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Anonymous 9279

I don't want to get fat and ugly when i have a kid (I'm already fat and ugly so there's kind of a disadvantage) what do you think women like her do all day?

Anonymous 9280

Be a model, do this clip with a random baby, go viral.

Anonymous 9281

instagram fakeness…

vid related

Anonymous 9282


Why did she do that when she could've ungrasped the stroller and use her hand?

Anonymous 9289

All hail the giraffe woman!

Anonymous 9299

but every day? how is that supposed to keep you fit

Anonymous 9310

Stilettos are torture devices for your feet. why do people wear them when sneakers are cuter and comfy.
and idk i've had months long periods where i barely ate anything to the point of passing out over it, and i was still chubby ("skinny" for americans). idk how people are even thin. maybe they eat one lettuce leaf and a shaving of cheese a day. the only people i know who are skinny while still eating normal human food run like 5+ or 20+ miles a day.

Anonymous 9316

Because a camera was previously set up purely to have this video taken.

Anonymous 9317

If I was the baby I wouldn't like that type of stacy being my mom not gonna lie.

Anonymous 9324

stop being lazy and stop stuffing your face. it's extremely simple.

Anonymous 9345

Become a gym rat, hire a nutritionist, get surgery for stretch marks and cellulite.

Anonymous 9355

They don't eat carbs, sugar or fast food. And work out regularly, mainly cardio to be lean.

Anonymous 9356

Bullshit. I know plenty of people who eat shit and still look amazingly fit.
It is more about being active.
It is much easier to move your ass constantly than to diet.
Dieting is super hard because it goes against the human psyche.
Whereas being active is very natural and what your body expects you to be doing.
Don't try to diet. Exercise, routinely.

Anonymous 9357

Eating right helps. Like eat a salad and don't eat cake or soda. In fact avoid soda.
It's also about the amount they eat. I mean the Rock may eat enough to feed a family but he also works out 5-8 hours a day.

Anonymous 9358

Be in shape before the kid.

Gain weight during pregnancy and make sure you're getting proper nutrition.

Losing the baby weight will be easier.

Like>>9357 says, learn to eat right. You can't outrun a bad diet, but you can learn to eat right, lose the weight, then tailor your diet to your activity levels.

Anonymous 9434

unnamed (1).jpg

Tbf, I look better after I gave birth than before but I guess it's also a genetic thing. Eat well before and during pregnancy and breastfeed, try and exercise after giving birth.

Anonymous 9435

i didnt realise she had a baby for a second and thought she just had very weird tits

Anonymous 9436

lmao same

Anonymous 9451


If you keep exercising moderately twice or three times a week you should manage to stay in shape.

Anonymous 9453

>gives advice about staying in shape
>posts a fat woman in yoga pants

Anonymous 9454

She is pretty strong anon. There are different weights and work outs for different things, Sure that body isn't that agile or movement focused but it's more average looks strong like she wrestles although she is short.

Anonymous 9455

Is this how fatties cope with their disgusting bodies?

Anonymous 9456

I cannot quite tell how fat she is but you're acting as if she's obese.
She's far from "disgusting".

Anonymous 9457


Yes :)

Anonymous 9458

>I cannot quite tell how fat she is

You can. Consider the ways fat women have their photos shot and edited, how they tuck their rolls into shapewear to hide them, and look at the places where there's spillover. Mentally undo the compression effect and you'll see the real picture.

Anonymous 9460

rin nakai.jpg

I like her proportions anon I think you are being too hard on her. She is not morbidly obese she is within range of having a nice body. I'm skinny myself and petite and I do like slender body type sin both men and women but a stout woman can definitely look good as well.

Anonymous 9463


Anonymous 9503

She is short and stout, stocky, hefty but yea she is very cute.

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