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Fashion Style Anonymous 951

What is your current style like?
What are some of your staple pieces?
Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

Ask for advice or give some to the other miners seeking fashion advice here!

Anonymous 952


>What is your current style like?
Skater dresses or skirt+sweater combo paired with tights. I don't own any trousers.
>What are some of your staple pieces?
I have a whole lot of mid-thigh length dresses in berry hues that all look like variations of pic related. I pair them with black patterned tights and black heels or cute dark silver shoes almost every day.
>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
No fav shops, but all my dresses are fitted around the top and flare out to flatter my thighs.
>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
I'm happy with my style but most of my tights are ripped, so I'd love to go on a legwear shopping spree.

Anonymous 953


Skater dresses are GOAT; I have about 7 in my wardrobe.

I like to dress conservatively chic, so no low-cut necks, long or modest skirts, polo necks, loose t-shirts, peacoats, stockings, socks, brogues, ankle boots, berets or military-style caps. I love me some military-style.

Anonymous 954


>>What is your current style like?
Feminine, girly, gaudy (pic related is an outfit I'd wear in an instant)

>>What are some of your staple pieces?

I don't think I have staple pieces to be honest, but I love dresses and skirts! I mainly wear skirts no more than a couple inches above knee-length because I'm getting older (late 20's) and feel more appropriate with longer skirts. I like to match everything I wear (bag, shoes, jewelry, jacket etc).

>>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?

I like anything designer really, but I don't have much money atm. I buy almost everything on eBay because the selection/prices. I really like thick, well-cut materials. I have some clothing that is light fitting, and don't like them as much as my more structured/heavier pieces. Mainly, I just wear good materials like cashmere, silk, and wool. I buy mainly Italian designers, so the quality is usually fantastic.

>>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

I like my style, although I purposely dress tackier than I'd like (there are personal reasons I dress this way right now although I don't know if I feel comfortable mentioning them here). In a few years, I'll probably take it down a notch.

Since I'm starting my career soon, I have quite a few suits, pencil skirts, and pointed heels. I'm a pretty big fan of career-outfits tbh (I love Ivanka Trump's style).

If money weren't a factor, I think my style would be more refined overall.

Anonymous 955


>What is your current style like?
It fluctuates a bit, but in summer I mostly like to do long flowy dresses and tops. I guess I can call it Mediterranean chic? Like lots of blues and whites, long skirts with either tank tops or loose t-shirts. Basically comfy. In winter I do very typical weeby with oversized sweaters with shorts and stockings.
>What are some of your staple pieces?
I have 5/6 pleated and a-line skirts I tend to wear a lot.
>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
I mostly like to thrift, though for quick tops that I usually find cute and comfy I like H&M. My main thing about my clothes is I want it to by comfortable, I won't wear anything that I feel constricted or too tight in.
>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
I do like my style! I think the only thing I would like to change is I'd like to elevate it a bit more. It feels very casual or summary sometimes, so I'd like to learn how to pair more business or professional style of clothing with it without feeling uncomfortable or awkward

Anonymous 956


>What is your current style like?
Pretty much monochromatic- all black. Sometimes when I need to walk around I would wear a gray top (I live in a super hot and humid country, if I went out dressed all in black and walk around the city for hours I would probably die). Jewelry-wise I dont do big statement pieces (anymore), but simple ones. I follow the rule of no more than three accessories at the time. Keepin' it simple but classy.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

Black pants, black top.

>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?

Topshop has the best pants/jeans. Designers like Damir Doma, Helmut Lang, CdG, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, and cant forget my boy Yohji. Again, I only choose the "simple" non-flashy pieces.
Oh All Saints is awesome too.

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

Yes I love it.
Money is not a problem, but Im not exclusively buying from designers (not many in the place Im living at). I mean if I go to Zara or Mango and find a black tshirt that I like (fit and fabric) then I'll gladly get it and treasure it.

Anonymous 957


>What is your current style like?
I didn't feel like creating an image myself so this kind of describes it.
Guess it would be "casual goth".

>What are some of your staple pieces?

Black jeans and black shirts I guess

>Favorite shops?

New yorker and h&m lol
I'm from a small place so there isn't a lot of variety of shops around

>Favorite/most flattering cuts?

Skin tight but not around the neck

> If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

I'd really like to add more color to my wardrobe and dress more in a classic/mature/office style. Even some "basic bitch" outfits look really nice, imo.
But money is an issue and I actually feel uncomfortable in light clothing, not sure why, so I tend to stick to dark colors.

