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/glasses/ general Anonymous 9515

How do you find glasses that suit you? Did you switch to contacts? What would you recommend for x faceshape?

Anonymous 9517

Contacts when you want to try hard at a date. For everything else: work, daily life if you don't have a good vision you should use glasses.
>How do you find glasses that suit you?
Pick up your favorite type after trying them all & don't overthink it. I used to think there were face shapes and it def matters but very little, it's so minuscule that you are better off making your choice based on your own taste when you look at yourself wearing them.

Anonymous 9525

I never tried contacts, I'm afraid of wearing them. But I'm incredibly blind without my glasses so I have to wear glasses. Which is a issue, I'm near sighted, so the lenses so a reverse magnifying and make my eyes look smaller then what they actually are.
I am horrible at choosing glasses, but I do prefer metal frames over plastic.

Anonymous 9527

I know some apps on the App Store use AR to show how they’d look on your face. Warby Parker has one

Anonymous 9529

Give contacts a try. I was scared of them but finally took the jump as an adult. They’re a game changer.

Anonymous 9530

Nah I'm okay with glasses, I don't wear makeup and I have pretty bad bags under my eyes.

Anonymous 9533

>tfw tried them as an adult but it just gave me horrible dry eyes despite using moisturizing eye drops
Destined to look like a dweeb forever.
Also was constantly afraid of scratching my eye due to fragility because of the dryness and just having poor control over my strength when taking them out.

Be careful, anons. Beauty is fleeting but blindness is until death.

Anonymous 9543

I want to change the contacts. I have a lot of prescription (-6.50 diopters) and I feel that the glasses make my face look very strange. I also wear braces. You can imagine how I look, lol. Advice on contacts?

Anonymous 9783

i tried an app that can scan your face and you can just virtually see how each type of glasses look on you

scary and cool

btw how do you fix your glasses if one of the handles broke?

Anonymous 9815

The only way to figure out which glasses suit you is to try a bunch on.

I spend a really long time trying on basically every pair in the shop (with a few exceptions: frameless glasses, ugly/loud colours, any that have those nose thingies and frames made of metal) and then narrow it down to a few pairs. By that stage, I sometimes ask the optician for their recommendation (especially if I'm stuck between two or three pairs) since they have a good idea of what face shapes suit what frames. Some people might find it embarrassing to do this but you're going to have to wear these for 2+ years and you're going to have to wear them at work, in photos and going out so they should be perfect.

I personally hate contacts. You can only wear them for a certain amount of time and then you'll have to put your glasses back on so I don't really see the point. Plus you always have to carry your glasses around in your bag anyway. They're always dry even if you use eye drops and that makes them so uncomfortable. Also they're really expensive and I've just gotten used to how I look with glasses on at this point.

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