did for helping raise awareness about human trafficking, no animal testing, fair trade policies, etc. It hurt to be burned that way by a company who has on its website that one of their missions is to raise the esteem of young women. I didn't realize that certain cosmetics brands were now only for plus sized girls.

Anonymous 2803

What if you're shy, incompetent and also ugly

Anonymous 2816

Ugly people get with ugly people. Just turn the lights off.

Anonymous 2861

Tfw you feel ugly and your bf can't stay hard during sex therefore you feel even worse! wut do?

Anonymous 2868

Not really…even ugly people find other ugly people repulsive, especially men.

Anonymous 2874

Men's especially highly rare themselves and get so fucking salty when a girl on a higher level rejects him. Hence the redpoll r9k and etc existing.

Anonymous 3043


At least we have each other.

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