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Nose piercings. Anonymous 9290

Who started this trend?
Why does everyone have them?
And how the heck does ANYONE think this looks good?

Anonymous 9291


Anonymous 9298

How does she pick her boogers

Anonymous 9306

they are disgusting. you are putting a sign smack bang in the middle of your face that tells everyone that you regularly stick your fingers up your nose. yuck.

Anonymous 9309

men in my area have them a lot (like 60% of women have it but still maybe 20% of men). it's just a neon sign, "hello i am walking garbage. i am trash. i would suck a penis for a slice of pizza. i've picked cig butts off the ground and smoked them."

Anonymous 9335

not to be rude but yall sound like pick me girls

Anonymous 9336

I don't think you understand what a pickmeisha is.

Anonymous 9341

nah, it's clearly the girls with nose rings that are doing the (nose) picking

Anonymous 9359


a 9 volt a day keeps the nose rings away

Anonymous 9508

For when you want to social signal that you’re a bad bitch and your nipple piercing isn’t visible

Anonymous 9522


Why are you so obsessed with what looks good and what doesn't? I've never had a piercing before, but holy shit let the girls live their fucking life the way they wanna live it.
Like sure it looks like trashy but saying shit like "it's a sign that she'd suck cock for a slice of pizza" is very sad.
You girls need some class. I respect girls with piercings way more than any of you, being so narrowminded of other women's fashion choices.

Anonymous 9523

Snake bites are cooler than septum piercings.

Anonymous 9524

I don't like either, but still, my point stands.

Anonymous 9526

why do people these days act like having an opinion about something means that you are OBSESSED with it

Anonymous 9531

Honestly my issue with piercings like this is that 9 times out of 10 women thing it’s a personality trait or makes them unique. Like alt/goth in 2020. Please do it because you like it and not because you want to look different because honestly everyone looks the same to me at this point and I’m BORED and uninspired.

Anonymous 9532

Don't worry, the feeling is mutual.

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