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Help I am in pain Anonymous 9246

So I've been having really intensely bad period cramps for the last few days, and I need advice on how to lessen the symptoms. It feels like there's a dagger in my ovaries and I don't know how not to break down crying on the floor when a wave of it comes. I feel like I'm at my limit please send help.

Anonymous 9247

Anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.

Anonymous 9248

Pretty generic advice but heating pad + tons of menstrual meds/sleep is the only way I get through my painful ones

Anonymous 9249

Cramp bark is great if you are looking for herbal alternatives as apposed western pain relief (which never works btw) Cramp bark has been used by Native americans for years as a medicine for reducing swollen glands and it has always worked for my period cramps

Anonymous 9250

Magnesium before or while your on your period will lessen pain mabey..just take the reccomend dose on the bottle if you try it out

Anonymous 9251

I don't think it's just cramps tbh, the smell is awfully bad and the blood seems like a darker tone than usual, plus the vagina itself is swollen right now. Should I see a doctor?

Anonymous 9252

does this actually help?
I've heard it from others as well, but have never tried it.
Do magnesium pills exist? How should one include it in their diet?

Anonymous 9253


This says not to go over 5,000mg daily and I'd say its doubtful you'll get close to that. You can pick up the supplements wherever you can get vitamin/mineral supplements. I donno if it will work for you, but it might help. I would just take what's on the bottle.

The cramp bark that >>9249 suggested might be worthwhile to look into.

Anonymous 9254

How long have you been swollen for?

Anonymous 9255

Yeast infection comes to mind.

Anonymous 9256



smoke a spliff

Anonymous 9269

- paracetamol and ibuprofen together
- hot water bottle on stomach (heat and pressure)
- drink hot tea
- masturbation
- avoid sugary foods during the month

Anonymous 9313

black cohosh tea. or the pills. the bottle says its for menopause but they're full of shit. imo the tea works better. it tastes awful by the way.

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