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Reusable sanitary products 8531

Does anyone here have any experience with reusable sanitary towels? I've usually always used the Always brand but I've recently found out how toxic their products are. I'd like to get into the reusable ones but I don't know how effective they are and how comfortable.

Anonymous 8532

I also want to know. I hate how wasteful normal pads are and tampons hurt too much.

Anonymous 8533

I've been using them for a little over a year now. I went to the local … idek what to call it, the low-waste/hippie/organic/granola store, you know the type. I bought some reusable pads there and tried them out. Very expensive to initially invest but after that not having to re-buy pads all the time is awesome.
I think I have some lunapads and some Oko brand ones; the lunapads are great but VERY thick, so they can be kind of warm/sweaty, but they fold into little squares much more easily. The Oko ones are smaller and lighter and for the type of periods my birth control gives me, they work great.
They are a little bit more work to clean- I have found that leaving a little pail/bucket of warm water with lots of oxi clean in it helps with the stains, of course the water doesn't stay warm but it still works. I basically take them off, rinse them well with cold water in the sink (if you have liquid soap you could even put some on and wash them a little at that time), making sure to rinse the sink well, and then I put them in this little pail. Once I'm all finished with my period I will wait a day or two for the last pads to have some time to de-stain and then wash on a delicate cycle, I just dump the whole bucket into the machine, water and all. I like to add vinegar as a fabric softener normally and this is really great for keeping them soft. I know most people say not to put them in the dryer, but I found that with some dryer balls and a short cycle on low heat/no heat (some dryers have that setting) it helps keep them soft. The best for cleaning is to dry them in really bright, direct sunlight- REALLY gets the stains out.
Depending on how heavy your periods are you might want to invest in a wet bag as well, basically a bag with two sections, one for unused and one for used pads. I just kept mine in a little sandwich bag when I changed them in public, but once I was like "nope, this is the way of the future" I bought a wet bag. If your periods are very heavy this might be a little gross, but then again any low/zero-waste option is going to be a bit more tricky to deal with in public in that case. As long as you rinse them in cold water right away when you get home and put them in the little bucket I mentioned, it shouldn't be too gross.
Also a lot of tips online say not to use stain removers or ~*cHeMicAlS*~ on them, but unless you already know you have sensitive skin and have to use different laundry detergents that way, use whatever you want to clean them. I've used Shout and other stain removers. I wouldn't put those little scent beads on mine personally though.
I also heard a lot of stuff about whether or not they would reduce cramping. I was initially skeptical, but after a few periods using solely those pads, I did begin to notice I took less advil. I think the conventional pads/tampons suck out SO MUCH moisture that they can almost be too much and that irritates the vagina/vulva or sth (but this is just a hunch).
But yeah! Long post but I highly recommend them. Comfortable, soft, and I just love being lower waste with my period and saving money in the long run. I hope this answers some of your questions OP :)

Anonymous 8534


Thank you for the informative post! After reading I'll definitely invest in some lunapads as they sound like what I'm looking for. Also, this might be a dumb question but is it okay to wash them with clothes?

Anonymous 8535

just get a menstrual cup, fam
>lasts 5+ years
>no leaking, doesn't smell
>small and portable

Anonymous 8536


Like, actually though

Pads are fucking gross for me since I have a heavy periods and tampons hurt a lot of the time. Menstrual cups (if you put it in right) feel like nothing, catch all your shit, and last for a long ass time.

Pair it with a small reusable pad (to catch the occasional leak) and you're on easy street tbqh

Anonymous 8537

Menstrual cups interest me but they look a bit awkward to wear tbh, it's hard to imagine sitting with one too.

Anonymous 8538

you dont even feel it once it is in
i feel betrayed that i had to use pads and tampons for so long before i learned about menny cups. what a waste of money. no more stinky panty-diapers for me.

Anonymous 8539

I guess? I've washed stained underwear with regular underwear before. I just like to do mine on a delicate cycle on their own for my personal comfort, but if you're comfortable with it (and you rinsed them out first!) you could do it.

Anonymous 8540

Not a reply to OP but why is it whenever women talk about pads there are ALWAYS some women who come along to be like "just use a cup/tampon" that's not what OP fucking asked about. They asked about menstrual pads. Presumably they know menstrual cups exist. Not all of us like using cups/tampons, nor do we like our method being likened to "stinky diapers." A pad isn't a fucking diaper, what is wrong with these people. We get it, you're not like other girls. Take your pad hatred elsewhere pls. God.

