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Anonymous 861

Do you know anyone who has had a tumor or cancer?

Anonymous 862

Yeah but, just wanna mention, why are there loads of random threads popping up of just really random and weird questions?

Is this a bot or does someone need to lurk moar? I'm genuinely confused.

Sage because this could of been a ~health advice~ thread or something and I'm super salty this week.

Anonymous 863

I've been noticing this as well and it's weird. Like, cool, more traffic and posts but what's going on.

Anonymous 864

I know many people who've had it, including family.

Anonymous 865

>>863 more traffic is good but this site has been so structured and organised I was beginning to feel it was more consistent and pure than the typical muh chan board. Really hope people try and stick to what I'm hoping will become CC's board culture…


Anonymous 866

Yeah, I had a tumor in one of my breasts when I was 18, but it wasn't really serious or anything big. Still scary though.

Anonymous 867

You guys complaining is off-topic. This is a health board, I dont see how OP "needs to lurk moar".

The closest one to me was my sister, she had a brain tumor when she was like 10 or so.
Some older people in my family had cancer, it seems to run on my mother's side. Tbh im not worried of cancer as much as I'm worried of alzeheimers.

Anonymous 868

Someone very close to me has over 50 non-cancerous tumors b-but is there a question you have? A specific one?

Anonymous 869

I have an interesting story. My grandmother lived with a brain tumor for most of her life up until she had brain surgery to have it removed. The really fascinating bit was that the doctors discovered that the tumor was actually supposed to be her twin sister that never fully developed in the womb or something like that. She was also told that they could run a story on her and make her famous, but she basically told them to fuck off because she didn't want other people knowing her business lel. Well I think that happened some time around the '80s and she had another brain surgery awhile after that, both of them really shortened her life span so I didn't get to know her that well before she started turning senile and passed away.

Anonymous 3595

my boyfriend has had a benign brain tumor since he was 12. he's 23 now and gets it monitored every year or so.
when we first started dating it was really hard to deal with, especially because the first christmas we were dating he got some news that there was evidence of blood flow into the tumor (which basically means metastasis and things getting Bad Fast). He saw his neurosurgeon a week after we got back to classes and he said that something like a 10% chance of permanent hand weakness was still too much of a risk to operate which was a real relief. after that the blood flow went away and nobody really knows why, and it's been calm ever since.
it really threw into perspective for me how I can't take him for granted. I live every day knowing tomorrow his tumor could up and decide to be malignant, and it forces me to realize how anyone can really be taken away at any point. which sounds stressful but is really helpful to me tbh; it makes me appreciate people more. besides, every time I think about our relationship so far, I don't regret it for a second and I wouldn't regret it if he died tomorrow. of course I hope he has some Medical Mystery tumor that never ever does anything ever for the rest of his life, but one day at a time i guess.
(and yes i know this affects him more than me, but i can't speak to his experience obvi).

Anonymous 3622

Both of my grandmothers had cancer,
paternal with liver (who passed), maternal with cervical (had a hysterectomy, still with us).

And my uncle passed from esophageal/stomach cancer.

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