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Anonymous 9293

So what's preventing us from unironically becoming this?
Is this a Stacy? You know the type that has brunch, perfect teeth, talks too much about wine, and has a tiny, ugly dog?

I am mentally broken after the past year (and my whole life), and it's like, why not? At this point, we've tried everything, why not just become a biblefag (any religion deemed socially "acceptable")?

Either tell me why you haven't or why I shouldn't ditch our weebneet niche femcel lifestyles.

Anonymous 9294

Or, tell me what kind of person this is to you, personally, if you're already brainbroken enough to want it.

It's 100% not necessary to be right-wing, but if you're not, this type is usually "not political" and may conform to their S.O.'s views by association.

Do you think these types of people have more rights?

Anonymous 9295


Anonymous 9296

No, she's average, Stacy doesn't wear oversized sweaters and UGGs. I always associated Stacies with wearing heavy make-up and dressing up even for mundane situations. High maintenance.

Anonymous 9297

> Is this a Stacy? You know the type that has brunch, perfect teeth, talks too much about wine, and has a tiny, ugly dog?
That sounds horrible, except for the perfect teeth part. Unless you meant veneers, in which case it’s even more disgusting.

Anonymous 9300


I don't think you guys get it, look at us browsing imageboards (which is still pretty sweet) and discussing how men have wronged us. Meanwhile they don't think and travel in packs - in leggings, freely. They DO things together. We sob, eat nuggies n fries, and wither away hoping another all girl discord comes along. They probably plan trips out of the country together.

Anonymous 9302

you know you dont need to completely conform to normie status to have friends, right? non normie girls travel(yes, even out of country) and do cute stuff together all the time. you just sound lonely. find a community somewhere. do you have any hobbies?

Anonymous 9303

Hey everyone, look at this friend-having normie over here.

Anonymous 9315

It's your fault. Eat your pride.

Anonymous 9326


A Stacy is a well-adjusted normie, but not all well-adjusted normies are Stacies. C'est la vie.

>"Be yourself :)"

Anonymous 9328

That's what I said.

Anonymous 9329

I like food too much and I am too lazy to exercise. I don't like wearing make up, [/spoiler]and I don't know how[/spoiler]. I don't know how to take care of my hair. I like wearing dorky glasses. And I don't have a fashion sense, all I wear is black. I like being pale, I don't tan-I burn in the sun and get more freckles.
Also I am poor, its hard to have fun when you cant afford to go anywhere.
Besides I don't care enough to be a Stacy. It comes with its own problems.

Anonymous 9330

>tfw have similar body to some of those women
>too awkward, inhibited, and bizarre to ever truly be hot and social, so I'm destined to forever be seen as lesser

Anonymous 9331

that's not how it works
hot+modest >>> hot+slutty
for many (most?) guys

Anonymous 9332

These are understandable reasons

Anonymous 9333


What's always so funny to them anyway? How does their brain just have a constant output of seratonin?

Anonymous 9342

Perhaps, but being socially inept and coming off as a sperg is still incredibly off-putting. No matter how much I workout or how nice my clothes are, things won't change.

Anonymous 9343

Social skills are a muscle, anon. You need to train them.

Anonymous 9344

the apartment above me has a guy and his gf comes over a lot, and the walls are paper thin so i hear everything. the cunt just laughs all fucking day, just constant giggling for hours and hours and obnoxious laughter at 1 in the morning. wtf could possibly be that god damned funny that it takes you 5 hours to laugh about it? i hate normalshits so much, i wish they would all just die.

Anonymous 9346

Laughing puts the moids at ease.
The best compliment you can give a moid is laughing at the stupid shit he says.

Anonymous 9350

people with no friends should be put in government run camps until they make some friends

Anonymous 9351

Yeah, it's just an annoyingly slow process and there are many things I just don't want to do.
Some social norms are frustrating.
>tfw unironically want this

Anonymous 9352

I don't think I have Stacy potential, but I could be a Madison or a Summer if I worked at it

Anonymous 9363


I also want this

Anonymous 9364

I have a friend like this trope. Unironically I like her company but sometimes she spams me and mutuals with cute "look how perfect our life is" pics whenever she feels insecure. It's incredibly weird and she doesn't realize we just want her to be chill.

Anonymous 9365


I have a bf so I wouldn't try and be Stacy since that would likely get in the way of making female friends. If I broke up with him I might try but ultimately being Stacy wouldnt help me attract the kind of guy I like and pretending to be perfect won't make the mask real.

Anonymous 9367

> Madison or a Summer

Anonymous 9420


When people say that dressing well improves your appearance - it's true ofc, but the thing is I don't know what "dressing well" means. I know how to choose clothes that fit, suit my body type etc but it's hard to tell the difference between a plain "nice" outfit vs a "stylish" outfit. And the person who wears it matters too, an ugly person can make good clothes look ugly and a beautiful person can wear the ugliest things and make it stylish. Anyway it all comes down to genetics.

Anonymous 9433

I hate that I understand this.

Anonymous 9449

The more you look like a JoJo character, the less "bland" you are.

Anonymous 9477


I don't think what you posted is exactly a Stacy, or at the very least not the type of Stacy I'd seek to be.

That said, what is stopping me to become a Stacy is

>Very thin hair, no matter what I do

>Terrible hairline that's quite far back into my head.
Almost like it's reseeding when it's just been like that for all my life, giving me a huge huge forehead. I'd definitely go for a hairline lowering surgery if I had the money.

It also limits the hairstyles I can go for, I basically go for one type of hairstyle all times, which is just bland almost centered part (not completely center but not sideswept either). I avoid cute hairstyles where I have to pull my hair back like cute ponytail or like in pic related.
-Not being naturally blonde, my hair is too weak and unhealthy to be bleached. Not saying dark haired Stacies don't exist
(Kardashians example or Ariana Grande and Valkyrae) but I just personally adore blonde hair. I wish I had blue eyes too.

Hair is a woman's crown, and I feel so bad for being a hairlet. I just feel so inferior and less of a woman with my thin, short and bland hair. Even more than not having a womanly voluptuous body honestly. I'd kill for a long, thick and wavy Stacy hair.

Anonymous 9495

Get a human hair wig, anon

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