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Anonymous 9263

Do you guys like nails?

Anonymous 9277

not personally (dont like wearing nails myself), but i think they're really pretty. i like watching videos of people making press ons and all the pretty things they add to them.

Anonymous 9278

Those nails are so pretty. I want them. I want to have acrylic nails but I don't have the money for it. Did press-room for a while but they came off a lot and I'm not supposed to have over the top nails at work. I like painting my nails but my boyfriend hates the smell and chemicals. So now I just keep my nails super short for cleanliness. It sucks. Nails were one of the few things I got complimented on.

Anonymous 9307


my profession doesn't allow for any kind of long or fancy nails but since I've been unemployed since graduation I've been wearing cheap press-ons as much as I can. I love the super sharp claw-like ones and coffin shape styles. I want to get something like pic related done with my old nail tech soon

Anonymous 9308

no because i have autism and just think
>how does she masturbate
>how does she wipe her ass
>how does she type
>how does she wash dishes
how does she wipe her aaaaaaaassssssssss

Anonymous 9319

Are you wiping by scraping your asshole with your fingertips? tf

It's a bit like having extended fingers, you are still able to do almost anything ir you learn how to work around. I find it easier to type and use my phone with them actually, i find them more practical.

And no i never had shit come in contact with them, you can wipe just fine.

Anonymous 9550

just like you do
different angle
t. bitch with long ass nails

Anonymous 9551

No, you’re disabling yourself

Anonymous 9564

Take a shower to clean that ass missy

Anonymous 9604

no i think nails are a very bad thing

Anonymous 9613

those nails are so fucking ugly lol

Anonymous 9614


Not for me.

I can’t stand having long nails. I’ve put fake nails on other girls before and tried to put it on myself once. They weren’t even that long but as a lifelong nail biter I immediately got annoyed with the tapping and ended up chewing them off like a coyote chews off their leg when caught in a trap. I think they look quite nice, especially in a bold solid color or a subtle pattern, but I can’t have long nails.

Anonymous 9646

these nails remind me of intestines

Anonymous 9786


Anonymous 9787


Anonymous 9788


Anonymous 9789


Anonymous 9791

Why is this godawful nail shape so popular?

Anonymous 9792

It's pretty :3c

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