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Daily outfits Anonymous 870

ITT: Post outfits you've worn, outfits you'd wear (if you're not comfortable sharing selfies), collages/polyvores, OOTDs, etc.

Anonymous 871

Yay, I love the idea of this. I'll lay out my outfits this week

Anonymous 872


This is what I wore today to work. The dress code is "whatever", but I tone down my style significantly anyway. The shirt I wore was not striped and was a sage color.

Anonymous 873

are any miners gonna post actual ootds? i'd love to see different looks from different people everyday!

Anonymous 874

I want to. I made the thread and ran away. I'll try to find a place to take some photos?

Anonymous 875

oh, i thought people would just share mirror selfies of their fits. please do post though! i feel like if one person starts it would encourage other people as well!

Anonymous 876

I'd like to do it eventually but lately I haven't been trying at all with my outfits so I'm waiting for a cute day!

Anonymous 877


i'm gonna tough it out and go for it!! this my favorite outfit at the moment. yes, my mirror is dirty. yes, that's a dead bug on my mirror that somehow died there and i'm too grossed out/scared to scrape it off. please excuse my messy room. i'm really sorry. anyway.. all my clothes are hand-me-downs or gifts from friends and family. top was a birthday gift, jeans are my boyfriend's old jeans that i fastened with my little brother's belt and my creepers are from asos. they were a gift from a friend when i was 14. they're faded now because i had to clean them with bleach (cats peed on them) aaaaand my dog chewed on both of 'em so the back is all roughed up. oh, and i'm wearing a double tattoo choker with a scissor pendant that my boyfriend gave to me. i'd like to dedicate this outfit to 2002 avril lavigne.

Anonymous 878

Shit girl, that is CUTE. It does have a very 2000's feel to it haha.

Anonymous 879

I'm totally getting Mathilda Lando vibes from this; you look lovely Anon.

Anonymous 880

thank you so much! i was honestly expecting to be flamed for this. everyone else who wants to share should start posting as well~! ^^

Anonymous 881


I figured I could try and lie and post an outfit I'd wear once in a blue moon but I think it might be funny for you guys to see my honest OOTD.

Honestly if I'm meeting friends I'll look really made up and I aim to dress mostly Larme kei but pic related is genuinely my outfit today. I live in a rural place and I never really see anyone I know. The hat is because I don't like the sun on my face.

I once tried to throw away all my silly "rough" clothes in a bid to force myself to glam up daily but it didn't work. Unsure if it's depression related or I'm just a lazy cunt. I'll consider the X effect challenge if people think I should try and make an effort.

>>877 Matilda AF I love it

Anonymous 882

Shit my boyfriend has that hoodie in t-shirt form. I don't think anybody has realised what the graphic on the front is yet huehuehue

Anonymous 883

thank you, anon. your lazy outfit looks really comfy! i can see a cute korean chick wearing it.

Anonymous 884

Omg you got 666

Also I would love to revive the x effect thread! Though it's also totally fine to dress frumpy sometimes. Nothing wrong with that as long as you're happy and comfortable!

Anonymous 885


This is what I wore yesterday.

Anonymous 886

Qt outfit anon!

Anonymous 887

Thats very Van Gogh-ish. Like a girl Van Gogh, 20th century.

Anonymous 888


Haven't worn anything pic-worthy ever since I gained weight but I really liked this outfit from forever ago so might as well post it.
>tfw your greens don't match

Looks comfy and kind of badass

Anonymous 889

You look adorable AND comfy!

Anonymous 890

>gained weight

You look adorable.

Anonymous 891

cute and comfy, i love the muted color palette.

looks classy and cute, kfash inspired?

you'd turn my head on the streets for sure.

Anonymous 892

I-Is that a giant bug on your wall, or some kind of sticker? It looks HUGE!

Anonymous 893

cute as HECK! love your hair with that outfit too. i wish i could pull off hair that short bc its so badass looking

Anonymous 894

>> 707
>is referred to as a female van Gogh
>MFW day actually made <3

Anonymous 895

it is super comfy! the only stress of this outfit i think is that these pants makes my butt look extra flat. kek
i'm not sure if that's good but thank you anyway! ^^
it's a giant bug! i just woke up one day and it was dead on my mirror. ^^;
why wouldn't you be able to pull off short hair, anon? also, thank you! ^^*

Anonymous 896

Thanks! It was a super comfy day too
(I meant to say I gained weight after this, about 15 kgs in fact. Am already at the accountability thread over at /health/)

Anonymous 897

I'm sure you're still adorable anon, but good luck with the weight loss journey! (I'm in a similar boat :) )

Anonymous 898


hello~! i'm the same anon who posted this outfit >>877
i hope it's okay to post another one. >< i recently found this top in storage and i thought it would look cute paired w this skirt i never got to use. i plan on wearing it w thigh highs and white sneakers since everything else is pretty girly. maybe pairing it w something sporty like sneakers would make it look cuter..? idk what do you girls think?