Anonymous 8556

What the fuck does recommending tampons have to do with "not being like other girls"? What a dumb thing to be butthurt over. Get some thicker skin ms.stinky diaper.

Anonymous 8557



>not like other girls

Where tf do you come from where using tampons is unique? I get it when it comes to cups, since women who use can come off as high and mighty about it sometimes, but I tampon-users are the normies of menstrual products lmao

Anonymous 8559

not that anon but pads are the norm in my country at least for unmarried women because they don't want to "break" their hymen

Anonymous 8563

>ms. stinky diaper

Anonymous 8564


Huh, that's interesting. Around here, people who wear pads only are less common than than those who wear tampons or both. In my experience at least, since I was one of the pad-only people until I tried out menstrual cups

Anonymous 8615

I'm not butthurt, I'm sick of people telling me I AM a child because I use pads. They're a perfectly fine option, and this thread was for talking about them. you don't wanna use them, fine, go to another thread lmao.

Anonymous 8618

sorry to inform you but pads really do stink. i used to wear them and i could smell it through my jeans. it's dirty and gross and unhygienic.

i dont' know why you are acting assblasted about a suggestion of a better method. you have serious issues.
>isn't a diaper
it is literally a diaper

Anonymous 8619

and the hymen fascination is stupid, scientifically illiterate, anti-women, and backwards. some women are born without hymens at all, some break them on stupid shit like tampons, gymnastics, their own finger while washing/exploring as a 12 year old ('wtf is this hole thing here anyway?'). i don't recall ever "breaking" my hymen and assume i was born without one or i tore it rough-housing and never noticed. any country that still obsesses over hymens must be some godforsaken islamic shithole full of child brides and wife-beating. instead of getting pissy at us, you might want to think about escaping to a decent country where you won't be burned alive if you get widowed or stoned to death for being raped.

Anonymous 8620

images (22).jpeg

would you help me escape, anon? i'm not hairy, loli sized, with biggu tiddy and equally biggu iq.

Anonymous 8621

which country? ease of immigration depends on the country you live in.

Anonymous 8623

>>sorry to inform you but pads really do stink. i used to wear them and i could smell it through my jeans.
It highly depends on your discharge which can be changed through exercise and diet. If you're a slob then of course it will stink bad.

Anonymous 8626

Different anon, but how much can diet change the smell of rotting blood?

Anonymous 8631

Enough for it to not smell like rotting blood lol. What the original anon described is abnormal to my experience. I could never smell my period blood through pants or even underwear. Healthy periods should not have a strong smell from what I read as well.

Anonymous 8634


Whew lass. You seem upset.

"Hymen fascination" exists because it's one of several indicators of virginity. Virginity fascination exists because faithful, monogomous marriages are essential for social and cultural stability. Virgin marriages, preferably for both males and females, correlate with happier and more faithful marriages.

Moreover, don't tell people to run away from their country's problems. We don't need more people transplating problems where they didn't exist before. If you want to see change, stay where you are and fix it, because you're in best position to do it. If people just run away when there are problems then you'll potentially transplant that problem to a new place and you'll perpetuate it in the place they left… because you'll only have the perpetuators of the problem left there.

Anonymous 8635

>indicators of virginity
did you not read what they wrote? they said that not all women are born with hymens so it's apparently NOT a good indicator of virginity.
>be the change
have you seen the islamic state of affairs?

Anonymous 8637


That's why I made "indicators" plural, because it should be one of several factors to take into consideration, not the end-all-be-all answer to the question of whether a female is a virgin or not.

And as far as not all women being born with a hymen, that's definitely not the norm. I just looked it up and read a few conflicting claims, but suffice it to say having no hymen present at all is a statistically very, very unlikely. There is such a thing as an imperforate hymen, and not all hymens look the same, so it can be mislabeled as absent or damaged or whatever.

As to the question of the Islamic state of affairs… The whole Islamic world is not homogeneous. Heck, this discussion could be applied to most of Africa and Asia as well. The Arab Spring is a good example of the folks over there getting fed up with the status quo. Sure, they do have a lot of socially/culturally unsustainable views and norms, but it's far from static. The region has and is changing.

Anonymous 8639

but it's kind of useless, there are 1000 ways to have sex or cheat that don't involve penetration to the vagina. you can get pregnant without breaking your hymen even.

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