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Anonymous 9394

how to make my breasts bigger? Have you tried anything? Has anything really worked?

Anonymous 9395

You have three options OP.
1. get fat
2. get pregnart
3. let some cheap surgeon give you frankentitties

Anonymous 9396

Does the message technique work at all? It says you can increase your bust by half a cup size, which is not a lot, but I'm curious if its just snake oil or if I should give it a go.

Anonymous 9397

You don't need them bigger anymore. If you have small titties just hit on petite guys they are into those. Big titty is for coomers now.
That's also why silicon breasts are not trendy anymore thank god.

No. But getting preggers does work making them a bit larger I'm not even kidding.

Anonymous 9398

I'm bisexual and I like big boobs. I want to make mine bigger so I'm more aroused by my own body. I don't really care what it does for boys.

Anonymous 9399

Patience, if you plan to be a mother someday they will probably get 1 cup larger even after your baby is out. Implants are not worth it they are trashy as fuck imo.
Why not get facial surgery, idk a rhino instead of plastic titties… It's around the same price but way more useful.

Anonymous 9400

I don't want to get surgery, and I'm not planning on getting knocked up now.

Would getting an abortion make your boobs smaller? I had an abortion and it was super emotional for me, but I just didn't want to have a kid with that guy, and anyways we weren't really dating, but I think my boobs got smaller after then

is there some sort of massage I can do to my breasts to make them better? I can't find any good information on it online but there's lot of hints and things in chinese

Anonymous 9401

4. take the pill

Anonymous 9402

Already on the pil :3

Anonymous 9403

Your baby took your tits to the other side as payment. Anyway I heard eating some kind of special
raw bread dough helps for tettei growth but only for young women.

Anonymous 9404

You should be doing something similar regularly anyway to check for breast cancer.
So…two birds one stone?
Stay safe, anons.

Anonymous 9405

what pill?

Anonymous 9406

Been looking for a way for during literally half of my life and aside what >>9395 said the answer is no.

Anonymous 9407

>drink my bodyweight in milk/dairy products since childhood
>gain tig bitties
thank you, white lactose-digesting genetics. (by "big" i mean large for my frame, not tumor-size.) they are squishy.

Anonymous 9408

>2. get pregnart
not entirely true, sometimes, and notice i say sometimes, it can lead to saggy boobs to some women

Anonymous 9409

>tfw same
>turned out flat even when I used to be 200 lbs
Nah anon, 'tis genes.

Anonymous 9410

Maca Root.

Anonymous 9412

I always find it funny that people asume that I want bigger boobs for someone else.
I just want to look more feminine for myself.
I want to look in the mirror and don't see an ugly short hairy woman.
I would love it so much to be a curvy woman, but I am stuck with this short brick boyish one.

One day I will try pills or creams or whatnot, but not right now. I am still too scared that it will have some site effects.

I don't want surgery and my genetics will never store fat at my boobs. Pregnant or fat. So yeah, live sucks.

Anonymous 9413

Why do you want to look like a fat midget?
Big boobs don't work on short women, it looks stupid.
Being curvy also doesn't work on short women, you'll just look like a fat midget.
I know cause I am short myself.

You should aim to be a slim as possible. There is no such thing as looking "boyish" when you are short. Your height automatically makes you look fem.

Anonymous 9415

You must be joking kek. Short + small boobs = boyish because young boys are short and have no chest.
Why do you think guys with girlfriends who have this body type are teased for being "closet homos"?

Anonymous 9417

Who says that besides jealous virgin moids in 4chan?

Anonymous 9418

Aesthetically, if you want to look good and be taken seriously don't have short height and big boobs.
Just doesn't look good.

If you want to look like a Sicilian mothers of four, go ahead.

Anonymous 9421

What size does everyone want to be?

Anonymous 9422


Nothing wrong at all with having a busty loli bod

Anonymous 9423

There is a difference between a little bit more curvy than totally straight and being comedically over the top warped curvy. I don't want to look like a loli anime girl big boob fetish.
Just a little bit more like an adult woman. Not like a child.

>There is no such thing as looking "boyish" when you are short.

The amount I was called a boy when I was wearing normal clothings and have long hair, says otherwise.

Anonymous 9424

Just chill what you got is fine. Looking like a child when everybody is a decaying adult there is nothing wrong with that. You are overthinking it while in reality you are in the shoes that many people would like to be in. Instead of rejecting the type of beauty you were born with embrace it, cuteness is just another aesthetic and it works very well.
Tits are overrated and that fad of plastic boobies died in the early 2000s those were dark retarded times for humanity. Small perky boobies can be very attractive.
t. bi

Anonymous 9425

I can't go cute, that looks bad on me, because of my masculine traits.
In the kibbe style I would be a flamboyant gamine, if that says something to you. (I am not very good with styling so I don't really know much)
So cute styles don't suite me (Or at least the ones I find pretty). I know I look totally normal. I know that. It is just really exhausting if every style you like doesn't suite you because you don't have the traits for it. It is a the grass is always greener thing. I will never like myself and I guess I just needed to whine.
Thank you for trying to cheer me up ano. I appreciate it.

Anonymous 9427

Huge. Honestly wouldn't mind be a G.

Anonymous 9428

Anonymous 9429

>how to make my breasts bigger? Have you tried anything? Has anything really worked?
I got breast implants, as advertised my boobs did get bigger.

Anonymous 9432

My dream is 32GG

Anonymous 9541


The real question is, how do you make them perkier and/or keep them perky?
I've heard sources say bras help them stay perky and other sources say bras actually make them sag quicker.
I've also heard of people icing their tits. Like, literally massaging them with ice and that it helps keep the girls up.

Anonymous 9542

By working out

Anonymous 9549

I gained 45 lbs because of quarantine and they're bigger now.

Anonymous 9565

Congrats on the giant tatas.

Anonymous 9568

I haven’t read whatever sources you have, and this is a scientific-yet-not-academic citation, but the perky black nips in National Geographic suggests to me that going braless is the way. I read a Cracked.com article years ago positing this, that boobs have a tissue / fibrouslike structure inside which atrophies in the absence of constant gravity leading to sag. The braless women in the south Sahara are constantly running after lions or whatever and it builds the tissue strength. I don’t want to say muscle because that’s not what it is but it basically works like muscle; if you don’t use it you lose it

Anonymous 9593

For some of us they will barely sag because they're so small, so this is only a secondary question.

Anonymous 9594


Congratulations but how? Any tips please?
I already don't do sports (couch potato life) and have been eating more milk-based snacks, as well as ready-made meals. But I didn't gain much and feel sad about it.

Anonymous 9601

Just eat more if you have to, but fat distribution is genetics

Anonymous 9602

Some people are just like this. Some of us will remain flat no matter how much weight we gain.
The genetic lottery is a bitch.

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