Anonymous 899

I like this outfit anon, and think you are right on about the sneakers idea. I wouldn't wear thigh highs though, as it might look a bit too risqué imo.

I used to dress similarly when I was younger. My style has changed since I'm in my late twenties now (and look my age), but I still appreciate cute outfits like yours. Hope you share more in the future!

Anonymous 900

I'll probably post a few outfits once I've cleaned out my closet and had time to decide what I want to keep wearing.

Please iron it or hang it to get the folds to even out, it would make you look a lot more put together. The shirt is super cute though and I like the outfit.

Anonymous 901

thank you, anon! i'll try it on with and without the thigh highs to see what i prefer. ^^
KEK i understand that i /should/ iron it but i rarely iron my clothes unless it's for an event. plus, i just found the top and haven't even washed it. will do soon though!

Anonymous 902

This is so cute! Would look good with a fancier/frillier skirt as well, it's a pretty versatile top. Would have liked to see the shoes too.

Also, agree with this anon >>900 about ironing or at least hanging it. That fabric shows wrinkles too much to look right without it (I never iron my clothes either, so I avoid fabrics that make it too obvious lol).

Anonymous 903

thank you! i washed it and dried it so all the wrinkles went away. ^^ i can post one w the shoes. it looked way better than expected, tbh~ i also decided to wear it w thigh socks.

Anonymous 904

actually, posting it again w shoes is kinda overkill so nvm

Anonymous 2148


Rezing the thread just to show my outfit, hope that's okay.
I know it's hard to see since the outfit's all black (shoes prolly look like booties but i'm really wearing black socks and block heel pumps) and my phone is absolute trash at picking up lighting but what I really love about this outfit is how flattering the cuts are, especially for a shortie like me.

This outfit was inspired by the girlishness, yet mature style of larme kei and some wa-lolita outfits I saw posted on cgl years ago. However, when I imagined this outfit, I wanted it to be more toned down, western friendly, mature but still feminine, and easy on my wallet so here we are. I completed it with a small, black cross-body bag before I left the house.

I also still want to see more anons' outfits. Don't be shy, gals!

Anonymous 2149

thank god someone's posting in this thread again! i've always wanted to see more outfits.
this is super cute, anon~

Anonymous 2150

I'm sos glad you bumped this, I never knew this three existed and I love the idea of seeing outfits on real women instead of 'Instagram models' or whatever.
Cute outfit, Anon! Thanks for the inspiration from a fellow shortie. I'm also super hourglass shaped too, so I find it difficult to find outfits that don't make me look stumpy.

Anonymous 2151

Idk if this comes off as rude, but in the picture, this makes you look shorter and more childish. Maybe it's just how it looks a pic, though.

Anonymous 2155

the dress is nice but the footwear choice is terrible and makes you look shorter/stockier

Anonymous 2161

Thank you girls! Glad you think it's cute!

Could you elaborate about the footwear? I was thinking the skirt was making me look wider/shorter, since the waistband is a bit loose on me and pulling off a midi skirt in general can be difficult for short girls. I can definitely see what you and the other anon are talking about but I would like to pinpoint the cause. What kind of shoes do you think would look better with it? Thanks!

Anonymous 2201

I wish I could post itt but I'm still 10kg overweight and I'd be too self conscious if I was in the photo ;_; I love seeing your outfits tho, keep them coming. It's fun.

Anonymous 2212



Anonymous 2213

Me too might post iflat lays instead

Anonymous 2838


I really like this thread but was to shy to post my outfit in it. But I kind of like the outfit I wore today! I normally don't were "nerdy" shirts but I always wanted to have a hufflepuff shirt and last weak I bought one. I also wore my long heels boots or however you call it, I still need to practice walking in those. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic and my messy room.

Anonymous 2839

its okay sister

Anonymous 2840

I love the color coord, and the boots probably look really nice though it's too far to see it.

Anonymous 2841

You’ve got great legs! :)

tea 2842


>insanely jealous of body and outfit

looks great, fellow huffle :3!!(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 2844

I'm a hufflepuff too! You look super cute anon.

Anonymous 2846



Thank you so much! Because of the colour of the pants I was afraid that the colours would clash so I'm happy that you like it. Next time I will try to make a photo with better quality so that I can show of my boots (I love them so much).

Thank you for the compliments! I'm so flattered I'm actually really insecure about my legs especially my thighs so hearing you guys your compliment really helps raise my confidence!

Haha it's cool to see fellow hufflepuffs on crystal cafe! I just wanted to say that you girls don't have to be insecure about posting your outfits I would love to see how you guys dress.

Anonymous 2847

>>2838 I have the Slytherin version of this <3 outfit looks cute and wintery anon

Anonymous 2875


Thank you the shirt is so comfy I'm glad I bought it. It's still really cold outside but I'm already looking for summer jackets. I think I'm going to buy the jacket from pic.

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