Did any of you undergo a "style change"? Like a 180 degree turn? Where did you start? Where did you find outfit inspo?

Anonymous 958


Ooooh god I love this style. I am forever saving pics of more edgier styles of dress, and forever too timid to attempt to pull them off myself.

Anonymous 959


>What is your current style like?
Feminine and girly, like lace, florals, delicate details, off the shoulder tops, ruffles. I try to dress in muted colors, pinks, and neutrals, but my closet still has other colors in it. I like black in the winter because it's easier to add black tights. I only wear skirts and dresses, unless you count leggings when it's cold and the occasional AE jean shorts in the summer.

I also wear lolita, but I don't consider that to be my every day fashion.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

A-line or circle skirts in plain colors. Cardigans, but I want to switch to cropped jackets.

>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?

Favorite shops: Francesca's, Anthropologie, Free People. Snidel.
Favorite cuts: Circle skirts that have a bit of floof help with my rectangular body to accentuate my small waist and give the allusion of a more hourglass shape. I like dresses with ruffles on the boobs so I can wear bralettes and not push-up bras (they make my chest look fuller without doing anything). I also like shapeless, sack dresses sometimes for lazy days and I think I can pull them off.

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

I like it. If I had more money, I'd stick with the same style, just buy from nicer places.

Anonymous 960


>Pretty much monochromatic- all black
>Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, and cant forget my boy Yohji
What's good, fam?

I can't afford any of those so I wing it. My style is poor man's Ann Demeulemeester.

These are cute. I wish I had money for military style stuff.

Anonymous 961

Sup brah.

As I said before I dont necesarily go looking for good brands. If I am walking down the street and i see a (black ofc) shirt that feels good and looks good on me, then ill buy it. (unless its synthetic fabric, i cant wear those, too itchy ). Main rule for everybody buying clothes should be: get something that makes you look GOOD.

Anonymous 962

I wanna dress in a cool style but I don't know how. Help pls.

Anonymous 963

Define "cool" so we know what you're looking for lol

Anonymous 964


Something like streetwear, I guess.

Anonymous 11165


Any other anons literally only wear solid color shirts? None of my shirts have any designs on them, bar one T-shirt. It’s a weird OCD thing for me.

Anonymous 11170

Same. I kinda wish I had a funny tshirt collection but I am too self conscious to wear anything but plain ones.

Anonymous 11180

>What is your current style like?
Minimal, clean lines. Comfortable, good-quality fabrics in black, white/cream, or taupe/tan/beige that drape well. Super understated and almost a little masculine/gender neutral. All of my pieces could also belong in a man's closet with some changes made to the cut.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

- oversized white linen button-up collared shirt with tapered sleeves
- Everlane straight leg crop in black (I mention the brand here because these are the best-fitting and most flattering pants I've owned)
- Everlane 90s cheeky jean (again, mentioning the brand because the fit is notably good)
- boxy black silk short-sleeve collared shirt
- black turtleneck
- camel mac coat
- camel cashmere turtleneck sweater
- alpaca wool cardigan
- ponte pants with a seam down the front for days I am bloated/on my period
- a deep forest green wool topcoat (the only color I really have in my wardrobe)

>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?

- Everlane
- Kotn (a Canadian company – their clothes are really good quality)
- Madewell (a little much for my taste most of the time, but some of their clothes are cute and understated)
- Uniqlo (for less important pieces or loungewear)

I like cropped but loose clothing. I'm pretty short so it helps me look taller, and highlighting slimmer parts of my body (e.g., wrists or ankles) while wearing a looser/more masculine cut makes me look really feminine. The effect is emphasized more if I wear dainty jewelry.

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

I think I've settled on a final style that allows me to calibrate my "look" to however I'm feeling on any given day. The only thing is that I would want some pieces from Jil Sander and Lemaire (but I need to be making more money for that). There are some pieces I would like to replace with functionally identical but better-quality ones.

>Ask for advice or give some to the other miners seeking fashion advice here!

- Take proper care of your garments. Dry clean when necessary, only wash clothes in cold water, and lay everything flat to dry. Do not put clothing in the dryer unless it's stuff you wear at home/stuff you don't care about.
- Get a de-piller for your sweaters, a handheld steamer, and a lint roller.
- If you notice you're not wearing something often, hide it away in a drawer or a suitcase. If you don't miss it or notice it's gone, you can get rid of it.

