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Wigs Anonymous 9437

Does anyone here wear wigs daily? I want to stop dying my hair, but I don’t want my natural color lol. What are your experiences wearing wigs at work?

Anonymous 9438

Only for cosplay. Your natural hair is worth having imo but maybe you can get a short haircut that still looks good by itself but that can be covered by wigs.

Anonymous 9452

I've been wearing human hair wigs every day for almost exactly one year now. I have chronic health issues that cause my hair to be very thin and eventually it couldn't handle bleach anymore and just fell out. I looked so horrible I didn't even want to go out anymore. I have some friends who wear wigs to parties and photoshoots and I've seen the instagirls with wigs and I didn't want to wear synthetics because I think they're too clockable, so I started doing research into human hair wigs. I ended up getting one from Aliexpress and liked it so much I eventually bought another one from the same store. I feel much more confident now and can give my real hair a break and wait for it to grow out again, plus it's really nice that I finally get to have the long, thick hair I've always wanted.

As for the reactions, everyone thought I got extensions, even the really wig-savvy cosplay friends. People don't look as closely as you'd think when you're being insecure. I thought people would notice the texture of the hair or the parting, but I have had an unnatural hair color for 12 years and that's all people ever focus on. People really don't know how good wigs have become, a human hair full lace wig is miles above even an expensive synthetic lacefront. I've told some people that I wear wigs (e.g. when starting to date someone or close friends because I don't wear it to bed or at home in general) and I just tell them the truth. It hasn't caused any bad reactions so far.

Upsides: Nice, thick, pretty hair, don't need to dye as often because you don't wash it as much, put it on and you're ready to go (getting my wig secured only takes me as long as it used to take me to style my bangs), no rootage,
Downsides: Expensive, takes some extra work to make it look natural, haircut mistakes don't grow out, can feel heavy

If you need help learning more about wigs and how to make them look right for you, please ask me anything!

Anonymous 9475


I don't want to share a photo of my own wig but I have this photo from a review of the listing. (Dyed by customer)

I'd love to show more but since it's a no-name Aliexpress find, nobody who uploads their photos tags the manufacturer. The knots you see at the base are barely noticeable when worn and you can hide them completely by applying a little bit of bleach to the inside of the wig cap. In general I recommend getting a blonde base wig and dyeing it to the preferred color yourself with the dye you're used to rather than buying a wig in the desired color and being disappointed if the photo wasn't accurate.

Anonymous 9476

Here's a video that I think shows how natural wigs can look. Bangs will help it look more natural because they hide the hairline (even just some very wispy face-framing bangs will help) but if you don't want them, youtube is FULL of black girls showing how to "melt" the lace of the wig aka making it look invisible on your skin. The haircut and styling is really important, your wig will look like a poofy mop out of the bag and will to be cut and most likely thinned out as well since most of them are extremely thick. I spent many hours thinning mine out, dyeing, taking it to a real hairdresser, then adjusting the cut some more, and so on. I have some horror stories about that, but I managed to come out of it with a hairstyle I like and a wig routine that takes 3 minutes overall (no glue). The nice thing is that you can do any hairdo the night before and won't have to bother with it in the morning.

Of course if you really know your shit and look at them up close you will know that someone's wearing a wig, but the thing is that nobody irl expects people to be wearing one, so they don't pick up on it at all. People would need to be really close to you to notice it. If you start wearing it after a vacation you can just off-handedly mention that you finally got extensions, and if you start at a new job then I guarantee nobody will even think twice, as long as you style it right.

Anonymous 9491

Thanks for all the info! I used to change my hair pretty frequently, so as long as the wig isn't drastically longer than my current cut, I don't think anyone will say anything. I 'll be in costume the week of Halloween, so I was thinking of starting after that.


A light ash brown.

Anonymous 9496

I wore mine for the first time on Halloween so I would have an excuse in case anyone noticed. Let us know how it goes! Have you found one yet?

Anonymous 9510

I go back and forth on liking/not liking it. My hair color is less saturated than hers, and I feel like a warmer color compliments my skin better. But I do like how my natural color brings out my eyes. I also want to try going darker. I’m tired of bleaching my hair, and I don’t want to use strong chemicals on my body any more. So I was thinking with a wig, I can grow out my natural color while also enjoying a fun new color.

I haven’t decided on a wig yet. I’ve run into a problem about styling… My dress code at work states that long hair should be pulled back. So I’d have to buy a wig that can be styled in a ponytail, or a short hairstyle.

Bangs aren’t too much of a problem. They make me look really young, and accentuate how round my face is. But I do like some styles.

Thanks for the input everyone, it’s helping me as I bumble along with this.

Anonymous 9528

Op here, after looking back at my replies I realized I shouldn’t buy a wig yet… The only place I go out to is work, but I have to have a reserved style for work. (Technically non-natural colors are ok but ~frowned upon~) So maybe I’ll wait until I can go out more… Either way, I’ve found a lot of good wig comms thanks to you guys and I’m still learning a lot for when I take the dive!

Anonymous 9558

I’m a liar… I’m probably going to get a short bob for work and a fun colored wig for the weekend. But I’m waiting until I get paid at the end of the month. Also I can’t decide on the color for the work wig. Hmmm

Anonymous 9596


If you get human hair for the work wig then you can color it however you want, wash the dye out and start over when you get bored. It'll also look more natural than any synthetic fiber could.

If you need to do a ponytail, you need to look for a 360 degree lace wig so you can pull it up. Go for a low density if you can or it'll look bulky. Ponytail wigs are the hardest to pull off tbh, can you get away with an updo? Short styles can be super cute though. I'm a fan of the shoulder length wavy bobs like pic related.

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