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Pcos Anonymous 9482

I hate having PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome). I hate it i hate it i hate it. It just seems to get worse and worse with the years. I can't lose weight, i'm really overweight and i've got a fuzzy face and neck. Not to mention my acne, its on my back, chest neck and face and I HATE IT. Sometimes i'll see very dark stubs of hair sticking out of my neck and everytime i just become so dreadful. some hair is even in the middle of my chest. The feeling of feeling like you look like a boy makes me so mad and sad. Is there anything a doctor could be able to do? I've considered lazer hair removal surgery but it costs a shit ton which makes me even angrier because transwomen get that shit for free. This is probably some sort of vent post but if anyone has any advice or just want to share their story they are welcome to.

Anonymous 9483

You could ask about hormone therapy to try to reduce some of those symptoms. Losing weight also helps lessen them.

Anonymous 9484

Do you menstruate way too much? You need anti-conception pills and then you can start to eat at least 1000 cal less than what you are used to.

Yes def go to the doctor and def consider laser. You rolled bad genes, it sucks. :/
Did your mom also had this condition or someone from your family? Your dad's mom? etc?

Anonymous 9485

I had to start up my period by taking birth control pills at 16 and I only have normal periods if I take them. I don't know anyone in my family that has had this condition…

Anonymous 9487

I am taking birth control to control my periods. I also used to take a medication called Spironolactone but a few weeks afterward I just could not swallow the pill. My throat would just close up and if it did go down I'd just throw it up again

Anonymous 9506

I don't understand why anyone would suggest laser when electrolysis can be had these days and there are even devices for DIYers.

Anonymous 9507

If you actually talked to someone who does electrolysis, they'll tell you it's better to start with laser for anything dense, as it's far cheaper and faster. You do electrolysis for stray hairs or clean up after laser

Anonymous 9632

OP DON'T waste $$ on DIY laser, I worked for a laser hair removal company and we were required to do intense research on different laser types. Electrolysis and/or an Alexandrite or Yag laser are the only methods that will permanently kill the hair.

Anonymous 9633

i have pcos and started taking 5htp a few days prior to my period, while my mental health has never been this good before i had the worst body ache i ever felt in my life, pain in my joints, an awful head-ache with migraines that lasted days and pain from my head to my shoulders, i geniunly think i may have some hormonal disbalance, will i look like a crazy bitch if i ask for a mri? my whole family has had to live with depression+pcos so like…im 99% i have cursed brain or something..

Anonymous 9654

they say DIM is supposed to help.

Anonymous 9828

Look up ray peat and try progesterone

Anonymous 10010

avoid high fructose syrup, glucose syrup that artificially made syrup.

eat whole foods, if you can't understand the ingredients on the what you are getting and if there are too many listed, dont eat it

minimize fast food to a couple times per month for starters

Anonymous 10013

Who cares if you look like a crazy bitch, your life and health is potentially on the line. A hard pill for me to swallow was rest if you're not proactive and aggressive on serving out healthcare, you'll never get it. A lot more doctors are really open to hearing your worries /wants then I expected.

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