Anonymous 11184

>black, white/cream, or taupe/tan/beige
Do you ever miss color? Most of my clothes—for the past few years—have been black or gray. Only recently have I branched out and bought some blues and greens. Color feels less depressing, but also my OCD loves me having a monochrome closet.
>If you notice you're not wearing something often, hide it away in a drawer or a suitcase. If you don't miss it or notice it's gone, you can get rid of it.
Good advice anon. I hate owning clothes that I don’t wear.

Anonymous 11194

Taupe, tan, and beige are all colors!

I don't miss brighter/non-neutral colors at all, it just doesn't appeal to my personality. If I do want some color I can wear a nice lipstick, a bag, scarf, etc. - accessories that can easily be replaced if need be.

Anonymous 11203

>What is your current style like?
I’m transitioning from my past cropped sweatshirt and sneakers “streetwear” style into a more mature style with colorful flared dresses/skirts. I look young so I like to dress maturely so people view me as an adult but I still like light and bright colors and patterns. So jealous of these baby zoomers who can experiment more.
>What are some of your staple pieces?
Patterned dresses with waist ties, high waisted jeans, “mom” cut shorts, cropped sweatshirts, embroidered tops, leggings, big chunky sweaters
>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
I’ve been trying to make myself like slow fashion and thrifting but I typically just give up and just go to Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. My more “mature” outfits come from the Gap. I have some Shein/Target/Forever 21 type stuff but I’m too fat to get away with the zippers on cheap clothes. My most flattering cuts are anything that draws the eye to the waist and hides my hip dips.
>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
It’s alright for now. 3 years ago I thought sweats and a full face of makeup was the pinnacle of fashion so progress has been made. I wish I was more comfortable with pencil skirts because I love the look of them but straight or slightly flared skirts just look better on me

Anonymous 11204


>What is your current style like?
Pic related but with 30% more embroidery. I'd call the entire vibe "woodland grandmother who collects tacky decorations, enjoys making bad paintings, and owns several cats"
Overall I want to look feminine but unmistakably not that into men.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

Cardigans always pull things together, my favourite is an oversized red one.
I also have a pair of button fly green culottes that I wear too much.
My go-to fit is always blouse+loose pants or long skirt+big cardigan and it never fails me.

>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?

I like thrifting or buying basics on sale and customizing them with embroidery. Oversized clothes and loose/shapeless silhouettes have caught my interest recently, and I prefer high-waisted pants when my waist is visible since I'm bottom heavy.
I also have some muscle so I do like shirts that show off my arms in warm weather. Because of this I steer away from tight sleeves that end mid-bicep as they make my arms look chubby.

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

Yeah, but with better funds I'd invest only in actual vintage and ethically made clothes.
In the immediate future I need some more quality shoes, brooches, and maybe a couple more skirts. I'm also slowly replacing anything polyester/etc. with cotton and linen because I'm a sweaty bitch.

Anonymous 11205

I love long skirts. They’re airy for when it’s warm out, but they don’t get unwanted attention from men. I know I look like an old librarian wearing them, but I don’t care.

Anonymous 11206

I'm a goth tomboy :3

Anonymous 11215


mostly big band shirts (mostly tie dye) and jeans. i fucking love rainbows and i wear them a lot. recently bought tie dye crocs too and i love them. im basically this guy but female (haircut is also same)

Anonymous 11220


i like clothes that are comfortable and i can move around easily in and carry stuff alright. eddie bauer is probably my favorite brand for that reason, they're like half my wardobe. it's where i get all my cargo pants and bucket hats. nice jackets too. i mostly wear sports bras cause it helps with being able to move faster. the nike ones are pretty good. i also like l l bean. oh, and i love those stretchy adidas tanks. i have a bunch of those. they're nice if you feel like bein a lil cheeky and showing off ur arms (after making sure to use ample sunscreen, of course.) i have a lot of different sneakers/boots, but my favorite for general use are mizuno running shoes. they're easy to walk fast in, have aeration so you don't get too moist, and if you like jumping on stuff, they have a good bounce to the sole. i usually drive over to a state with no sales tax (there are a few that do this for a weekend or some weather situation) to get large clothing hauls.

Anonymous 11228

Uniqlo-core with a little bit of art hoe lite. I like mock neck shirts, open collar shirts, waffle knit sweaters, high waisted shorts, A-line skirts, pinafores, paired with either sneakers or Birks.

