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American Casual/Jeans and a T-shirt/Whatever thread Anonymous 920

Can we have a thread for those of us who shop at JC Pennys and get our Spongebob night shirts for $5 at Walmart? Mourn the decline of Vera Wang jeans, post your favorite Threadless shirts, talk about what normally-$65-but-on-sale-for-$55 shoes you're tempted to buy.

I'll start of by saying I think Sketchers Moda Nebulae are really cute. I like the navy best, but I think I'd get more wear out of the taupe. https://www.skechers.com/en-us/style/73486/moda-nebulae/tpe

The Rosie are cute too, but I don't know if I'd actually wear them. https://www.skechers.com/en-us/style/73506/moda-rosie/blk

Anonymous 921

I like Hollister jeans a lot. They mesh nicely with the streetwear styles I usually wear.

Anonymous 922

This sounds like the type of thread my mom would be apart of if she was apart of anonymous forums. It's a cute thought.
Personally this style isn't really for me, but I can totoally relate to the Spongebob night shirts. Spot on.

I've considered purchasing Hollister jeans before (because of their sales and they don't look half bad) but usually stay away from jeans that are from brand name stores (ex: Aeropostale, pacsun, etc) like that cause I fee like they lack quality. So, what's the quality like of hollister jeans anon? Which pair/style do you usually buy and which would you recommend?

Anonymous 923

I'm not really into casual fashion, but I recently started buying jeans. I settled for jbrand but the quality doesn't seem all that different from cheaper brands. I like the length since I'm short, but quality is just average imo

Anonymous 924


Hollister jeans fit me really well and the quality is definitely there. Some of the best jeans I've owned. Def higher quality than Aeropostale and American eagle.

I like to wear skinny jeans. I prefer a high rise.

Anonymous 925


Have you ever tried their bras? They're actually having a sale right now with free shipping over $50, and I could use some new bras but they look a little eehhh

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