Anonymous 11230


how do you dress for a fat rectangle body? i will never lose weight at this point so i mine as well wear a flattering shape for my frumpy body

Anonymous 11233


Just getting into fashion at 26, feel clueless about styling. I buy stuff from Simons and American Eagle, not sure where else to shop.

Anonymous 11236

From what I have absorbed from 2010’s fashion magazines tips for rectangles is to create curves by drawing interest up (graphic tees/frilly blouses) and down (flared pants/patterned skirts) while creating a cinch or some sort of negative space in the middle. Shape is way more important than size when it comes to flattering clothes as clothes aren’t going to hide fat if you’re legitimately larger than average.
Some better advice is to find a feature you like, or even just a part of your body you don’t hate and accentuate that. It can be your eye color, your calves, whatever. I think it makes fashion more fun because you’re focusing on positives rather than obsessing over features that can’t be fixed/hidden readily.

Anonymous 11239


I pretty much wear the same long wool skirts and turtlenecks/sweaters, in the same boring colours (brown, grey, etc).

Does anyone have any tips for finding inspiration? Or putting together an outfit? I feel like I struggle a lot with how to put pieces together… or where to find stuff. I live in a rural area, not many thrift stores.

Anonymous 11295


>What is your current style like?
I recently during quarantine started hating everything in my closet and completely reinvented my style. It makes no sense because I have absolutely no where to wear my new wardrobe but at least my clothes don't make me want to throw up anymore. My new style is basic neutrals, blacks, greys, olives (earthy tones). I keep most of my main clothing pieces simple and neutral and then dress them up with interesting accessories (shoes, bags, scarves, gloves) for a little "pizazz". I'd say my style is mature, classy and timeless. I've noticed I don't even like jeans anymore. I'm really interested in sustainable/"ethical" fashion in the sense that I no longer want to consume fast fashion - I'd rather spend more money on something of a much higher quality that I won't need to replace in 5 years.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

Black trousers
Beige trousers
Black ankle booties
Oversize white knit crewneck sweater
Basic black t-shirt
Beige trench coat
Brown leather purse
A beautiful silk scarf with some interesting colors
A chic pair of sunglasses
Wide brim straw sunhat

>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?

Still trying to find good new places to shop that are not fast fashion. I'm trying my hardest to avoid places like Dynamite, Garage, Forever21, etc. I now like Banana Republic, Talbots, Ricki's, Gap, and Nordstrom. I'm trying to move away from polyester unless it's really good quality so higher end places are better for me. I also love Winners.

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

I do, finally. Took a long time to figure out why I didn't like my old wardrobe but I think it was because it was mostly too young for me and I had grown out of it (it was all from my party university days).

Anonymous 11297



>What is your current style like?

kogyaru ^_^
>What are some of your staple pieces?
matching bowtie and skirtsssss AND MY LOOSE SOCKS they're my favorite and my loafers i just bought new ones recently they're so great and comfortable :D
>Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
i honestly just thrift or get my clothes from asian websites, i don't keep track of the names
>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
i do like it ! but if i had more money id say id dress more mori kei but grungier, if that makes sense ? like sun bleached black/dark green/beige clothes and tons of layers… like a modest christian villager girl kind of deal LOL i just dont have the money to buy new clothes right now im good with what i have though so im alright n_n
ive realized that i have the most immature style itt i am so sorry about that

Anonymous 11298

I love this style

Anonymous 11325


i'm into the thrifty "grunge fairy" stuff but I feel like 20 is too old… should I go for it anyway? maybe a toned down version.

Anonymous 11326

yes go for it !!! absolutely !! i love this style and you're not too old nona you're still young… i dont even know what the cutoff age for this style is i can see like a 40 year old wearing this and looking just fine
anyway, cool style DO IT !!! ^_^

Anonymous 11327

i want to dress like this so badly :( i feel like i dress so normie currently but im just broke…

Anonymous 11328

>20 is too old
I feel like all the best fashion styles are gatekept by this stupid mentality that you need to look "young" (literally be a teen) in them even though adulthood is when you can actually afford to play with fashion.

Anonymous 11329

If a style looks good on you, doesn't matter how old you are. If a style doesn't look good on you, doesn't matter how old you are.

Anonymous 11332

I'm fairly certain the person in your picture and almost everyone who inspires you is at least 20 years old. Like another anon said, teenagers can't afford this shit. Many also have strict dresscodes at school which keeps them out of alt fashion.

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